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The way movement work was strange to wrap my head around for a minute, but ends up making combat this wonderful mess of frantic key tapping that felt very satisfying to perform. The mechanic of the shield becoming a physical object after being  hit was very fun and funny, though the magic blasts moved so quickly it was hard to tell how much loose shields were actually deflecting shots towards either character. Maybe if the shield stuck around longer, and the blasts changed color/particle effect color after it  bounced off? I loved watching a shield bounce wildly in the background though!

I enjoyed the last map (fire) the most, because it was nice to move around in such a large space. AI seemed content to blast me from the other end of the map, so I had to rush into danger to get at her. For me, the most difficult map was the 2nd; less room to move around meant that I walked into blasts a lot more often.

I originally was going to give a very low score for sound, because I didn't hear any while I was playing. I later discovered that my speakers were unplugged, and played again to get a feel for the sound, which I liked a lot!

The story was very light and to the point. It suggests a larger world, but was mostly interested in conveying you to horny magic fighting as soon as possible. I do like that there was narrative framing, but would appreciate a little more development on that end. The art and music were  very good, and the visual effects replacing traditional health bars was super satisfying.

The whole game has a pretty "finished" quality to it, more polished then I usually expect from a game jam game. It's also rife with possibilities for more game play options. I would love to see the concept expanded!


Wow! Thank you for such a detailed review! I agree with all of your suggestions! Glad you fixed the audio. I love Stray's music and SFX and all of the talented voice actors that offered their expertise. Also glad you appreciated the way I tried to integrate the UI into the world and use as little UI elements as possible.

Also the story didn't come into play until fairly late in the month, though we did have some larger ideas for the world. Our main goal was an arena spell fighting game. Again, thank you for sharing so many of your thoughts!