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Some feedbacks...

A topic by Begounet created Oct 06, 2018 Views: 324 Replies: 1
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I was pretty glad that you did a game from the little prototype I could play a long time ago!

But... I preferred the prototype...

What I liked in the prototype was that you have colorful and relaxing landscape and all your instruments were really closed to you so you could play some notes, then just turn around and play some other notes and finally make a cool little music.

But in the way the stages are made, it is not possible anymore.

I also disliked the final rendering. I am not sure why but it feels... oppressing. I think it is related to this kind of colored vignetting on the screen. Makes me feel I have to focus my eyes in the center of the screen. I think it's good in a shooter but not in that kind of game. May be a setting to disable it? Another one for the noise intensity will be great too I think.

And finally, not a great fan of the environment. I appreciate the DA of simple polygons without smooth normals, but the environment feels empty and... kind of dead. Even if the mountains are nicely done, between the player and these mountains, there is little groups of trees but it doesn't looks like a forest. More like the survivors of an apocalypse.

I also think that there is something wrong with the colors for a relaxing game. Like the intense red in the desert stage for example. I think red is kind of forbidden color for this kind of game. It is an exciting color. It is the color of blood and the color of emergency.

I don't write all these things just to be mean but I hope it will help you if you want to continue making that kind of game (or improve that one). I felt like you got a better sense of design for the prototype scene than these new ones. Sorry... I really feel bad to tell it...

It is still a lot of nice work for few people so I can only encourage you for the future and hope you the best!

PS : For player that are interested in that game but reticent after reading me -> you should still play it! Make your own opinion!

Finally, some bug reports :

- in my first launch, I got the "controller inputs help" screen displayed over the whole screen when I went to the settings. 

- when I set the graphic settings to "low quality", the camera sensitivity became really high. I left and set "high quality" again and the camera sensitivity came back to normal.

- there is an issue with the bounding box of the branch (in the snow level, to the left of the start position, if I remember correctly). The mesh is culled even if the camera is able to see it


Hi Begounet - super appreciate this. Like, a ton.

We're having a busy week actually prepping a patch for the game (of which most of what you describe re: bugs contains fixes for).  We will review, and I'll be sure to get back to this topic asap (few days) w/some responses, and hopefully have fixes for a lot of the little quirks.