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Hi, I added a download. :)

Nice. If you play again you can warp to the level you died and keep your rubies!


Thanks! If you beat it, you can unlock the speed run mode that is a bit tougher.

Hey Ian, I just played it, looks fantastic! Runs super smooth on my PC. I could definitely see this tech working in a game, a rail shooter comes immediately to mind.

Sure, go for it! You can find more games that fit in a tweet here (some are not actual games but tributes)...

Fun game, good balance and style!

Good puzzles and style!

Fun game, I like the audio too.

Juicy! I love the audio too.

Stunning visuals and amazing that you fit audio into the 2k! The physics could use a bit more work, feels a bit like driving a tank.

Thanks! ✌️

Thank you! I tried very hard on the feel of the controls but ultimately was limited by the tech itself. Hopefully it worked well enough once you got the hang of it!

Not bad, keep practicing! ;) It will track your high score and draw a red line on the track so you can try to surpass it.  You can beat the game by getting to 1000!

Thank you, I was definitely inspired by 80s racing tech. Not sure if the engine would hold up under VR, but i could make something similar with the same aesthetic.

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Thank you! I was not originally planning on obstacles, but due to the size limitation it was necessary to improvise. This way I get scenery and obstacles at the same time. I will add more modes to the plus version soon though, one without obstacles just for you.

Cool game! I like the dimension switching mechanic, good use of theme. I made it out in 98 steps! Though I tried mostly to just go in 1 direction, it would been helpful to have some kind of compass.

Looks great, plays great, chill music and sound effects. Astounding work!

Fun game! My high score was 54. You should add a restart button for the plus version.

There was a bug on itch where it would start on a black screen the first time it loaded. Try again and let me know if it works.

Because they are alien trees. ;)

I was actually just working on this, I think I fixed it, try reloading!




I really like the sound effects and music, you nailed it! Nice intro screen. The gameplay and mechanics are solid and fun, but after i got to around 15 points, I felt like I had the hang of it but it wasn't getting any harder. would be cool to see the difficulty slowly increase and introduce new enemy types. Or a way to complete the level, like maybe in addition to shovels, something else appears sometimes that you can collect to beat the level.

The graphics are great, sound fx a bit abrasive. Interesting take on the theme! The platforming physics could use a little bit more polish but you did a good job with the level design.


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Howdy folks! My game was made JavaScript building off the code I used for my js13k game Bounce Back. The source code is on GitHub.

I integrated the theme by having ghosts of your previous lives return to help you after each death. There is also a juggling mechanic like the Twin Bee / Stinger series of games where you can juggle an egg for massive bonus points. 

The level is procedurally generated every time you start a new game and gets progressively more difficult over time. There are 2 ways to shoot, hold fire for fully auto, or wait to charge up a powerful blast. 

The game can be played with keyboard, mouse, or gamepad in several different configurations. Player's high score is tracked for when they return. I have yet to break 1000 points. The sound effects use ZzFX, my tiny JavaScript sound generator.

I also used the same font and font rendering system I made for Bogus Roads.

Thanks for the feedback!

It's a shooter, you are supposed to shoot stuff mostly. You can play it without shooting (like you can any shooter) but it will probably not be nearly as fun. and yeah, you won't get any points. I will make it more clear in the description that you can shoot.

Hello everyone,

It is nearly time to jam.

 I set up a discord server, please join it for help, announcements, and general camaraderie.

A theme will be announced when the comp starts.

2kPlus Discord Server

Thank you, I think the boost key position will make more sense when the jump upgrade is introduced which is not much after the current demo end.

Thank you so much! Have you managed to make it through the demo? Send me feedback if you can.

Next week I will be showing it at MAGFest for the second year. We had a non stop stream of players last time and I watched almost every one. I tried to address every problem people had from last year but excited to refine it even more after this. (And make the rest of the game)

I love it!

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Thanks! I tried to keep  it simple so I could focus on core  gameplay and polish.

Oh wow, I remember playing sky roads a lot when I was a kid.  That game is awesome.

Thank you. Readability is one of the hardest things with this low res 3D.  Also thanks for the other game references, I am checking them out on youtube now.