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Yeah, you are right, the battles are trivial right now, I just could not manage my time very well. I got lost in engine stuff and an over ambitious story (which got cut anyway). But thank you for playing and your nice comment.

Thank you for commenting. Going back to base camp was the main thing I wanted to have, like a hub area...but then time happened ;)

Wow, I am flattered, what nice words an extensive review. Thank you very much :)
And yes, next time I will change the keyboard layout.

Thank you for your nice words.

Thank you for playing and the review. You are right about the inconsistencies, I just ran out of time, and then so many things fell of the wagon. I hope I can manage my time better next time.

Thank you for commenting.
Yeah, I know...the is a bit trickier to implement with the verticality in my game and I really had problems with the time. The heart is the brain, but I just used the wrong word. And the skeleton won´t do anything with it, as the player has to destroy the heart with the press in the west. Well it did not come together...again, I was pretty bad with the time I got.
I hope I can manage the time much better next year.

Jeez, I am so dumb ;)

Then I did not understand the tutorial screen, as mouse Left/Right was for Attack and Use, but there were no keys for it?

Thank your for playing and the throughout review. Your are right with your points, I need a minimap, maybe some tutorial screens and the balancing was way of.
I ran out of time at the end, as I was focusing to hard on the engine and fixing all the bugs, the verticality brought with it.

I see now, that the standard for movement is like you described here. I was coming from a DOS era Doom point of view, were turing would be on Left/Right or A and D, but as I played so many entries now, I feel that turning with Q and E actually is the better way of doing things.

Oh man, that is so cool, you actually found a way to make verticality work together with the gameplay. Some kind of puzzle platformer like Prince of Persia or Flashback, this is such a good idea for a crawler, this fits the step by step movement well. You just need to iterate a bit more on the systems and add some context sensitive feedback, where what things are possible and make all actions be able to use either by mouse or keyboard as I did not care for some things onle to be done by a mix of both. The graphics are migthy fine as is the sound. Movement is spot on and generelly it is impressive, that such a Gamemaker games gives most bigger engine games a run for their money.


Than this surely is on the shitty AMD drivers :(

The graphics are nice and handmade it seems, but I did not care for the battle system clashing with the rest. And why can´t I continue with a mouse click in the battles, but have to press Enter?!
The movement felt very nice and you have (started) to implement so many things, I think you overscoped a bit. Maybe a survival game is not the best fit for such a jam. But it was an interesing idea, as I think we only have one other game with a bit of survival mechanics. Problem there is, that I am not the biggest fan of these games, or rather that there are already to many of these games out there. It is like a couple of years ago there were sooo many zombie games and movies and at the moment everybody tries to cash in on Stardew Valley and all those first person survival games. But this is nothing against you and I like, what you made here.

The rerolling of items idea was a nice touch, but I think I lucked out with a couple of nice high damage and life leech items near the start, as I only picked up maybe 6 items and stashed everything as rerolls (I then never used). So there is a very nice idea and the only (?) game of the jam, which has randomized loot, which is pretty cool. I liked, that I could strategize with my movement a bit to not have to battle every enemy. The Founder had no chance against me at the end. He made 1 damage and I leeched about 5 HP every turn...very empowering :)
The graphics are fine, but I did not care for the stepsize or block size, well I just did not get a good feel for my movement, you have to work on that one a bit more.

I see what you were going for, but the game play needs more polish. I only noticed after quite a while, that I can look around with the mouse (yeah, I should have read the instructions on the page). If your FOV would not be so narrow, I think the key in the barrled would has been visible without the mouse look. Instead of the loud footsteps some kind of ambience sounds would have been nice. The graphics themself are really nice. Very good mid 90s feeling! There seem to be some bugs, as I had to restart, because the key did not land in my inventory on my first try. And then in the basement the book disappeared as I did not click the add to inventory before picking up the potions near it. Oh and the UI does not scale with the resolution, which makes it very hard to read on a 4k display. But please flesh out the game, as there is a spark of something very nice.

What an interesting idea with the phasing through the purple walls and the sneaking. While the graphics seem a bit basic, they are hand crafted, which is cool! The movement itself is fine enough, but I could not really find a use for the sneaking and I had problems with enemies walking into my spot and then I could not attack them anymore. Clicking on attacks was very unreliable for me, using the keyboard worked much better. But you implemented so many things here, that is very impressive.

Ah, I wish I could have escaped Cthulhus clutches, after he found me, one last time. I used my pills, but could not get away fast enough. The game is super creepy and a very well made version of 3D Monster Maze. Thanks for the heart attack :)

Nice entry and very playable. The 3 turns to act, before the enemies doe something are very clear and give some tactical options, maybe some more enemy variety or player skills would move the system to the next level. But the idea is very nice. The graphic are okay, the mix of the hand drawn (while very nice) and the textures is a bit garish. The sound effects are nice and I liked the creepy ambience voice in the background. You even have an end boss, very cool. But why is the weapon disappearing, when directly in front of a wall? Is that a bug or intentional, as as speer is to long for such a distance?

I really have to look into the magic proficiency, that has to be a bug because of time constraints. I adjusted everything a final time in the last hours and made so many mistakes it seems :)

Thank you for the nice comment and playing the game.

Oh, thats some really nice word, thank you very much :)
And you are absolutely right, the map is just bad. I just did not have enough time. I was so hung up about having to integrate the verticality, that it overshadowed anything else. And yes, it does not really make the game better. I envisioned something like Dark Souls, where you open up short cuts and so on. Next year I will definitly have a mini map.

I explained nothing ;)

Thank you for playing and commenting, I appreciate it.

Thank you for playing, and yes the map is confusing. It actually is more of an afterthought, as I was to deep in the engine stuff and had to fix sooo many bugs with collision, pathfinding etc.

Thank you for commenting, I wish I had some of you ideas, as I should have had the dark god in my game talk to the player. About the UI, yeah I think that it is one of the stronger points, but kept me from improving on the map or dialog.

Well, you just take damage, when you click on the last option in the messages on the first computer. Or the door you have to pry open. There is no conflict resolution, you just receive damage. That satisfies the rule, that you have to have some kind of status. But anyway, the atmosphere is sooo thick!

"You have escaped", that came fast. But cool, that you have checkpoints, as Windows f***ed me over with a dialog, because it did not like me constantly pressing shift. Well made entry, movement works fine and the fighting feels good enough. Graphics are nice and the sound effects and music fit the mood well.

Oh my god, why does everything look so different after I played your game?! Crazy ;)
The atmosphere was wonderful and the game has a very nice System Shock 2 vibe. The hunt for the different endings was cool (I did ot find ending 4) and the graphics and especially the sound were great. But I have to nitpick that you have not implemnted the requirement: "The game must have combat or a similar mechanic for determining outcome of certain situations, enemy encounters and events."
But the game was really cool!

First, the card battle system works well. The feedback for the effects of the cards could use some work, but else it is good. The graphics are nice, but there is a bit of flicker in the walls and everything looks a bit generic. But the movement is horrible, you need to fix this and maybe speed up the battles a little bit. Then you have a very solid entry on you hands.

The gray monster om the second level killed me, as I could never hit it. Whats that about? The graphics are okay, the just need a little bit of variety. But I applaud your decision to make the art yourself. Most of us fell into the AI trap (myself included). I like, that you give us hit feedback, when dealing or receiving damage, as this is something many entries do not have. The tutorial messages on the floor are nice touch, but your interface does not scale with the resolution. On a 4k screen everything is VERY tiny and hard to read. Solid foundation, but need a little bit more time I think.

The basics are there and the graphics and sound are good, but the snappy movement together with the very narrow FOV was not working for me and I think there are bugs, where I can see hallways to my left, but then, when I step into the tile, from where I should be able to go into the hallway and rotate to face it...there is no hallway. This killed my progress after I go the sword, as I could not trace back my steps. Fix the FOV and add some hit feedback for the enemies and the game will be quite a bit more playable. The rest was absolutely fine.

The graphics are among the best the jam hs to offer, great textures, models, lighting and everything is super smooth. Cool, hoe Unity gives Unreal a run for its money, as you have to be able to use an engine. Picking up stuff in the world, jumping up and down ladders, moving blocks, it all feels very good. And then the combat starts, I have to be to dumb, as I got trashed by the skeleton. My character made different move, but nothing seemed to hit the skeleton.

The best part was the interface, very beautiful and it even has a paper doll equipment system, cool. Shame, that there ist no sound, but at least you have some red flashing for hit feeback on the enemies. I wish there was something, when the player is hit. The gameplay is solid and smooth, but the map is very uninteresting. But at least the threats escalated a bit from level to level and small thinks like the purple signs texture at the ceiling near the end. I think with a bit more time, this could become something really cool.

For me, this was a bit cryptic, but I also had problems reading some of the text, because the font does not scale well on a 4k screen. The customizeable party size was a nice touch and I loved the humor (Crit-tick *g*). The graphics are hand drawn, which is nice, but the could use some touchups. The movement was fine, but the level needs some landmarks or something, it is just hallway, bigger room with enemy, hallway, room and so on. It got a bit samey after a while. But you got a nice map screen, that is a plus.

Wow that was great. Awesome hand drawn graphics, cool soundeffect an ambience. The little touches like the cutscenes, dialog and monologs with and about the crew. The automatic walking at the end. This entry is so polished, I want to know more about this world. Oh and the movement was perfect. Great entry!

GLOAMINGHOLD!!! Can´t stop shouting the awesome ;)
Thank you for playing and the extensive comment, I really appreciate that. The plates with the sound effect are either HP or Mana healing pads. And the verticality made everything so full of bugs, that I did not have much time for the level at all. Next year I will be better prepared and will not make the same mistakes and will make a better level, with a minimap :)

Shame, that you could not do more here. I don´t usually like rythm games, but in the context of the very restricted movement of a dungeon crawler, this could be quite fun and you seem to have a solid grasp on this stuff. So go on...iterate on it and be our rythm expert next year  :)

Solid graphics and head bobbing that was nice and not headache inducing, snappy movement and nice sounds (especially the bomb explosion). Only the timer, was a bit unforgiving, as I needed a few tries, but cool that this only resets the level and does not lead to a game over. The dialog was interesting and well done, just make it skipable next time. Very nice game!

Wow, there is so much here. The graphics are really well done, especially the models and the attack animations and spells. You got an inventory, stat screen, level up points, intro dialogs. All very cool, but is so buggy right now. I encountered so many show stoppers, where I could not progress because of invisible colliders. It really is a shame, as you got a beautiful game on your hands and one of the few Unreal entries, which use the engine for something else than wasting space.

Thank you for commenting and playing. Next year I will have a minimap or I won´t jam ;)

Hm, this one is a bit to experimental for me. But you did your thing and I am sure your are proud of it, thats what counts. I did not hear any sound, so I can only judge the graphics and they are quite nice. I just envision more of an action game with those graphics and level design. Something fast moving, zooming through those structures. I though the whole time playing about old DOS games like Radix into the void or something. Well anyways, I could not wrap my head around the controls. I had to read the comments to understand the 180° instant turning. You should at least address this, as it would help with the gameplay.

You got a start, you got a more than one map, you got an ending, combat works (even if it is a bit wonky with enemy collisions), there is sound, nice textures and models (I really liked the sword). So everything is a bit basic at the moment, but your setting is unique and I think you can go on to something greater now. Just make the traversable spaces smaller and movement a bit snappier, as movement is absolutely key in this type of games.