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Submitted by chridd (@chrideedee) — 1 hour, 43 minutes before the deadline
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Seconding CHz — not only is this a cute take on saving vs killing the animals, but forcing me to learn each animal's ability by playing as the animal is really clever and not something I can remember seeing before.

I had an awfully hard time getting back as rabbit; I had to get back onto the screen with the falling frames without letting the leftmost one fall so I could jump onto it, and I could only barely make the jump.  And that was after a lot of running around before figuring out I could jump through platforms, which I hadn't had to do before  :)

Gravity also seems a touch high, which makes jumping a bit unforgiving — especially the timed jump just before the rabbit.

I do love this idea, though!  I hope you really do Work On It More In The Coming Weeks™.


Is there an ending? I couldn't find anything else to do after getting the squirrel and two extra hearts.


Not yet.  That's why it says "Work in progress" on the title screen.


Gotcha. I liked the gimmick of having to make it back to a save point using only the power in order to permanently acquire the power, I'd definitely play more of this!