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Perhaps some additions to FindSDL2.cmake (if present) might also be needed if not statically linking?

Something like this:

  /sw # Fink
  /opt/local # DarwinPorts
  /opt/csw # Blastwave
  /boot/system/lib # Haiku

  PATH_SUFFIXES include/SDL2 include headers/SDL2 headers/x86/SDL2    # Last two are for Haiku


What version of Haiku was this port compiled with?

Pretty impressive feat, making something beyond a basic game in a PDF! Did some testing with Okular and filed a PR with the results:

Please no paid DLC or MTX, it would ruin such a nice concept.

What is the license for the album? Can it be used in any videos and if so, are there any conditions that have to be met?

It should be noted that it works on Linux using Wine, However, there is an issue with the mouse cursor becoming invisible while the goose has it. Other than that, it's fine.

Both 32-bit and 64-bit builds for Linux can't be run due to them being broken or incomplete. Looking into the files, there seems to be no executable.

Will the free Linux "demo" build still be updated for those who have it?

When will the Steam version come out?

For the developer;

Some people don't have accounts here on itch, so they're posting some feedback on this Reddit post:

Would it be possible to add a toggle for motion blur that is seperate from the graphical quality option? It is quite dizzying in its current form, but it would be great if it could be manually turned off without sacrificing the other visual niceties present on high graphics.

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It now runs, and quite well on high settings with all environments. That is surprising, considering that even some other low-poly Unity games on similar settings don't run as well as your game. While I'd recommend a bit more time for gathering feedback, this is good to go for me at least!

System details

OS: KDE neon User Edition 5.14 x86_64  (based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS "Bionic Beaver")
Resolution: 1366x768  
CPU: Intel i5-6198DU (4) @ 2.800GHz  
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 510  
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 920MX (used for testing)
NVIDIA driver version: 415.23
Memory: 8 GB

EDIT: There seems to be an issue that prevents the player from moving the camera around indefinitely. The game doesn't apparently lock the (invisible) mouse cursor to the center, leading to the movement being constrained by the desktop boundaries.

Taking a closer look at the files in the build, some folders that are usually present in Unity games for Linux aren't present; these are Managed, Mono, Plugins, and Resources. There may be other missing data that I don't know.

Thanks for doing so!

From the get-go, there's a problem when trying to run the game; Mono isn't present:

This is the relevant error shown in the log:

Unable to load mono library from /home/julius/.config/itch/apps/morphe-full/morphe_Data/Mono/x86/

That's great to hear! Now that you've mentioned it, how many people downloaded the Linux versions?

Could you also put the Linux version of the game at, just in case it becomes inaccessible here on due to legal action by Nintendo?

Any progress regarding the Linux version?

You can buy Steam Wallet Codes in retail stores that sell them. They work much like prepaid SIM load cards where you uncover the codes by rubbing a coin on a special area which will reveal them. Afterwards, you can enter them into a page in Steam which will credit the pre-designated amount (such as a $100 Steam Wallet code) to your Steam Wallet.

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Thanks for responding! Do note though that I will be buying it on Steam when it comes out since I prefer not to use my debit card online due to privacy concerns.

morphê community · Created a new topic Linux support

Hello there! I played the prototype years ago and I was interested in getting the full game. However, it is quite disappointing that there is no Linux version available for it; this is exacerbated by the fact that the prototype did have one. Unfortunately, I can't commit to a purchase at the moment since my computer doesn't have Windows and isn't a Mac. Are there any plans for releasing a Linux compatible version?

Please do investigate this issue as well! I'm also encountering this issue on my computer. If it helps, here is the strace output as a starting point for debugging purposes.

Hello there! I found this on the homepage and I was intrigued by its premise. However, I'm having issues running it since the Linux version doesn't have the data folder present in the .zip file. The itch app exits with error code 1 when attempting to run it.