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Denebola Interactive

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I might even suggest an ability to grab on to ledges for a little bit of forgiveness when we miss.

3D games are such a mystery to me so I'm that much more impressed by it! 

This is almost too adorable. Also, interesting and humorous dialogue always get extra points from me!

This is so delightfully cartoony!

I love the spoopy atmosphere. I miiiight be a little jealous of the music!

We all need hugs sometimes, and this little game really helps make things just a little brighter!

That's unfortunate! Hmm, I'd send you a physical cart but I didn't get that far in the design yet! I wish I knew more about emulators to help.

Honestly, I'm going to have to submit a demo. I just don't have enough time to finish it unless I quit my job and never slept! I do intend to come back to it and update it from time to time though.

Replied to ChazSerir in Game Ideas

I'm thinking of some kind of energy or will power variable. Something that you can boost by doing certain activities prior to the escape scene and a higher energy score makes it easier to escape.

But in a text adventure format it may be more appropriate to have the player figure out a complicated (but ultimately useless in terms of actual security) lock or series of locks in a limited number if moves, or commands. Perhaps you could even combine the two and a higher energy score gives you a few more command attempts

Replied to Jimsen in Game Ideas

But with like dinosaurs instead of anime girls right?? :D

Posted in Game Ideas

I'm working on a dating game/rouguelike dungeon crawler hybrid. There are only four characters for the sake of simplicity but this could easily be expanded to include more body types and kinks and identities.

If you treat them well enough when adventuring; talking to them often, asking them if they want to go down to the next level or need to take a break you will be rewarded with some NSFW artwork.

All the dating hybrid games I've seen are puzzle games and you have to just memorize trivial facts about your partner. I like puzzle games but it doesn't really fit the theme??