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The game does not start ? Are you on window 10 ?

Thank you and yep  I did not find a suitable solution for this problem with the time allotted sorry !

Thank you !

Thanks for the article / video and glad you've like the game !

you choose controls on the char selection menu, if you choose WASD this is "H" if you choose Arrows this is "numpad 1" and if you choose a gamepad this is "A" ( xbox controller )

when you press the attack key, arrows will appear above your char, you need to press it when there are monster near of you

Thanks man for the videos ! Glad you enjoy the game and you have finished it ^^


Hehe thanks

Awesome !

It's fixed thanks !

Ok I've the bug too, I'll fix that soon !

Shit, thanks for the feedback I had this problem one time but I thought it was settled, I try to fix it as soon as possible, can you DL the current post jam version again and tell me if the problem is still here pls ?

Replied to Em in Tempo Quest comments

Haha yes it's cool in multiplayer ! The post jam version is avalaible, the game is really better now I think !

Thanks man ! The post jam version is now avalaible with all things that we did not have time to finish in the jam version, take a look !

Thanks for the video ! Yes there is no ending is the jam version, I've just upload the post jam version, the game is now complete,  you should try it !

Hey, thank you for the video, it was fun to watch ! Glad you've enjoyed the game despite of the bugs, the post jam version is avalaible now without these problems and with more contents / polish ( ending, boss and more ) if you have some time take it a look !

Post jam version is available !

I just uploaded the post jam version, try it and tell me if you still have the problem

Replied to Em in Tempo Quest comments

Thanks ! The damage are always 1 minimum ( 1 + attack ), but I will make it clearer for the post jam version, your comment make me want to add a classe with 0 attack and a kind of alternative gameplay Haha

Thank you !

Sorry for this, I'll try to fix all of this on the Post jam version who will release in some days !

On the first line there is a kind of attack / action, in second line there is jump animation and in third line there are 4 bonus frame ( dead, get an object, and 2 special attack frame )

Thanks for the video and compliments, I'm glad you enjoyed the game's exploration part !

Thanks man for warning me, it's done  !

Thanks !

Hehe cool glad to see you've  try all creatures !

Thank you, glad you enjoy it, we started a bigger version that you should like !

Thank you  ! I take note about the camera and wand, I currently  work on an other game (The Mind Sword ) , I'll return on The Station after this one, it will take some time to finish but yeah I really want to finish it :)

Thanks man ! Really glad than you and your kids appreciate the game, and good to know it can run on macOS :)

Initially I thought the game would be quite simple, but I was surprised by the depth, and it was really funny, great work !

Cool game, not especially bad or unbelievable things but nice in overall with a certain challenge, and a clicker game where I do not have the impression to click just for click x)

The game overall is nice, I really like the music and the retro feeling, about the gameplay I would have liked a real goal, something with challenge, like lot of game of the jam and clicker in general I always feel it's not game, just an interface where you click with no rules and victory conditions, I think clicker can be other than that, I regret to haven't explore this on my own entry, but maybe I'm totally wrong and this is just the definition of clicker x)

Anyway good work I think I'll relaunch the game at least for the music !

Pretty cool, love the minions, could be cool with a not infinite gameplay and a real challenge, nice work overall !

The atmosphere is very nice, black and white 3D, music and the faceset are some points I appreciate,only regret is the gameplay, than could be more pace or funny I think, too slow for me, nice work anyway !

Art looks cool, this 2D/3D style is great, gameplay is a classic clicker but nice to play anyways, nice job !

The hand drawn choice is a good idea, fit nicely with the theme, I'm not a scoring game fan but the execution is good and breaking the boats gave me some fun :D

Really like the main character, the overall game is fun, it could have been cool if the gameplay idea was link with the fact the main char is a kind of puppet but nice job anyway !

Lovely art ( the horse sprite is majectic ) simple gameplay but nice to play good job overall !

Simple and complete with nice art and finition, good job !