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Thanks, glad it could be useful!


Sorry about that, maybe try on another computer if you can.

Thanks for the feedback, yes the game is quite easy (especially with Pyramid ^^) glad you liked it!

Thanks, glad it could inspire you, good luck to you !


Thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoyed the game!


Glad you like the assets, it's always nice to see things done with it, we always have an update in preparation, but it's progressing slowly with the various projects in progress.

I don't know how to do that on Game Maker 2 but maybe search on the internet with the term 'Y sort'

Thanks! There is no difference currently, so it's just to support the pack, in the future there may be more things to support the edition but for the moment nothing planned


Sorry to have taken so long to take care of this, but the 32bit version is now available!

Yes it's a Godot project, you will need Godot Engine to run it but I guess you can still edit the scripts in vscode or whatever

Thanks! The demo project is made with Godot Engine ( you can open it with ) to download the project you had to download the file: "" on Itchio. You can use it as a base to create your game.

Does that answer your question?



Thanks! Yes the license allows it, you don't have to credit but it's of course appreciated :)

Glad you liked it too and thanks for the feedback! It's possible that some problems are related to the HTML5 version, I had some bug that was not on the downloadable version

Thanks <3  glad you liked it! We have ideas for a longer version but we also have lots of other projects we want to do, we are currently working on a game that shares a lot in common with Mitriom and that will be more ambitious, so I think you'll like it ^^



Thank you!

It's made for the GB jam but it's not compatible with the gameboy


Ok thanks for your feedback! The game could offer to play without AI in case there is more than one player in the game

Thank you! I think it's x64 but I can probably add an x86 version if needed, let me know if you ever have any trouble with that


Thanks glad you like the game! It is not possible to remove the AI in tournament mode, but you can do it in custom mode, why would you want to do it in tournament mode?

I believe that bundles do not allow to get a Steam key (probably to avoid reselling the keys).

You can use Winrar

I updated the game to the latest version, tried to see if it fixes the problem, on my side I don't have this problem and no one else has reported it so it seems specific to your pc or your gamepad which makes it difficult for me to do anything sorry!  Maybe try another controller or try the game on another pc if you can.

They are in the "Actor/Characters" folder  

Thanks for your efforts!

It's also available on itchio

Thanks, happy if it can help you for your game!

Thanks and really cool animationl! Nice job ^^

Yes the whole pack can be used for commercial use (CC0 license)

Thank you <3

This one is made on Godot Engine, the oldest ones on our pages are made on Game Maker Studio