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Hello I'm the dev, I dont know who the other commenter is. I'm sorry that you are encountering issues, unfortunately there isn't an exe version. 

Which browser are you using? Are there any error message? does the full browser crash or does it leave a black page?  Thank you

That's amazing, very well done!
That's gonna be hard to beat!

Excellent polished game. fun to play challenging enough and just beautiful. good job all around!

Cool game, it takes me back! the upgrades were really nice and there was a great sense of improvement as the game went on. (maybe the beginning was a bit too extreme in limitation) but it was just fun to see how far things would go! going from table, to kitchen, to the outside and even the sky was neat! good job!

Thank you! its been an interesting experience to make the game. Its been a lot of cutting and simplifying (like reverse feature creep) but I think it all converged into a more concise and enjoyable experience. At first many of the highlights weren't there, finding the spot would be on the player. but its was a lot of work and time consuming. I feel highlighting the possible spots help focus on what really matters: clever positioning.

I was also hoping it would help grasping the rules since it "forces" you to abide by them (until you eventually fully grasp it and its subtleties)
wont work for everyone but I like to think it helps!

Thanks for the elaboration on the rules. I was conscious it could be read in both ways, but I was having a hard time wording it. Good to know those in the description are clearer, I'll take that into consideration!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

That would be a lot of dice to have at hand! But you know, if packaged as such, it could work as a board game. interesting :) giving me ideas !

Your score is amazing, well done! in fact it made me try harder and I managed to reach 36 now!
Thanks for the kind words and pushing me to new heights!

Thanks for the kind words!
I am glad you found the game fun and compelling.

Your feedback on >6 and <1 is thoughtful and interesting. It is certainly something I will take into consideration!

Thank you!

Breaking the Ice on scores myself!

Got a great score of 36! I'm curious if anyone can beat that, it was a really good run!

All around great game, simple but super polished and fun! a nice little challenge and just very well done! I like how you taught how to play with minimal instructions using levels designed to learn the new mechanics. Last level was a fun challenge. Good job!

Creative game, with pretty fun gameplay and good music. I did wish there was a low opacity indicator of the various distance, I had a poor judgement of what each roll could reach, before it was too late. Good Job!

Nice game that works quite well, is fun and is a nice twist on a classic! Good on you for having an AI, I had fun fighting it, playing a bit offensively. I'm sure its even better with competition against a friend.

Good job!

Alright,  I know the screenshots are pretty explicit. But as soon as I started to play and I "got it" (took like 1 sec) I chuckled in a "oh... this is it!" moment. Amazing game, excellent execution. great use of theme, beautiful game. Great challenge, just super polished all around. Nice progression between the levels, I thought it was perfect sized for a jam, but with clear potential for further expansion.

It was interesting to have no music, pure ambient, it worked really well with the feel.  I think this is a winner, well done! (Oh and the whole perspective was so crazy, it often felt like there were much more than 6 sides (especially due to direction shifts) I don't know how you designed those levels, but hats off! Mind boggling stuff! Cheers.

Here is some feedback as you've asked. I feel things were a bit awkward. there is death everywhere but we need precise movement, with complicated controls. space for jumping is a bit awkward, but Q+mouse for dashing is highly confusing since you need to drop the other movement keys, and suddenly you control with the mouse.

I guess since we choose the direction with the mouse, the mouse is actually being used, but the click (dice) is weird and sudden. its a mostly keyboard game with sudden mouse usage. I feel like either full keyboard control, or more focus on mouse (say, add a crosshair) would help.

Even having read the instructions, the ability controls were confusing. I know the roll has to do with the theme, but again its the conflict of urgency and precision.

Overall, I think there was too much at once. better pacing, such that things are easy at first with no treats and things get harder as the players gets a better grasp on controls would be great! Right now its a bit overwhelming (or maybe I am bad at platformers). Nonetheless, its a game that works and looks good, just a bit hard. Good job!

Very cool game, simple, polished and quality. I like the concept, how it gets the brain working, how humorous it can be and the chill music. Its quite a cool concept and different every time, found it a bit hard, but played it a bunch! Great job!

Its a beautiful game and a pretty unique take! its surprisingly hard too (or maybe I'm bad at matching/memory)! good game!

Now this a cool game! Not gonna lie, I wanted to make a game along those lines but went blank on how to execute it. Seeing it in action and so intuitive, its quite a impressive game! Amazing work!

Such a cool game, super creative too! Some form of action puzzle game is quite unique and the game looks great! Well done! Wish there was more progression, the jump between normal and hard is no joke!

Thanks a lot! a background change makes sense, I'll definitely do that!
Thinking about it, resizing is a subtle feature,  I should make it more obvious.
And thanks for the comment on intuitivity; I tried to make it so, but there's a lot in there. still wish I had the time to give a bit more instructions.

Thank you and good point, I'll look into it!

This is a really well made tool! Looks amazing but also sure to be useful! Even has some extra features like effects and many export options.
Amazing work!

This is a very interesting and unique idea! I think it could certainly be useful, especially to create glitched or neat images, but I think It could have benefited from "helper" functions/commands buttons. Unfortunately we can't just do random stuff, plenty of things will just break the image. It seems a 1 to 1 replacement works, so I wish there was a one button "scramble" selection. (maybe also a randomize random locations on all the image too) Just throwing out ideas.

Overall it's  a neat project, great job!

Simple and effective. Great project idea and execution!
Copy to clipboard is nice, another use case could be exporting a list for if you wanted a lot of viable usernames (say a fake mmo/chatroom game... or actually the new idea of bots in online games)

Good going!

This is great, It makes music that sounds great, I was very impressed! I'll echo the comment that they can be a bit samey, but they sound good and that's what matters! I could see myself using this, so yeah keep it up!

Very nice visualization and pretty intuitive! I also liked the explanations, neat way to understand the different operations.

That's amazing! Congratulations!

I can say for a fact the tip was not meant to deceive.It was literally necessary in earlier versions, and there are still downsides to certain cards. I never intended for the downsides to always be lower than the upsides, but its possible that's what happens. Thanks for the heads up, I'll remove the advice and praise you for your dedication and performance!

I hope your comment helps and fires up other players

This is most unfortunate, the game certainly looked promising and I've certainly seen it evolve over the years. It always seemed like a massive labor of love and highly ambitious!

The dedication you've shown is amazing and the strength to call it quits is commendable too (I'm sure it was a very hard decision).

I hope the experience you've gained from this helps you going forward and leads to a (or multiple) successful projects. It's all we can do facing these setbacks, take the lessons and keep moving forward.

Wish you the best, and I'll be looking forward to your future projects.

Thank you!

Thank you! this must have taken amazing dedication, and honnestly it might be a bit too much! Take care of yourself, you deserve it!

Thanks a lot!
If you are interested, I have a remake (or new & improved) version in the works. Not out yet, but you can get peeks of it on my twitter or tumblr! :D


I was wondering about the set different price option and how it works in terms of keeping track of eligible users and updates.

If I have a free game with paid bonus(with different price), is there a way to know which users have paid the minimal price?

If I in the future wanted to increase the paid bonus price,  can everyone who had paid the previous price maintain access?
(logically, I don't think this would work since there is no guarantee a new differently priced is an update rather than an independent new "tier")

Do Keys work with free games, or at least "priced differently item" within one?

I understand that all of the above is probably simpler with Paid game with free demo deal, but I'd rather avoid that; certainly gives a different vibe. Also, its not a given that I will do a price increase, I'd just like to know my options and avoid being stuck in a bad place.


Thanks for the reply.

I am currently looking toward Free because I did make the software with the intent of offering a useful free tool. But then feature (plans) crept beyond the initial scope, and I'd like to "finance" the continued support(if there is any such interest).

I've also been a bit intimidated by charging for anything since if my current free stuff barely gathers any attention, its hard to imagine paid stuff doing better. But perhaps I am looking at it from the wrong point of view. I hadn't considered the sales & bundle aspect , that's good to know and I'll keep it in mind.


Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a project that I want to be free to use, but also monetized.

Itch is nice and has a lot of options:

  • "Pay what you want", but it doesn't seem to generate much payments. (I get it, and don't blame anyone, free is great.)
  • Pay what you want with a threshold for a Bonus/Reward.
    • Essentially Free with Paid premium when reward are "external" to the game
    • I assume Strictly superior to Pay what you want
  • Free version and Paid Premium.
    • Fully featured Free game/tool with "extra's" for buyers
    • Seen/displayed as Free
  • Paid version and Lite Free version
    • Paid game/tool with a Demo/Lite/Trial version
    • Seen/displayed as Priced

Now these are kind of the same (end result) but I feel like they might have different psychological and enticement effects?

For example, I feel like I am much more likely to Click or try a Free/displayed as free game. Nothing to lose.
However, perhaps it would lead to poor conversion to payment, people come in with a free product mindset.

I don't feel too attracted to paid tools, It has to be a pretty good value proposition because to even click it, it has to have sold itself to me from image and 3 lines desc. Afterall, I won't know there's a free trial to try it out until after i've clicked (shoutout to Mannequin for outplaying that). To be fair, if I got that far I'm pretty sure payment odds are much higher.

Maybe I'm overthinking this. Anyways, anyone has experience with the various Pay what you want/Free/Premium models? How did it go for you as a dev, you as a customer and what do you think is the best approach?


Funny game! quite fun,  a bit on the hard side, or maybe I'm bad at thinking of words. I did think it was cool enough to persevere and clear it! I didn't know slow was an adverb though... glad it worked xD

That was very cool! Very unique take! I don't usually play text adventures but something about this was gripping, it also (seemed, and did) have a fair and restrained scope. I do think it could have benefited from clearer "Action is being taken" text, perhaps a different color. I did notice these one off sometimes, but they weren't clear. Also a form of inventory (though I dont know the limitations of the genre). I knew what I wanted to do, but had a hard time knowing if it was happening.
Still, this was a nice experience, feels weird that I feel like i've went through the house(s) even if their was no visuals. Great stuff!

Nice game! Liked the concept, the music and just the overall havock! I think the HUD was a bit overwhelming and I didn't understand it at first, but once I did, it was smooth sailing and a interesting game! Good job!

Cute game! Took me a while to understand/notice the impact of getting detatched I was wondering why I was sometimes losing all my waffles and others not.
Oh and I wish there was more visual cue of health conditions, Boss suddenly died!

Game had a good idea and cute art. Well done!

That's a very neat simple game! Slick presentation, original idea and just fun to play! Did did find it a bit hard. Maybe the paddle could also kill (but that might make it too easy instead) Ball never missing other "paddle" was nice and well done. Was still a bit hard to hit the middle targets.Still I played it a bunch and found it fun! Good game!

Thank you! I'll try browser first (i regret not having that for the Jam) But I agree, I think it would be a great fit for mobile! Hopefully I can make it happen. :)

Thanks for the kind words and feedback. Interestingly, lives were added before time(but both were always planned). Lives were added to help guarantee an eventual death. Since I didn't want the game to ever game impossibly hard, time scales with dots number. Thus if some prodigy managed to systematically hit X dots per  Y sec, they would never die. One thing that does happen more with dot numbers is messing up. I guess you could avoid that by only doing trios, but that would start to weight on your time. Plus its a way to carry over "state" across levels. Afterall, if you clear one level with 2 second to spare, it has no impact on next level. But with 2 health left, you still have to be careful. You also recover 1 health every round, because I don't like being too punishing.