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I've been loving this asset pack. Do you have a door sprite that would fit on these houses (such as the top right house in the first image). That half-door is the closest to an actual door sprite I've found, and the rest are various open door sprites. 

Okay, that's very comforting to know. Thank you!

Hello! I have some quick questions:

Are these characters all different from the Character Sprites pack?
Do they have all 4-way idle and walk frames?

I'd like to use this sprites pack, but I'm not sure how versatile these characters are yet.

Well I (and others I'd bet) really appreciate it. Congrats on the wedding!

This looks really promising. Thank you for adding it to the bundle!

Supergiant! <3

Your tilesets are all amazing. Thank you for including them in the Justice Bundle. 

Hello! I've received the same "valid font file" issue as below with CompassGold, RedeemGold, RulerGold, and SinsGold in OpenType format. Oddly enough, HopeGold was the only OpenType file that worked.

Since these fonts look amazing, I'll use TrueType for now. But I look forward to the OpenType errors being fixed.

I didn't even know Itch hosted light novels, but this really caught my interest. Excited to give it a try!

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Matthewmatosis, a well-respected game analyst, made a video on this game. The things he talked about really blew my mind.

Great game! But it seems roll is actually assigned to K instead of Space.

I'm using GameMaker Studio, which I'm most acquainted with and think is great for 2D games. But I've also seen mentions of Unity and other engines, so I'm curious as to what you all will be using for this jam.

This will be my first jam, so I'm excited to see what everybody makes in the end. So good luck to you all!