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Wow!  Totally engaging.  For a game with such simple gamepley,  I was really surprised to find myself totally hooked.  I loved the artwork most of all, each room was visually stunning in a different way.  Reading about each relic drew me in to the mystery.  I liked how it opened more questions than answers.

I liked the demo overall.  I enjoy the openness of the environment, and the feel of the combat.  I think maybe some of the areas were too big for how much content they had though.  It felt like it could be a tighter experience. Either that, or filling those big areas with bigger enemies.  

I did not like falling down and having to run through all the same places to get where I was, that was harsh!  

In the preferences there is a way to set the "dead zone" for your stick.  That should help with the facing the ceiling issue.  Why it's firing the gun is a different issue.  Not quite sure about that one ... let me have a look.

Loved it!

Thanks for the kind words :)

Thanks!  I appreciate that :)

I wrote about it here:

It was just an experimental prototype.  I think it was successful, but I will not be developing it further until my other game is finished.  Thanks for the feedback!

"recycling old game engine" ... it's the only one I know


Please change the "R" restarts level thing.  I keep doing it thinking I am reloading my weapon :)  Otherwise 10/10!

Yes!  This is amazing.  All the FPS genre has to offer in a 64x64 square :)

Greta little puzzle game!  I like the logic of it.

Yes, I have enjoyed 10 Rings as well as the space one ... Omnius

Thanks for the feedback!

Very charming :)  Made me smile.

Hey, this is great!  Feels like a real adventure.  I love the intro, it conveys the story so simply.  I do wish you did not have to revisit it each time you died.

Yes, it works now! :)  Thanks for being there.  I had actually already downloaded it seperately, but I appreciate this, and I'm sure others will as well.

I wish I could play not at full screen.  I did not see a way to do that.  

This game does not seem to have the Windows exe checkbox selected when you uploaded it.  If you are using the desktop application, having that box checked is important if you want people to allow the app to install it automatically.  Just letting you know...

Yes, I like horror sometimes, but I tend to wimp out if it gets too intense.  I felt like making something with a scary atmosphere, but something you could figure your way out of.  For me, games should be about having control and enjoyment, I do not generally like games that make me feel like I am helpless.  

But I have thought about some kind of penalty for getting too close to the monster.  Maybe instead of killing you, it could pick you up and drag you off to some dungeon that you have to find your way out of.  I'm thinking back to Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, where the guards never killed you, but put you back in your cell ... just a thought.

I love it, but wow it's hard!  

I'm still on Windows 7, so that may be a thing...

I can't seem to run this game.  Every time I try, it installs or repairs Visuall C++ than makes me restart my computer.  Then I try again, and it does the same thing...

Okay, I see you don't have to hold S.  It is a challenging mechanic that I guess I am not used to.  I am used to holding D or A and space, but not S :)  No muscle memory for that!

Very nice!  It looks great, but for me the controls were a bit frustrating.  Maybe the lack of audio feedback when running/jumping had something to do with it.  Also, pushing S to slide then W to jump is pretty nearly impossible :)  Space worked for jumping and that was better.  

Also, I thing checkpoints after each room would be helpful, as they are quite challenging.

I've added some subtle gameplay elements and a win state to my atmospheric horror walking simulator.

Actual Gameplay - Version 0.08 - Horror in the Museum

Thanks so much!
I am about to update to version 0.08 and it now has some actual gameplay.  There is a "win" state and everything :)

(1 edit)

I posted a devlog entry about fixing the 64x64 resolution in my game by adding a small border.

Here is what it looks like now...
For the full story, click here...

Yes, I plan to release both the small 64 x 64 game, as well as a full resolution version.  You can already test that at 1280 x 720, but I can do full screen as well...

This is neat!  I like how you can predict the enemies movements, but still have to strategize a bit.  Clever!

I uploaded a testing version of my game (version 0.04) that does not conform to the 64x64 standard.  I can remove it if this is a violation.  Version 0.03 still has the 64 x 64 window.

Some players complained about a slow frame-rate and also wanted to see what the non-pixelized game looked like.  I wanted to verify if they were getting the actual frame-rate, or if they were confused by the stuttering camera effect.  

Yes, he's really not that bad once you get to know him :)

Though, I suppose seeing the monster would have made it too easy.  I will have to try again!

Interesting mechanic.  It seems a bit unfair, as I could not see the monster...

Thank you, I enjoy testing different ways of rendering like this.  The effect seems to accomplish what I wanted.  I definitely have to finish off my other (bigger) project before I try to make a full game out of it. 

So glad you like it!  

Yes, this tripped me up too.  I hink it is a nice looking game overall, and it seems like it might be fun.  However, the way the camera switches makes it almost unplayable.

Looks great, I plan to try this one next!

Oh cool!  Thanks for posting that :)
I'm still updating the game but I'm glad you like it!

I am supposed to be finishing my other Lovecraft inspired game, but this was a fun little side project.  I definitely want to take it a bit further, but probably after my other game is finished.