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Thanks, glad it was helpful!

Thank you <3

Sorry, after checking I realized you were right, I thought we were up to date, in my defense there is no clear timeline and this is a side project for us, to avoid that this kind of error does not happen again I'll add the chronology of goals and updates on the main page, it should prevent it from happening again, thank you for accepting my apologies!

My bad, I forgot to remove the message, the last update has already been posted, we will have to wait for the next level for the next update, do hesitate to suggest ideas for content that might interest you!

Thanks !


Thank you!

Thanks !

Thanks! I've never really used unity so I'm not sure how it fits in, there is no quick way to integrate everything


It looks like a mistake but SVG folder is filled with PNGs, great assets anyway!


Ok, we'll see if the problem is there on the other computer, also if you have a gamepad, can you try if the "start" button works to go to the next menu ?

You can play with 2 players (even solo), if the enter key doesn't do anything it looks like a bug, but I've never seen this problem and I'm surprised you have it on both Linux and Windows, I would like to help but I don't see a solution.

All the characters must be ready (with the button at the bottom) then a message appears saying that the game can be started, you must press "enter" or start on gamepad at this time

To navigate in the menu you can use the "enter" key to validate, and "escape" to cancel.

For the character choice menu it is different because you have to use the controls assigned to the players, the key to press is normally indicated on the respective panel of each player.

You can also play with a gamepad, and change the keyboard controls in the "controls" menu


Do you play on Steam or with the file download from Itchio? Try the Steam version if it's not already the case (you can retrieve a key via itchio) I'm not sure where the problem can come from, I haven't had any other feedback like that but it's probably linked to the Linux version indeed, sorry for the inconvenience!

Hey! Thanks, the problem with the current background is that there is nothing behind the characters, so I need to rework it a bit, about a background pack this is something I would like to do but it will take some time and I'm a little too busy right now

Hi! Thanks, glad you like the pack, sure you can use it for your video and yes a link to the pack page is appreciated, more visibility for the pack allows us to invest more time to add content ^^

Have a nice day!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the game!

On Steam it can be played with the Steam remote

Hey! Thanks, the pipes were requested by a user of the pack, so I can't say what they are intended for.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll take care of that now!



Thanks, glad it could be useful!

Which version of godot are you using? I have no problem when I download it.

Some link to get started with godot:



The official documentation contains a lot of useful resources for beginners, and there are videos on youtube to learn the basics.

It was made with Game Maker 8 or Game Maker Studio I don't remember

Thank you for your feedback! the bug is known but I have not found a solution to fix it, sorry for that, about the controls you can change them in the DX version

Thanks! It looks cool ^^



Thanks, glad you enjoyed Mitriom and Quest Of Graal! We're working on a game that has elements similar to Mitriom, I think you might like it ^^

Thanks, glad it could be useful!


Sorry about that, maybe try on another computer if you can.

Thanks for the feedback, yes the game is quite easy (especially with Pyramid ^^) glad you liked it!

Thanks, glad it could inspire you, good luck to you !