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Pixelfoot Games

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Thanks so much Atlas! It's been done since damn near April but our publisher is trying to get it somewhere cool like Humble monthly or something, super fingers crossed. But at this point, we're ready to call it and just release on steam + itch. Should be this summer!

Hello - thanks for trying to play! The description of the game explains that it requires two twin-stick controllers to play, but when I get around to it I'll add this information to the intro screen as well so it's more clear.

Each player must be able to move/aim and fire - even if I added keyboard/mouse controls that would only account for one player.

Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks for playing!!! Glad you enjoyed! We're actually in the process of making a complete version of morphe for VR and Steam, so around Xmas keep an eye out!

Nice!! Thanks for that. The "untested" thing is 90% a result of laziness :D

Thanks so much for playing!!! So glad you liked it!!!

It took forever but there's a Linux build up now. Let us know how it plays, it's not very tested!

Thanks for playing! Great to hear that it runs. Cheers!

This is up for download - we'd appreciate you letting us know if there's problems!

Hey! We've heard the request before, and said we would....should be up in a few. Though, it's 100% untested on our end. We'd appreciate some feedback if possible!

Thanks for playing!!! Yeah that was definitely what we intended, but didn't get around to it. Maybe we'll update it sometime after we get the VR version out!

Thanks a ton Luuwa, so glad you enjoyed it.

Really glad you liked it!!! Will watch the Let's Play in a bit - this reminds us that we should put up one of those notices that people are free to stream/do what they want w/our games. Will do soon!

Aww thanks Lumps! You're the lumpiest :)

Yeah I'd never heard of it, but it feels like it's "2D first" whereas Unity is "3D first". Interface is great though, been liking it a lot.

Nice, i'll have to look into that - if you're like me (sounds like you are, coming from Unity, trying to get pixel perfect) I'd suggest Godot. It's been very Unity-like, and pretty straightforward to get pixel perfect going.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed. We're currently redoing the game for GearVR (and now probably Daydream + others), and after your comment we've got SteamVR on the table too. We don't currently have a viable headset for testing, but can possibly get a hold of one. If we start active dev, we'll let you know - if you'd be interested in helping playtest, that'd be great!

Glad you liked it :)

Also just tried out ClickTeam Fusion 2.5 (get on Humble currently) - while it feels older and is definitely more basic than others, it seems a pretty good way to make more authentic, older games.

Yeah I know the feeling, I've gotten pretty far into a pixel-perfect Unity setup but having dynamic fonts that snap was a major snag.

Yeah, I did a few experiments w/2d and it does suck. Unless you did some kind of fluid, always-moving, dynamic thing in 2d.

Having done a fair amount of Unity stuff in 3d, I've been craving some nice, traditional pixel-perfect 2d, and I think that the Godot engine is my new go to tool for that.

This is actually really interesting:


Has pixel perfect capabilities, and was easier to pick up and use (after some googling) than GameMaker was for me.

Found this a few posts down for those using Unity. Still doesn't help with snapping everything, but is handy!


Yeah we're looking around too - we usually use Unity but for anything pixel perfect it's a huge pain. Learning GameMaker though was a bit much for this weekend...it's tough to learn a whole new setup. GameMaker seems to be the most set up for pixel perfect, true resolution stuff. Curious to see if anyone else has any suggestions...

Thanks for playing!

Thanks a ton for playing Ed!!

Thanks so much for playing, great video!! So glad you enjoyed!

Thanks for the video!!

Sure, why not!

We usually work in Unity3D, highly recommend it if you're interested in getting into making games.

hi techguy! Thanks a ton for checking the game out and feel free to download for free! We humbly appreciate any donation people make though, so thanks in advance either way. Hope you enjoy :)

Ahhh good point! Honestly, we did plan on a number of features (the water was going to be a place you could jump into and affect the music) that didn't make the "free game" cut.

One thought we had re: walking SFX is that it sort of interrupts the music - hence why there's no notification SFX when you activate stuff. At one point we were playing the game and playing instruments along with it, so any extra noises weren't great when recording.

We just hit 2,000 downloads though and were planning on doing an update, so we'll put the walking sfx in there as well!


That's a pretty interesting idea! We'll look into it and see

Why not? We don't have a good Linux setup to test on but we'll put a build up this weekend

Great! Yeah we did most dev on a 2009 iMac and at full res it wasn't doing well before the fix, now doing fine. Glad it worked, and thanks for the feedback!

Hello - we've just pushed a new version that should be more performant. Let us know if you notice a difference at all!

Hello, thanks for getting in touch! We'll take a look at this tonight - I'm sure we'll be able to get performance up (didn't really focus much on it honestly). We'll let you know once the fixed version is up!