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It is basically the only item you have to keep.  If you drop it, and drop other weapons, you can get permanently stuck.  It's an ugly solution i admit.  Other quest items can usually be placed in chests ... but be careful to take note of where you leave them :)

Thanks for your comments and feedback!
I just want to make sure you are aware that you can speed up boat travel by entering the cabin at the back of the ship (at least one player did not realize this) ... other than that, there is a kind of fast travel introduced later in the game.  

It was never implemented...
The store page should not mention German language though, does it?

I think there is room for more space exploration games and I welcome other developers to do their own.  I appreciate you reaching out like this, but look at No Man's Sky, Starfield and Star Citizen ... there are so many smaller games too.  Noctis IV was around for years too.  

I think the best idea is to do something unique that does not try to emulate what those big budget games can do.  Find a particular angle to focus on and do it really well. 

No HTML5 version is planned.  The game engine I use only allows Windows executables...
On the other stuff, yes I agree.  This project started over 10 years ago and I am still planning updates.

I don't understand what you are asking...

1.2.2b :)  

It's the same version (5.4.4)

Which version do you have?  It runs through the itch desktop app fine for me.  
Maybe try downloading again to make sure the file is okay.  

Thanks for the reminder!

Beautiful art!  The game seems a bit too difficult as it is, but I will keep trying a bit more :)

I totally agree.  I found it a bit too slow to play after a while.  But I do like the slower generation when you open a map the first time.  It does take a little longer and the other option is for the game to freeze.  I plan to add a little "generating region" text that will appear at the bottom or something.  Thanks for the feedback!

The map info is stored separately ... that sounds like a bug, so I will have a look at it.  
I will also look at the chest on Ikhlas Atol ... it should have the same items.

Quest items should not be lost.  

I consider this a feature.  The whole rogue-like genre has popularized the idea of when you die, you have to start from scratch.  Old 80s RPGs were not quite rogue-likes, but some of them had pretty harsh punishments for dying.  As an example, Wizardry would just leave your dead characters in the dungeon, and you would have to send another party down to retrieve them and their items if you wanted to resurrect them. 
There are some NPCs who warn you about situations where you can even lose all your items and silver FYI.  I wrote about it a bit here:

Really enjoying the aesthetic of this!

There is one optional quest line in which these things become required to complete.  However, they also can give you some perks like extra experience, stat points and resistance to poison/diseases.  

Oh wow, I didn't do it.  I was going to.  And then I got distracted.  Then I came back to do it and I saw a comment thanking me for updating the game to version 1.0.1, and somehow my brain said, "oh, you did it already."  And that is how my own brain works against me.

So now the demo is up :)

Oh good idea!
Give me a minute...

I would be lying if I said yes.  But I do try to keep stuff up to date here.  Especially if I see folks buying the games :)
Seriously though if anyone notices something not up to date, shoot me a message or comment and I will do it ASAP.

It's not neglect or even laziness, I just forget.  Okay maybe that's neglect.

Thanks so much!  
Yes, Might & Magic Book 1 was the first CRPG that I played, and although mechanically different, it is probably the biggest, single influence on how this game was designed.  The openness of that world and the fact they just let you figure things out for yourself is something I have not seen seen since then.

Just last night

Looking fantastic!

It's an article about No Man's Sky and this game...

Thanks for the feedback!  I guess weird was the goal :)

Absolutely love the concept!  I just watched a documentary on the "WOW!" signal, and now I am itching to play :)

Really well done! 

As it says prototype, I will offer some ideas (feel free to ignore if you don't like them):

  • Some eerie music sound enhance the atmosphere a bit 
  • I think a bit more lore could be interesting too, maybe coming across notes scrawled on the walls by miners to fill in some back story
  • I think it might be good to let players know how far the end is ... that could serve as a motivation to keep going
  • Some kind of meta-upgrades to make the next attempt easier, like Vampire Survivors (very addictive)
  • Finding the loot of your previous attempt (this could work even with the proc-gen, but just putting it at the right number of meters)

There is an old game called Fiend which really intrigued me for a while.  Unfortunately the action sequences were very hard to control.  This game has a similar style, but is much more manageable.  But maybe (if you can find it) that game could give you some neat ideas to incorporate.

No plans for that right now. 

It looks epic!

Fantastic so far, I am really enjoying it.  

This is awesome!  I love the simplicity of it.  Many dungeon crawlers can have this enormous learning curve, but you've managed to hone it down to just a few essentials.  It is appropriately difficult too :)  Like the old days!

It is not letting me install via the Itch Desktop app.  I will try just downloading it manually, but you may want to test that.

Work of art, my man!

Works now!  Thanks :)

FYI I am using the Itch desktop app and this game does not seem to be designated to work with Windows.  It's an easy fix, you just need to check the box on your end.  

Oh thanks!  I will try it :)

I can play in the browser, but I am wondering how to play the downloaded version.  Do you have some kind of emulator that works with this, or can you recommend one?

In your game file, you need to specify which operating system it works on.  This is required if you want people to be able to install it through the Itch desktop app.

Nope ... I work on it almost daily, hand drawing all the levels is just taking a long time.  It's just not my highest priority right now too, with Islands of the Caliph in the works.  I will probably put it up here for free when it's done. 

I would not want to do anything that could disable my game for future generations.  I am definitely on the same page as the GOG folks (if they would take my games).