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Thanks! I tried to keep  it simple so I could focus on core  gameplay and polish.

Oh wow, I remember playing sky roads a lot when I was a kid.  That game is awesome.

Thank you. Readability is one of the hardest things with this low res 3D.  Also thanks for the other game references, I am checking them out on youtube now.

Thank you. I made all the sound effects using my own sound effect generator zzfx.  The cool part is that instead of saving the sounds as wavs, I just play a 4 digit seed like z(4239), that's the jump sound! Makes it so much easier to put in and change sounds.

You can try it at

Thanks! I hope you give it another shot.  If you have an xbox 360 controller that also works!

Thank you!


Thank you, I spent a long time balancing the gameplay this time around.

Cool graphics! I like the simple fun gameplay. I feel like rolling the  camera make it difficult to  control. Maybe if it was less extreme?

I just finished making the trailer...

Thank you. Yes I was also skeptical at first and almost gave up. It actually took a lot of tuning to make the 3d graphics readable with such few pixels. 

Amazing atmosphere and tension building! I think something weird is going on with how you are rendering the stuff that is causing it to looks jittery. If I had to guess, it looks like a rounding error in the render call.

The isometric style looks cool! It did make it a bit difficult to control though. To simplify harvesting, maybe instead of require entering harvest mode, just auto harvest when the player pushes into a harvestable thing.

Thank you!

Amazing work, congrats! Great music  and graphics,  the whole package works nice. I love the procedural backgrounds also.   I beat the  first boss, my  high score was 32700

My feedback...

There are a few simple changes to the UI that would greatly increase screen space. Move the score, hearts, and special to the bottom of the screen to improve visibility of incoming enemies.  Instead of showing each heart just do like x3 to save space. Also, the score always ends in 0, it's kind of a waste. You could knock it down to 3 digits. 

The levels are a bit too long, maybe if there was a progress meter it would help?

The spread shot feels overpowered. 

The player's hit box could be much smaller, like almost a point.

The bullets are a  bit hard to see, they could be brighter to stand out.

The special should destroy enemy projectiles.

I hope that  helps!

Great  lighting!

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Great little mario cart engine! The balance was good too with lots of nice touches. 

My main advice is to focus more on the feel and control of the cart. It controls super sticky and needs to be loosened  up a bit. For example in mario kart you can drift around corners.

I didn't mind the green tortoise shell power-up but I think if I had a choice I'd rather use the 2 buttons for boost and jump. These kind  of movement options allow players  to make much more fun choices about how to navigate the track. The tortoise shell is a less interesting choice and skill check.

How far did you get? What was the hardest part for you?


Thank you!  I also noticed that for some reason the 2nd level seems harder. I'm not sure why.


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Howdy everyone, my lowrez jam game is now available!

The source code is also  available  for download!


  • 3 proceduraly generated levels
  • 64x64 graphics!
  • 3D rendering with
  • 6 new songs
  • 12 different types of obstacles and 3 powerups
  • 14 sound effects using
  • Sky effects with sun, stars, & planet
  • In game hud
  • Custom 5x5 fonts
  • Gamepad Support
  • Intro, Main Menu and Win Screens
  • Tracks fastest times and awards up to 3 stars
  • Screen Transitions
  • Hidden mini game if you press Home

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Howdy! My game was made in javascript from scratch. I wrote my own little game engine and all the physics are fake and capsule based.


  • 3 proceduraly generated levels
  • 3D graphics with
  • 12 different types of obstacles and 3 powerups
  • 6 new songs
  • 14 sound effects using
  • Sky effects with sun, stars, & planet
  • In game hud
  • Custom physics engine with capsule collisions
  • Custom 5x5 font rendering system
  • Gamepad Support
  • Intro, Main Menu and Win Screens
  • Tracks fastest times and awards up to 3 stars
  • Screen Transitions
  • Hidden mini game if you press Home

    Updated code, now the entire html file fits in 250 bytes...

    <canvas id="c"><script> 

    I did it! And the entire html file fits in less then a tweet.

    Lol, i know it's hard as hell, my best is 20.

    This game would definitely fit everything in that space. without issue because it is less then half the size.

    I'll think about doing another game that is totally encapsulated like you suggest.

    cool, i'll see what i can do.

    This is the smallest game I've ever made! It's tiny as hell. How tiny is it?


    That's the whole damn game!

    I decided to put it on itch as an experiment because I love this website. Try it out and tell me what you think!

    Play Dweety Dweet In Browser

    Hi, I'm pretty sure it's meant to say 560 bytes, but just wanted to ask.

    The difference being that Unicode characters require extra bytes and would count as 2 or more characters on Twitter. 

    For JavaScript this can make a fairly big  difference.

    Great idea! Surprisingly fun for how simple it is.

    This is awesome! Works great on my Windows 7 machine.

    I've made some improvements to the mouse/keyboard stuff. The in game control text now changes depending on if you are using a gamepad or mouse. Also there is generous auto aim with the mouse, though it works a bit different then the gamepad due to the nature of the device.

    Did you see the sign that says "A - Dash"? That is the instruction for an xbox 360 controller.

    If you are using a mouse/keyboard, I apologize, I haven't yet set it up to switch the text based on the control method. On keyboard dash is on shift. You just press the dash button and it boosts you horizontally.

    Up until very recently I was 100% focused on getting the game ready to show at a convention, so currently the controller is much more polished then keyboard/mouse, though it is still playable with either.  (If you do use keyboard, spin dash is on shift)

    Recently I switched input libraries to xinput to get rumble and some other nice features. Unfortunately it broke support for any non xbox360 controller. I have a few ideas on how to fix that, but it's lower priority right now since the game is over a year out from release.

    Please post any feedback you have about the demo here. This is a huge help for me. If possible post how long it took you to beat and how many times you died. Thanks!

    I didn't know there was a charge attack. Maybe try charge attack on same button as regular attack, if you hold it down. Otherwise it's a waste of a button. That opens up right mouse button to equip ranged/secondary weapon with it's own charge attack. I tried again, and as a player I'd like more direction. Where should I go, what should I do? A map would help with that. Also anything that carries over between deaths would help give more momentum. I noticed that health also refills slowly which makes me feel like that is a crutch for the difficulty being too high, and easily exploited when it feels like players should be rewarded for moving forwards rather then waiting. I also noticed in just the first area there are 4 different shapes of enemy projectiles, I'm not sure what the difference is in terms of damage or otherwise, it's not very obvious. I'd recommend limiting it to fewer projectile types with very clear differences, either large damage increase or status effect change. Also having enemies throw out less projectiles at a time so they are more easily avoidable. I hope this is all helpful feedback, this game has a lot of potential!

    Good execution and style. More variety would have kept me playing longer.

    Great concept and audio. Looks very visually appealing. I enjoyed playing it, I would have kept playing but the song ended. Would be great to see some more stuff added to it and different levels.

    I love the graphics style. Music works well. The core gameplay controls feels good but I think the difficulty is way too high. I got to the second area I think but it seemed very similar and I didn't find anything to really help. I didn't feel like I was making meaning full progress. I saw that there are at least 2 other weapons but couldn't find them. I'd like the damage your weapons do be multiplied by 5 or more so most enemies are 1 or 2 hits. Also increase enemy damage, but make it easier to avoid. Maybe add some knockback to enemies so it's easier to control them. An easier way to switch between close and ranged attacks would also help.

    Awesome pixel art graphics. Gameplay was a bit reprtititve and AI seemed overly easy to beat, I stopped after beating about 5 levels by just repeatedly pressing A, it didn't seem to get any harder. 2 player could be cool but I didn't get a chance to try it.