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Oh this is just adorable in every conceivable way! I'm especially fond of the way the various co-op mechanics play into the theme - it really does feel as if Callie and Ruka are out on a date together, finding ways to become closer to one another even as they go after the resurrection bloom. Such effective intertwining of game and story is a rare achievement, and you should be proud! And it's just plain fun, too. ❤

(One thing. After a while I noticed I was switching characters pretty frequently, in order to avoid having either fall behind the other - it came to just not feel right, not having Callie and Ruka together when they didn't need to be apart in order to solve a puzzle; I felt like that would be letting down the narrative and the characters alike. If you're planning a post-jam revision, might I suggest a "hold hands" key? I'm strange, I know - but I imagine I might not be the only one who'd find that a worthy addition!)