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You found another bug there, I uploaded a fixed version.

Thanks for the translation, I added it to the download.

Yeah, sure I will add the translated readme. Very cool of you, to do that work :)

You could use a batch file. I included a run.bat in the current version, which starts the example.txt

I uploaded a new version which can start without the title screen. Just do not use the "title" command, like in the updated example.txt.

Oh, sorry I was playing around with a WebAssembly version, when I added the last fullscreen fix and broke something in the non web version. I uploaded a new version and everything should work like before.

Haha, I always hide my task bar, so I did not notice that. I uploaded a new version, which should fix that problem.

I updated the download with a fullscreen toggle. You can press alt+enter or F12 to toggle. Additionaly there is now a fullscreen script command, which is demonstrated in the papa_is_you game.

Your entry had an installer right? Downloading and extracting is fine, but installing something from a jam is a bridge to far for me. But I second your concerns about web based tools getting more ratings. phlp is right about lowering the barrier, but this trend really kills custom c++ etc. code and favours pre made engines like Unity or Webframeworks.

A thank you from me, too. There were so many cool entries, especially those which are helping people with mental or physical problems in their lifes. And I did miss the rating deadline. Yesterday I was still voting on stuff ... now it is closed ... I still had some cool entries to look at :(

Thank you very much :)

"satisfying" that is exactly the right word. I love things like bitsy and there is more then enough room for other things like that. Thanks for your comment and your awesome Linear Algebra tool :)

I have seen the fullscreen option, I meant like a "normal" window app, where you can maximize the window and the windows title border remains in screen.

I second the responsiveness, I think I never could draw my signature with a mouse that good before. If only you could see, what you are drawing, when using the circle or rectangle tool, before letting go of the mouse button.

I won´t rate this one, as your submission version was not complete as it seems and usually you are not allowed to update your submission during the rating phase. But anyway, that was very impressive and if textadventures would be presented like this more often, they would be so much more engaging today. Very cool!

A tile editor I could play in directly?! Very cool ... now go and make it into a Mario Maker Killer :)

This is cool, it made me do a little jam session. Hope my wife did not here me grooving to my beat ;)

With more options, zoomable canvas, direct mouse grabbing and moving of objects etc., this yould become a seriously awesome music tool. But what am I is already quite awesome.

Really well done, I think this very inspiring to make my own web based tool.

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I use the newest Firefox. But this one is on me, I just checked again and I use a plugin to change every page into a dark mode. When I disable the plugin for you page, everything works fine. Sorry ...

Such an awesome concept, I wish you best of luck to make this into something great.

With an UI and some nice options, I will come back for this. Very beautiful...

Nicely made, but I don´t really get, why there is this dice option. Maybe you can randomize the written text as another "something changed" "limitation" :)

Hey, this is quite funny and there are real usecases for this. But we need some english rules for it to take over the world.

Haha, this must have been fun to make. Now I want to do something like that, too. So, thanks for forcing me to do do that ;)

I think this is my winner! I am sure, there are other tools like this out there, but still...this is like black magic, awesome!

Uh, cool exactly what I need for my ascii file tilemap experiments. But I had a bug, where often the color of the charactes was drawn black until I clicked elsewhere. And I wish I could customize the size of the canvas.

I noticed a problematic area at the top of the rock and I wish there were other shapes than spheres, but this can potentially become quite a usable tool ... rock on!

I always encourage people to make their own engines, as it is a great learning experience. And for newcomers it is always cool to have something like Razel, to make nice little games outside of bloated tools like Unity.

Hey, this is quite fun. I second the svg export, but I like, that it has its own easy to parse file format. Maybe this can be used as a level editor for a side scroller 2D polygon game. I like this tool very much :)

This is pretty cool and worthwhile, but I gott the access violation to, when something gets written to the output folder.

I dont think it is that useless. Maybe it was my browser, but it was not as reponsive as I would have hoped. But this was just the right amount of reduced functionality to be inspiring. So, well done!

Music generation, sing me up! I would love this to have more features, but even as it is, it is inspiring me to do something like this myself. Good work!

Oh, yes please continue working on this, as this is something actually usable. Very nice :)

In the browser "a" just displays the help screen. But I like the idea and the comment on the page about using it to make ascii art ... hm, I think you should consider working on your tool, maybe into that direction.

Another one I wished I had years ago. Please improve on the controls and I will have a tool, which will help my daughters, when they will struggle with that stuff at some point in their life.

Haha, great idea with the minus button. Not really "usable", but made me smile, while clicking through the quotes.

I like these tools, with low res fonts etc., feels so nice to use. But Backspace does not work on the text and I NEED to be able to maximize the window. Anyway, I did enjoy this entry.

This is such a heart-warming idea.

I can´t rate this, as I am not on Linux. But judging from your pictures and description, this seems to be a quite cool idea.