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Thank you!

Hey, yes you can!

Thanks and good luck with your project!

Thank you! Feel free to suggest additional content ideas that would interest you

Thanks, glad you like it!

This game was made with Game Maker Studio but we are now using Godot Engine

Aaah I finally tried again and I was able to finish the demo, I had tried defense but I did not understand that it could be so useful, maybe you should have made it clearer at the start ? Anyway the concept of combat is interesting, I'm curious to see the different possible variations, and a little more challenging fights, overall the demo was really cool!

Thank you!

Thank you! we separated the animations in the last update

Cool game project! The fights are difficult but overall it's promising.

Glad you like the assets and funny to see them in black and white ^^ we'll be adding new content soon, please let us know if there is something you might find useful.

Thank you for using it! The game boy color rendering works great ^^


I finally beat the normal mode ^^ it was very cool, I loved it!


Thanks! I could test and it was cool, the gameplay with the bow is good, death buffs don't give any combat bonus right?

Thanks, send me a link if you use it, I would be happy to see the game ^^


Thank you!

To play the game on a computer? Yes

Thanks! It definitely helps ^^

Thank you!


The full version should be available on Linux, however it's not planned for now ^^

We are currently working on it, I hope it will be available before April but I cannot guarantee it ^^


Ok thanks for the precision! The best would be surely to offer the possibility of creating its custom input profiles or something like that

Thanks! Glad you like the game and that you could play it in multiplayer ^^
It's complicated to play at 4 on a keyboard Haha, do you have a suggestion for distribution of keys? Maybe we could allow to configure keys, it's could be cool to be able to play at more than 2 on the keyboard.

Thanks for the feedback and glad you liked it!

Hehe thank you!

Thank you for your feedback, glad you and your brother appreciated it, I hope we'll be able to release new games this year ^^

Thank you !

Yes the aim projectiles make the game even easier (knowing that it is not very difficult at the base) I'll try to correct that one day, do not hesitate to tell me if there is anything else that we can improve!

Thanks for the video, it was interesting and fun to watch!

Thanks, glad you're like it, I'm a big fan of Cave Story Haha, the full version is still planned even if for the moment we are working on other projects!

Glad you liked the game so much and thank you for the video! The time begins after the introduction (at 0:32 in your video) and ends at the end of the credits after "Thank you for playing" (at 10:09 in your video)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game! 

Thanks !

Thanks, glad you like it ! We are currently working on the deluxe version which will be available shortly, we take into account your feedback.

The game is translated into English, you can select the language at the start of the game

Thank you for the video ! And sorry for the ground which is buggy, I don't really know where the problem comes from