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This is a great Game!

A topic by Schmidt Workshops created Dec 25, 2019 Views: 94 Replies: 3
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I am loving this game.  It totally reminds me of Metroid and Super Metroid, but it has some very unique elements as well, so it does not feel like a clone at all.  Very original gameplay and easy to learn, but quite challeng to play!


Thank you so much! Have you managed to make it through the demo? Send me feedback if you can.

Next week I will be showing it at MAGFest for the second year. We had a non stop stream of players last time and I watched almost every one. I tried to address every problem people had from last year but excited to refine it even more after this. (And make the rest of the game)

I did not have any trouble playing from a technical standpoint.  It was challenging at times, for instance the "breakout" part.  However, each time I played, I felt like I was getting a bit further, and it was a fun challenge.  For me it had the right kind of difficulty.  I did make it to the end, and I was intrigued by the hints of what was to come.  

My only small concern was the shift boost thing.  Maybe just re-assigning the key would have been enough, but I feel like it would have been better as a mouse click, or maybe space bar.


Thank you, I think the boost key position will make more sense when the jump upgrade is introduced which is not much after the current demo end.