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Very interesting! I like your writing style, it reminds me of the way that old authors used to write. The story flows as though you're a 19th century scholar who is trying desperately to save this small portion of themselves. I hope the continued stories are successful!


Oh thank you! I suppose I do favor a somewhat old-fashioned style, and it's good to hear that, whatever drawbacks of that there may be, at least I wear it well.

As to the success of those stories which arise from the game - I don't suppose that is wholly mine to judge. But one of those stories has taken on - something of a life of its own, I think is not too much to say; certainly, at thirty-seven thousand words thus far and still a couple of scenes shy of done, it has outgrown the scope of a Discord channel. So if you're curious, you can find it in Twine form, here on Itch - and if you do take the time, I'd be delighted to know your thoughts on the tale.