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This game is fun, Crow's art style blends well with 3D, and the presence of sexy voice acting is a definite plus.  The voice acting in the first fight kind of detracts from the otherwise playful premise-- she sounds less than jazzed about the situation, but mostly the voice acting is working with the premise rather than against it, and the moans are, uh, appreciated.

For a finished product I'd like to see more animation on the opponents, although as always that's harder.  I found some clipping into the columns was possible, which is an issue in a game where a good strategy is to strafe around corners a lot.

On the whole this is a really polished experience that shows a lot of potential!


Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Definitely would take better care to watch out for those clipping issues in a sequel. It ended up on a list of things we just didn't have time for in getting ready for the finished product.