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Love the graphics!  

Intriguing game!  It's a lot deeper than the average FPS.  You have a new immersive sim in the works here!

Oh nice!  I will give this another try!

Fantastic!  That was fast :)

Very cool game!  I find it very easy to get into.  Most games like this tend to start off with a big learning curve, but this one lets you hop right in.  

I tried the "use" healing spell, and it seems to crash the game to desktop each time.  One of my characters died in the first fight - maybe that is a factor.  

During combat the heal spell worked fine, but outside of combat it seems to crash each time.

Tutorials are great, but just having a list of controls could help a lot.  A lot of people just include the controls on the Itch page.  
W = move forward
A = turn left
D = turn right

Second issue: I do not see any instructions on how to control your ship.  I gathered that WASD allows movement, space picks up boxes, Q & E turn the camera and B and P seem to  alter how the camera works.  I could not find any way to fire on enemy ships ... maybe I'm missing something obvious.

Okay, first issue :)
In the Itch desktop app, the game does not install.  I believe this is very easy to fix, if you go to the place you uploaded the zip file, and click on the little "Windows" check-box.

I really like the idea here.  I will try it out when I am able and offer some feedback.

This looks incredible!  

If you ever do, let me know.  There are a few devs who make vector style games and we would enjoy the company of a fellow like you :)

This looks fantastic!  Vector graphics like this are a thing that I love from my childhood.  I think the aesthetic has been lost but is slowly being rediscovered. 

Are you planning to put it on Steam?

Sorry, yes it was the gun/ammo shop.  I will try again.  I was in window mode which was a little hard to control in general, so I will try full screen next.

Hey, I seem to be stuck on the ammo screen screen ... I don't see any way to exit.

Oh come on now! :)

Hey, the game will not install with the desktop app.  You need to set it to "windows executable" for that to work...

FYI, the game does not allow me to install through the Itch Desktop App.  I think you need to click "windows" in the setup page for this to work...

Oh .... Baba Yaga's Hut in a video game!

I love the atmosphere of this.  I don't understand anything that's happening, but that's kind of the point.

Great Question!

I did import some of the artwork from that game, but I am using 3D Gamestudio for this project.


Interesting game mechanic! 

I found it starts off very easy, but the difficulty spikes pretty quickly.  It does not show you clearly why you died, but after a few tries you can see that some enemies take more damage, and move faster than others.  

This would be better if it was more obvious, as it is a little frustrating at first. 

There are a few levels that look almost identical, maybe 3, 4 and 5?

I think it has some potential as a kind of casual puzzler.  

This is amazing.  So much fun!  

I enjoyed the first two levels, then I saw it.  

I cannot play this kind of game, just too tense for me! I had to shut down the whole browser :)

I met you folks at the Fall Experiment in Milwaukee!  Good to see you here, and good luck with Evercrawl!

Hmmm ... I attached the Demo to this devlog, and it appears, but it does not seem to be an active link as I assumed it would.  You can download the demo here:

Thank you!  Much appreciated.

I totally missed that :)  Thanks for clarifying.  Playing on a browser made me assume it was just emulating the look of a gameboy game.

Okay, interesting!  So you are actually using the Gameboy limitations.  

Nice!  Well made, and fun.  It would be really amazing if you could destroy stuff like the trees and truck.  Also, leaving bullet holes in the ground would be great.  Even if it doesn't contribute to the gameplay in any logical way, little "extras" like that can make a big difference in the sense of interaction.

That was amazing ... I really enjoyed the first chapter and hope to enjoy the rest just as much!

As an example, browser technology changes more often than OS (usually).  Unity had to scrap their whole web player a while back.

Most game jams have some kind of theme or limitation to consider.
Major questions would be:
1. Does the game have to be made during the time of the game jam, or can it be something made earlier?
2. Does the jam have a theme?  I would assume it is space, but something like that should probably be stated.
3. Any limits on what kinds of resources we use?  I.e. a particular game engine, only assets we made ourselves, some kind of screen resolution limit etc...
4. Will there be any kind of judging or prize for winners?  

Sorry, don't mean to complicate things.  But if there are none of these limits, it might also be good to state that in the description.  

Yes, thanks!

Oh, it looks like it's working now.  False alarm maybe...

Overall I love the idea and execution of the game mechanics.

Random thoughts I had while playing presented in no particular order ... please ignore anything that does not resonate with your vision for this game.
There was a game way back in the day called Mail Order Monsters. 

I am not saying you should remake that game.  But the idea of upgrading your kaiju is something I haven't seen since then.  Sometimes drawing ideas from old games like this can be really inspiring.

Gameplay wise, it did not have a strong or compelling loop.  I enjoyed stomping around and the way destruction was accomplished, but I did not feel emotionally tied to the story.  The idea of collecting something, or getting upgrades would help a lot in this area.  

One issue was that the story text disappeared fairly quickly, and I did not get a chance to read all of it.  Maybe having it pause until the player clicks a button would help. 

I think any general game design ideas would work here.  Having a tough enemy that you need to fight a certain way would help with the level of challenge. 

The idea of upgrades might seem weird with a giant monster.  I could see that it might not work.  But it could be done more organically.  Maybe by destroying the city's power station you could absorb electrical energy and get a lighting beam for instance, something that could cut buildings in half like Shin Godzilla?

As a fellow developer, I would also suggest focusing on the main loop a bit more before doing things like making new kaijus or enemies.  Having two static kaijus will not be much more fun (for me) than having one.  But having a monster with a more clear objective and goals along the way, with some kind of progression would be really fantastic. 

Another gameplay idea is unlocking areas.  This is used in more exploration based games.  You would have to tailor it to make sense in this context.  It would not be "find the key to unlock the door to the boss room."  But maybe "destroy the power generators to disable the electric defense system, so you can reach the downtown area..." Something like that.

As mentioned Movie Monster game was also a good one.  They had one game type where the humans had captured your monster's child.  If you roared, it would respond, and give you a clue as to where they were hiding it.  Something like this would also tie our emotions to the monster, who is now defending its offspring, and not just destroying stuff.  (again, I did not get to read the full story)

Anyway, just awesome!  I hope you sell a million copies :)  I will be following  your progress.

I have some feedback if you want to hear it. 

I have not been as excited about a Kaiju game since the Movie Monster game for Apple II.  

Please go ahead, I would be honored if you did.  Thanks for asking!