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A random music generator.
Submitted by Aragatodag — 1 hour, 46 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
How much I could potentially use it in the future#34.0594.059
How original or innovative it is#44.1184.118
How nice it is to use#84.2354.235

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This is so cool! Thanks for sharing.


Spent a few minutes playing around with this tool. :)

Procedural music is a topic that's of particular interest to me so nice to see people submitting tools like this to the jam.

This seems like a solid feature base to build on & potentially extend in terms of patterns/structure etc in future.

I think the choices you made around limiting the initial "knobs" for adjustment to "Mood", "BPM" & "Randomize All" were good in terms of making the tool relatively accessible initially to people without too much music knowledge. While also providing room for others to experiment at a lower level.

What process are you using to generating the music notes/chords used?

Thanks for sharing your project.


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I would have spent a little more time working on the actual song generation, it’s fairly simplistic as it is right now. It generates a random melody and bassline from a chord progression, along a particular randomish pattern. The chord progressions pattern is separately randomized to provide a bit more variety.


This is awesome! I'm a composer who likes to work with procedural tools, and this does a great work of creating melodies and harmonies that actually sound decent. Paired with the fact that it comes with three instruments, each with their own oscillators, filters, and settings - and this is actually pretty formidable. 

I appreciate the Upbeat / Melancholy setting, though it would be nice to be able to select a key and scale (including harmonic, dorian, lydian, etc), even if that was hidden behind an "Advanced" option or something. Some additional MIDI generation options, like note density or lines of harmony, would also provide some nice control, though it's not too necessary.

This reminds me of InstaComposer, a similar plugin for DAWs. If this could export MIDI, potentially one synth at a time, or all three at once but in different channels, composers like myself could use it in actual music compositions by dropping the MIDI into our own synths and virtual instruments. 

If you're up for it, I'd even suggest trying to see if you can make a drum machine generator. That would be really fun to play around with. 

Overall, great work! This is definitely a very impressive tool. 


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I want to expand it somewhat, with midi export and some more advanced configuration options.


Nice tool, very professional. I notice only an issue when you Render: the output file is all to 0.. and you cannot close the popup after render (to use the app again I have to refresh).

Here is an export that i got:


Thanks for using it! I’ve tested it on Firefox and Chrome on windows, and it works there for me, but depending on what browser or browser version your using, it might have some issues.


This is great, It makes music that sounds great, I was very impressed! I'll echo the comment that they can be a bit samey, but they sound good and that's what matters! I could see myself using this, so yeah keep it up!


Wow, I love these kind of music generators and as there are not that many out there and even fewer, which sound okay, this here is quite nice. Well, the generated songs feel a bit 'samey', but please continue working on this tool.


how do you code for different audio sounds.. are these small clips of audio?

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

There’s a lot of different ways to do it. In this case, I used the “web audio api”. Here’s an article with more info.


Always wanted to work on audio based tool, thought we have to collect many individual sounds as *.wav file and combine via code.
  Thank you for this answer... will read the article..