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Thank you for your comment ! The full game is currently paused and TV series is not expected even if it might be nice I guess Haha

I don't have course to make this kind of game, it includes a certain number of things, the demo is made with Game maker Studio but we plan to bring the full game on Godot Engine and the pixel art is made with Aseprite, if you are interested in creating games of this kind I advise you to choose an engine, watch some tutorial and get started !

Currently there is no official terrain system on Godot, the map is made from stacked models

I'm not sure why there was this problem but it should be fixe

I'll try to add that as soon as I find a little time

Thank you for the feedback, the downloadable version seem buggy I'll try to fix that, can you try the HTML5 version (playable in the browser on the itchio page) and tell me if it works better on it? 

I think the technical term is billboard, the game is made with Godot Engine, it's not made exclusively for making 2.5D games but it's quite easy to manage with

I uploaded a new version which should correct the problem, tell me if it is not the case!

Haha Thanks, I added a video of the full game on the page I think it can help you !

The game is not so difficult but find the first object (which unlock everything) can be hard

Thanks !

Glad to hear it thank you !

Thanks for the feedback, yes the game is a bit easy now, maybe one day I will try to rebalance that, you played in which difficulty mode ?

Glad you enjoyed it anyway !

Glad to hear that thank you ^^

Thank you, I'll try to set a brightness / contrast option to next games !

Thanks !

Thanks, glad to hear that !

Thanks for the feedback and glad that you enjoyed the game! I'll try to fix it as soon as I find a little time


Thanks for the video !

Thank you ! We could try to do something, we have a lot of projects in progress but we will think about it, is there something you would like, new features, content or other ?

Thanks ^^

Ah yes we had already encountered the problem of upgrades, thank you for your feedback and glad that you liked the game !

Sorry ! Does the downloaded version work for you?

Thanks !

Thank you, glad to hear that ^^

Thank you for taking the time to post a comment ^^

This should be fixed, thanks again !

Oh sorry, thanks for the feedback, I'll try to see if I have the problem too, glad you enjoyed the game despite that !

Merci ^^

Thanks, yes it should be available on mac !

Thank you !

Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed the game, about the difficulty it was hard to balance because of the upgrades system but we probably could have made the hard mode more difficult, if I return on the game some day, I will try to fix that !

Thank you ^^

Thanks for your feedback, yep maybe we should try something to fix the contrast, glad that you have appreciated anyway !

Thank you guy for the great video and feedback ! We're glad you liked the game, now that we have finished the post jam version, there will certainly be no more update,  but maybe one day we will make an update in a far future ^^

About music I am still pretty amateur so thanks for the compliment, you can listen to it here

On a essayé de corriger les points que t'as mis en avant, merci pour tes retours et content que ça t'ait plu !

Thanks, glad you liked it !

Thanks !

Thanks for the video, funny to watch !

Thanks !

Merci !