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Thank you for the ping on this - we're crunching on our new game, but I have just now put up an UNTESTED build of morphe for Linux....aaaaand I've made it free!

We'd really appreciate any feedback regarding the Linux port - once we get word that it seems to work properly, we'll put it on sale, but in the meantime we want folks to be able to try it out w/out worry. 


Hi, I'm here from the GOL Discord server. I downloaded the demo for Linux and attempted to run it, but it failed due to being unable to load mono from the file `` at `morphe_Data/Mono/x86/`. Seems like that file is actually absent from the zip!

Thanks for doing so!

From the get-go, there's a problem when trying to run the game; Mono isn't present:

This is the relevant error shown in the log:

Unable to load mono library from /home/julius/.config/itch/apps/morphe-full/morphe_Data/Mono/x86/

Taking a closer look at the files in the build, some folders that are usually present in Unity games for Linux aren't present; these are Managed, Mono, Plugins, and Resources. There may be other missing data that I don't know.


The zip file was created on a non-POSIX system, so the execute bit isn't set on the executable. This isn't a *huge* deal, but it's just one more little step in the way of playing your game. I don't know which tool you use to create the archive, so you may need to postprocess it before distribution (or switch to a custom program for creating the archive with the appropriate permissions).

Also, I wouldn't mind a 64-bit version being provided as well, but that's much further down on the list.


Hey All! Thanks so much for testing. I'm examining what Unity spits out now based on what you've mentioned and should have something uploaded shortly. <3


I've made a few adjustments and am also using unity's "Universal" linux build, should have the update here in a few mins. Thanks again all!

Much better. It (specifically the 64-bit version) runs now. For some reason the archive contains the OS X resource fork data (i.e. a `__MACOSX/` directory), not sure if this is caused by the Unity build or something else.