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You can buy Steam Wallet Codes in retail stores that sell them. They work much like prepaid SIM load cards where you uncover the codes by rubbing a coin on a special area which will reveal them. Afterwards, you can enter them into a page in Steam which will credit the pre-designated amount (such as a $100 Steam Wallet code) to your Steam Wallet.

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Thanks for responding! Do note though that I will be buying it on Steam when it comes out since I prefer not to use my debit card online due to privacy concerns.

morphê community · Created a new topic Linux support

Hello there! I played the prototype years ago and I was interested in getting the full game. However, it is quite disappointing that there is no Linux version available for it; this is exacerbated by the fact that the prototype did have one. Unfortunately, I can't commit to a purchase at the moment since my computer doesn't have Windows and isn't a Mac. Are there any plans for releasing a Linux compatible version?

Please do investigate this issue as well! I'm also encountering this issue on my computer. If it helps, here is the strace output as a starting point for debugging purposes.

Hello there! I found this on the homepage and I was intrigued by its premise. However, I'm having issues running it since the Linux version doesn't have the data folder present in the .zip file. The itch app exits with error code 1 when attempting to run it.