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This game speaks to me on a gender level. I really appreciate the care and consideration the whole thing takes to transness and gender-nonconforming themes in general. I enjoyed the sort of softness of atmosphere the whole thing gave off. It has a horny soul, but also a very kind and caring one. 

Not much in the way of graphics given that it's a IF piece, but the chosen color scheme was pleasant and cute, setting the tone for the story really nicely. Mechanically, the ability to pull out more description for scenes and people was a nice touch.

I'm excited to read more~!


Aw, thank you! It's... based on personal experience for sure, being trans and enby myself.  :-} 

The description thing was kinda a holdover from lots of days spent on MUCKs, but I didn't want to flood the player with all the world stuff all at once. Glad it worked for you! In later revisions I'll probably add more of those! 


I'm trans too, and this made me super happy to play, I can't wait to see more from you <3


I hope you do!