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Thanks for the video and glad you like the game !

Thanks !

Hehe thanks, yep it's probably the 2 biggest influence in this game :D

Thanks !

Thanks man, glad you like it ! You get 1 gem want you eat the apple on tree ( click several time on it ), you must bring the coconut to the water guy ( you will find it on the island at the right of the Lighthouse) , the sword does not have any use, but when you take it from the rock 1 gem appears, about the glass you need to use the ball to break it, about the percentage this is because there is more than 100 chars so you need to get 2 to have more percentage !

Thank you, glad you've have enjoyed the game !

The game does not start ? Are you on window 10 ?

Thank you and yep  I did not find a suitable solution for this problem with the time allotted sorry !

Thank you !

Thanks for the article / video and glad you've like the game !

you choose controls on the char selection menu, if you choose WASD this is "H" if you choose Arrows this is "numpad 1" and if you choose a gamepad this is "A" ( xbox controller )

when you press the attack key, arrows will appear above your char, you need to press it when there are monster near of you

Thanks man for the videos ! Glad you enjoy the game and you have finished it ^^


Hehe thanks

Awesome !

It's fixed thanks !

Ok I've the bug too, I'll fix that soon !

Shit, thanks for the feedback I had this problem one time but I thought it was settled, I try to fix it as soon as possible, can you DL the current post jam version again and tell me if the problem is still here pls ?

Haha yes it's cool in multiplayer ! The post jam version is avalaible, the game is really better now I think !

Thanks man ! The post jam version is now avalaible with all things that we did not have time to finish in the jam version, take a look !

Thanks for the video ! Yes there is no ending is the jam version, I've just upload the post jam version, the game is now complete,  you should try it !

Hey, thank you for the video, it was fun to watch ! Glad you've enjoyed the game despite of the bugs, the post jam version is avalaible now without these problems and with more contents / polish ( ending, boss and more ) if you have some time take it a look !

Post jam version is available !

I just uploaded the post jam version, try it and tell me if you still have the problem

Thanks ! The damage are always 1 minimum ( 1 + attack ), but I will make it clearer for the post jam version, your comment make me want to add a classe with 0 attack and a kind of alternative gameplay Haha

Thank you !

Sorry for this, I'll try to fix all of this on the Post jam version who will release in some days !

Thanks for the video and compliments, I'm glad you enjoyed the game's exploration part !

Thanks !

Hehe cool glad to see you've  try all creatures !

Thank you, glad you enjoy it, we started a bigger version that you should like !

Thank you  ! I take note about the camera and wand, I currently  work on an other game (The Mind Sword ) , I'll return on The Station after this one, it will take some time to finish but yeah I really want to finish it :)

Thanks man ! Really glad than you and your kids appreciate the game, and good to know it can run on macOS :)

Initially I thought the game would be quite simple, but I was surprised by the depth, and it was really funny, great work !

Cool game, not especially bad or unbelievable things but nice in overall with a certain challenge, and a clicker game where I do not have the impression to click just for click x)

The game overall is nice, I really like the music and the retro feeling, about the gameplay I would have liked a real goal, something with challenge, like lot of game of the jam and clicker in general I always feel it's not game, just an interface where you click with no rules and victory conditions, I think clicker can be other than that, I regret to haven't explore this on my own entry, but maybe I'm totally wrong and this is just the definition of clicker x)

Anyway good work I think I'll relaunch the game at least for the music !

Pretty cool, love the minions, could be cool with a not infinite gameplay and a real challenge, nice work overall !

The atmosphere is very nice, black and white 3D, music and the faceset are some points I appreciate,only regret is the gameplay, than could be more pace or funny I think, too slow for me, nice work anyway !

Art looks cool, this 2D/3D style is great, gameplay is a classic clicker but nice to play anyways, nice job !