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no that's doable, right?

Love it!

ontrigger stay event?

Hello! I believe this is an acceptable build to upload to Steam, but if you have a few spare minutes, would you mind giving it a shot? It should be very much the same as before, but have a containing directory, be a tar, and the pesky MacOSX folder should be gone. 

Should be up in the next day or so!

Great idea - sadly since Apple has been irritating me for years (longtime Apple user), I've mostly switched to PC for dev, and have been obv losing sight of my UNIX chops. Will add the root folder to assist and that lame _Mac folder can disappear. 

No problem! I've been super grateful for the feedback, and should shortly get a Linux build going on Steam now that folks seem to corroborate that it works :)

Hello! Glad to hear! I'm curious about the model controller you mentioned, if you have more model info I'd be glad to hear it.

Great to hear - and I have seen that issue as well. We're nearly done with a much-needed big update to the game itself, and that should resolve the mouse issue. Thanks again so much for the help!

Super appreciate this!! Invaluable feedback - well worth giving ya a free copy :)

Juuuust added an update, fingers crossed!

Hi All, version 02 has been uploaded, with both 32 and 64 bit, and hopefully better zip structure.

I've made a few adjustments and am also using unity's "Universal" linux build, should have the update here in a few mins. Thanks again all!

Hey All! Thanks so much for testing. I'm examining what Unity spits out now based on what you've mentioned and should have something uploaded shortly. <3

Thank you for the ping on this - we're crunching on our new game, but I have just now put up an UNTESTED build of morphe for Linux....aaaaand I've made it free!

We'd really appreciate any feedback regarding the Linux port - once we get word that it seems to work properly, we'll put it on sale, but in the meantime we want folks to be able to try it out w/out worry. 

Hi All, apologies for the delay on this! Will have that up on Steam once it gets through review (and here too!). 

Love it! Thanks for playing!

Hey! Thanks for reaching out - we'll put a Linux build up today and keep an ear out here to see if anyone has any issues w/it.

Hi Begounet - super appreciate this. Like, a ton.

We're having a busy week actually prepping a patch for the game (of which most of what you describe re: bugs contains fixes for).  We will review, and I'll be sure to get back to this topic asap (few days) w/some responses, and hopefully have fixes for a lot of the little quirks.

Thanks so much Atlas! It's been done since damn near April but our publisher is trying to get it somewhere cool like Humble monthly or something, super fingers crossed. But at this point, we're ready to call it and just release on steam + itch. Should be this summer!

Hello - thanks for trying to play! The description of the game explains that it requires two twin-stick controllers to play, but when I get around to it I'll add this information to the intro screen as well so it's more clear.

Each player must be able to move/aim and fire - even if I added keyboard/mouse controls that would only account for one player.

Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks for playing!!! Glad you enjoyed! We're actually in the process of making a complete version of morphe for VR and Steam, so around Xmas keep an eye out!

Nice!! Thanks for that. The "untested" thing is 90% a result of laziness :D

Thanks so much for playing!!! So glad you liked it!!!

It took forever but there's a Linux build up now. Let us know how it plays, it's not very tested!

Thanks for playing! Great to hear that it runs. Cheers!

This is up for download - we'd appreciate you letting us know if there's problems!

Hey! We've heard the request before, and said we would....should be up in a few. Though, it's 100% untested on our end. We'd appreciate some feedback if possible!

Thanks for playing!!! Yeah that was definitely what we intended, but didn't get around to it. Maybe we'll update it sometime after we get the VR version out!

Thanks a ton Luuwa, so glad you enjoyed it.

Really glad you liked it!!! Will watch the Let's Play in a bit - this reminds us that we should put up one of those notices that people are free to stream/do what they want w/our games. Will do soon!

Aww thanks Lumps! You're the lumpiest :)

Yeah I'd never heard of it, but it feels like it's "2D first" whereas Unity is "3D first". Interface is great though, been liking it a lot.

Nice, i'll have to look into that - if you're like me (sounds like you are, coming from Unity, trying to get pixel perfect) I'd suggest Godot. It's been very Unity-like, and pretty straightforward to get pixel perfect going.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed. We're currently redoing the game for GearVR (and now probably Daydream + others), and after your comment we've got SteamVR on the table too. We don't currently have a viable headset for testing, but can possibly get a hold of one. If we start active dev, we'll let you know - if you'd be interested in helping playtest, that'd be great!

Glad you liked it :)

Also just tried out ClickTeam Fusion 2.5 (get on Humble currently) - while it feels older and is definitely more basic than others, it seems a pretty good way to make more authentic, older games.

Yeah I know the feeling, I've gotten pretty far into a pixel-perfect Unity setup but having dynamic fonts that snap was a major snag.