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I've made some improvements to the mouse/keyboard stuff. The in game control text now changes depending on if you are using a gamepad or mouse. Also there is generous auto aim with the mouse, though it works a bit different then the gamepad due to the nature of the device.

Did you see the sign that says "A - Dash"? That is the instruction for an xbox 360 controller.

If you are using a mouse/keyboard, I apologize, I haven't yet set it up to switch the text based on the control method. On keyboard dash is on shift. You just press the dash button and it boosts you horizontally.

Up until very recently I was 100% focused on getting the game ready to show at a convention, so currently the controller is much more polished then keyboard/mouse, though it is still playable with either.  (If you do use keyboard, spin dash is on shift)

Recently I switched input libraries to xinput to get rumble and some other nice features. Unfortunately it broke support for any non xbox360 controller. I have a few ideas on how to fix that, but it's lower priority right now since the game is over a year out from release.

Please post any feedback you have about the demo here. This is a huge help for me. If possible post how long it took you to beat and how many times you died. Thanks!

I didn't know there was a charge attack. Maybe try charge attack on same button as regular attack, if you hold it down. Otherwise it's a waste of a button. That opens up right mouse button to equip ranged/secondary weapon with it's own charge attack. I tried again, and as a player I'd like more direction. Where should I go, what should I do? A map would help with that. Also anything that carries over between deaths would help give more momentum. I noticed that health also refills slowly which makes me feel like that is a crutch for the difficulty being too high, and easily exploited when it feels like players should be rewarded for moving forwards rather then waiting. I also noticed in just the first area there are 4 different shapes of enemy projectiles, I'm not sure what the difference is in terms of damage or otherwise, it's not very obvious. I'd recommend limiting it to fewer projectile types with very clear differences, either large damage increase or status effect change. Also having enemies throw out less projectiles at a time so they are more easily avoidable. I hope this is all helpful feedback, this game has a lot of potential!

Good execution and style. More variety would have kept me playing longer.

Great concept and audio. Looks very visually appealing. I enjoyed playing it, I would have kept playing but the song ended. Would be great to see some more stuff added to it and different levels.

I love the graphics style. Music works well. The core gameplay controls feels good but I think the difficulty is way too high. I got to the second area I think but it seemed very similar and I didn't find anything to really help. I didn't feel like I was making meaning full progress. I saw that there are at least 2 other weapons but couldn't find them. I'd like the damage your weapons do be multiplied by 5 or more so most enemies are 1 or 2 hits. Also increase enemy damage, but make it easier to avoid. Maybe add some knockback to enemies so it's easier to control them. An easier way to switch between close and ranged attacks would also help.

Awesome pixel art graphics. Gameplay was a bit reprtititve and AI seemed overly easy to beat, I stopped after beating about 5 levels by just repeatedly pressing A, it didn't seem to get any harder. 2 player could be cool but I didn't get a chance to try it.

This seems like a good idea but in practice I found it very difficult to understand what I'm looking at. It seems like it would have made a lot of sense to have the sky look different then the ground. Also, it's just very difficult for me to hit anything, I'm not sure I have. I died and it went straight to mission 2. It would be great if you could polish up the graphics a bit so players can see what is going on easier.

Looks cool, great atmosphere! Frame rate is a bit jankey. I would be interested to see you develop this farther into more of a game experience.

The waves look awesome but the rest of the visuals could use work. Like maybe add some clouds or something in the background. A different color pallet would have helped like with more blue. Mixing wave race and joust is a great gameplay concept, and core gameplay is fun but it gets very repetitive and could use more variety. Good work overall.

Graphics are fantastic, best I have seen so far. Sound design works well. Gameplay could use some work, feels kind of chaotic and overwhelming. Still amazing work.

Great visuals. Gameplay wise I was confused about what to do other the try to land in the center. You will have to tell me how you did the font rendering, I had a lot of trouble with that on my entry.

I love the visuals on this one. The cars and buildings look awesome. Frame rate is mostly good but has some long hitches which can make it easy to crash. Controls are difficult to use. Brake button would help, or if you want it to be like the gas is always down, let the player to crash through stuff. Maybe it just slows you down. A jump button would also be cool. The gameplay could also use more depth and variety, like pedestrians to avoid, or more objectives. The sound effects add some atmosphere.

I had trouble uploading, it took a long time. Also, make sure you set it to public.

I wrote a Postmortem of my experience on this game jam. I go into some details about how it was made where I went wrong. There is also some info about how to achieve this effect in UE4. I hope you enjoy!

I made a video of my entry!

Rate my game:

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Just submitted my entry!

Put some extra polish in today for high score tracking, and boot up sequence. Also added more randomness and tweaked gameplay. Got slightly better font working. I really wish I had more time though. The sound effects are super rushed and ran out of time for music.

Unreal Engine 4 all the way. It was tricky getting the rendering working properly and I doubt it would work well for pixel perfect stuff but since I'm going 3D it's all good. Still having a problem with font rendering though. I will write up a post mortem after the jam about how I did the effects.

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I made a ton of progress today. The game is all functional, but missing a lot of the trimmings and gameplay balance. Also I still plan to add sound effects and music.

Latest GIF:

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Things are progressing well. Better player controls. New font. Lots more section types for the random generation. So much more work to do.

Thanks! I'm taking the day off from work tomorrow so I can work on it all day. So much to do!

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic Marble Mania

Working on a marble madness inspired game using UE4. It's taken me a while to get the graphics looking correct but I think I have it down now after getting some advice from irwatts. Player controls are in and core gameplay is functional. I am setting it up as an endless runner.

So far all I have to show is this tweet with a gif, compression makes it look terrible though...

I will have more to show soon!