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Circumvention ChroniclesView game page

A puzzle game about dodging Internet filters
Submitted by boringcactus (@boring_cactus) — 2 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline

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Bit of a bug - in the scond challenge, the cache link serves with an application/octet-stream (i.e. undefined and unidentifiable) MIME type, which Firefox and Chrome both treat as a file to download instead of a page to render. It also doesn't appear to correspond to any archive or package format known to file(1) - presumably it's meant to expand as a directory or something, I dunno?

really like the conceit of this game, though! It's an exciting idea, and there's something subversive about it that's powerfully appealing - especially since I was not unfamiliar, in an earlier life, with the need to deploy craft and artifice in the same cause around which this game revolves. I'd be super excited to see a more polished version with the bugs ironed out! ❤


I can't get this to work, on a Mac running High Sierra. I don't have any specific firewall stuff enabled, but 'launch browser' does nothing and if I try manually connecting to localhost:9622 I get 'connection refused.'


The current version (6) works for me on High Sierra, don't know if it was updated since you tried it or what


I've always wanted to play a 'realistic' hacking game, and you're onto something great here... You could even add a campaign where you're hired for the NSA or something. Unfortunately I couldn't even get past the first puzzle b/c I'm a klutz at hacking and there was no tutorial, but now i want to know the solution!

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For the first puzzle, you need to realise that you set your location between "at school" and "at home" by switching on and off your network. They try to explain it, but don't do it very well. Once you get that part, the rest of the puzzle should be easier to figure out (you don't actually need to hack anything in the pop-cultural sense of the word, only answer the question "How do I open a link without getting it displayed immediately?").

That said, I got completely stuck on the second puzzle. I feel like I'm supposed to use some kind of cache viewer to browse the bogus cache file, but I've yet to find one which accepts it as an actual cache file, and the hints seem to assume I'm already able to view its contents. I don't really feel like spending time trying to figure out how each challenge has to be set up to be solvable, so I gave up.

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I don't know if you're intended to use a cache viewer or not, but it's not necessary (I didn't use one, I'm not sure there's even one for Mac). You can get what you need out of the file another way.

Submitted (1 edit)

It might not be a bad idea to make it a little more obvious - I put some effort into it, and even dug through the blob by hand, but in 29KB of binary guck, I didn't notice anything that looked like what I was after...


Yeah I figured "open up a binary blob in a text editor and hope there are readable strings in there somewhere" proooooobably wasn't the "correct" solution to this, but since apparently no one's been able to do anything else useful with the file, I didn't want to rule it out