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Yes indeed the naming is weird, thanks for the feedback! I'll fix that for the next update, and yes the idea is to have the 12 themes at the end, we will gradually add new ones (based on the current nine_path_rect).

Thanks, glad it was helpful!

Thank you for your feedback, happy to know that it helps you! I take note of your feedback, regarding the theme it is "nine patch rect" (search on the internet) textures designed to have fixed edges and a middle that stretches, most modern engines manage this I think, if this is not the case for you you can always open the image with aseprite and enlarge the sprite as you want, but I might add sprites like that in the next update!

Thanks! Honestly I don't really know myself, they were done a long time ago, it's probably something that we could improve for the next update, I'll add it to the todo list!

Thank you, glad you liked it, we'll try to correct that contrast problem if we do a 2nd episode!

Ok it's strange, I checked all the links I think but I didn't see any with fr in the link, thanks for the information in any case!

I checked but the link does not seem to be incorrect (is that the one? ) maybe the problem comes from the steam page directly

Thanks, glad it inspires you, good luck for your game dev journey! And thanks for the feedback about the link I will correct it

Tell me if some UI elements that you need are missing in the base theme, I will add them in the next update!

The last update added a full UI theme, with more to come:

Thank you, I will take note of your suggestions!

Thanks, glad to hear it!

Glad you like them! We have also 2 more planned for the next update.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll add them to the TODO list!

Currently we keep the same animation format for all characters, but we may be able to add new versions of characters with more animations in the future (it would be a lot of work to add them for all the characters in the pack).

I don't know if the demo used the dialogic plugin, I think I wanted to use it but I finally changed my mind, the dialogs probably never worked in the demo but it's possible that the project incorrectly deleted the dependencies of the plugin.

I recently worked on an updated version (with Godot 4.0) I should have a few days available this week for us to release the next update and this new Godot version.

The same as the rest CC0

The flagstone tiles are found on the tileset "Backgrounds\Tilesets\Interior\TilesetInteriorFloor"

Thanks again for the suggestions! I'm not sure what element you're talking about when you say "the blocks in the village" does that concern the floor tiles?

Thanks ! I add your proposals to the TODO list, about the program we use Aseprite, but the images are in PNG format so you can open them in any image editor.

Thanks! Yes you can use it

Thanks, glad it helped!

Thanks! I think it's intended to be rotated but it's true that it's a bit ambiguous, perhaps we should provide something more suitable but it could quickly take up a lot of space in the tileset, or perhaps have a separate tileset for transitions.

Yes in Godot you can change their scale, but also use a camera2D which allows you to zoom in a scene, which is the most practical solution in my opinion.

Thanks! I'm not sure I understand the question, in the example project the sprites also have a size of 16 pixels

Thanks! For music I use FL Studio

Hi, glad you like the pack, I added your suggestions to the todo list!

Sorry about that, are you playing on the browser version?

Hey, thanks! I started a new version of the project on Godot 4, there is still a little work but it should be available with the next update.

Nice! Thanks for sharing.

I still hope to pick it up again one day, probably in an improved version, maybe in a few years!

Hehe thanks!

I don't have time for commissions at the moment sorry!

Yes sure

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll add it to the todo list, glad you like the pack!

Thanks for the feedback and glad you liked it!

Merci, content que ça t'ait plu!

Thank you for your donation and for your feedback! We are already considering moving away from the ninja theme which is a bit limiting, I think we will add more variety gradually, I added your requests to the todo list.

Thanks! Nothing planned for a Switch release at the moment, sorry

Thanks! They are normally found in Actor/Characters

Thanks, glad it was useful to you!