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Nice port!

Only real issue for me was the snap turning didn't work.

Nice take on the Excitebike theme! Definitely a creative use of that game!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm hoping to make this a better title if people like the prototype, or think it would be fun!

Tapper is one of my favorite arcade games for sure. I fused that with another game I played when I was young, Ore-no Ryouri. Sadly, all we got was a demo on a PS1 demo disc and was never imported from Japan, but at least we got to play some of it!

Which platform would you like it on? I built it in Unity, so it should be easy to export it to another platform.

It'll be action arcade. Essentially, you run left and right, knocking out the wall spikes, while also fighting against klansman and nazis.

Hey guys! Wanted to give a sneak peek of a screenshot of the game I'm developing! I have a working product, and look to keep improving it throughout the remaining time available.

Very well done! The controls feel great, the puzzles are engaging, and the overall visual design is wonderful! Nice work!

Great job! I enjoyed this game! Only issue I had was on the last level the Z and X controls kept confusing me. Quite a bit for a week of work!

It's pretty fun! The art work is great, and the sounds is impressive! My main suggestion is to try to get all the commands on the keyboard. It's a little hard on mac to click the left and right mouse buttons due to the arrangement of the keyboard and trackpad. Other than that, I think you should continue with this. It can make for a solid title!

This is a really good game, especially for a game made in a week. The music is solid, the art work is colorful, and for the most part the controls work pretty well.

There were a few times the controls got stuck, and wouldn't let me jump when I wanted it to. Felt randomized when that happened, but it did make some of the quick jumps difficult to nail. Also, I think little night would benefit from a larger attack radius. Instead of doing a jab, I think doing a swipe where it also hits enemies above would help in the game. That would make the difficulty feel just right.

While these issues got in the way a few times, it didn't happen a whole lot, and definitely didn't take away from how fun the game is. Nice work!

I would recommend having a way to skip past the opening scene. Also, some of the platforms aren't colliding with my character, causing a fall through.  It makes it hard to see the objective of the level.

Other than that, the controls function nice, and I do like the artistic style. It made me think of the platformers you would see on early CD games! Not bad!

I can see it as having promise. For the platform controls, I felt the character moved a little fast. I'd also probably stick to the arrow keys, and also allow the ability to jump and whip at the same time. Go forward with it! I think it can be fun!

Nice job! I wasn't sure what to expect, but then the story suddenly became very spicy! Never underestimate what choose your own adventures can do!

This is a game that definitely has a lot of thought put into it. My main complaint is the opening speed. It feels like it goes way too fast too early. IMO, I'd say lasting at least a minute or so in an open runner is a good goal. Otherwise, the concept is funny, the controls are fluid, the sounds are great, and the artwork is also great. Nice job!

This is a fun game! I like the puzzle elements, and there were several levels I had to think through in order to get across. Not too difficult, but enough to entertain me!

My only big suggestion is try to use the same input device for your menus. There was some interuptions when I had to switch between keyboard and mouse for menus. Perhaps for next game it can all be controlled with keyboard?