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Really cool game!  I would like to see more things like loot drops, maybe health packs, or coins or something to give a little boost.

Looks dark and atmospheric!  Maybe too scary for me, but I really like the aesthetic.

Great atmosphere!

Looks promising!  Is there any more detailed tutorial?  I am having a bit of trouble getting started...

Wow, this looks amazing!

Quite the discussion going on Reddit...

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with a pirated version of your game, if at all?

I love the art on this!

Wow that is great fun!  Fantastic game :)

Oh nice, thanks for that!  I will mention it in the update.

Early Access release imminent.  I plan to upload the latest build of the game later today...

Cool!  I want to do an infinite level like that, I have a lot of ideas bubbling...

I tried the demo.  I like the look of this game, and the unique gameplay.  I was a little confused by the artwork, it was kind of hard to tell what parts of the level were walls, and what you could pass over.  That would be my biggest concern at this point, readability.  I think it should be really clear what you can pass through and what will stop you.

Thanks for the review!

I find it a bit confusing to keep track of where I've been, and I think it would be nice if it scrolled down automatically.  Also, numbering the entries would be helpful.  Otherwise great visualization and atmosphere!

I played this version of the game a while back and was intrigued.  I think I may have offered some feedback to the developer via redit, or some other platform.  Anyway, I'm just wondering what the sate of the game is, and whether a Windows release is eminent...

I updated my store page and wrote up a release announcement too:

Star Explorers allows you to traverse a procedurally generated galaxy. Earth has been destroyed, and you must help the mothership find a new home for the human race. Land on and explore any of the game's randomly generated worlds.

Using scientific principals, the game will establish a planet's features based on a few key parameters. The type of star orbited, the distance from the star, the presence or absence of an atmosphere, these and other factors will determine how a planet will be. Many worlds orbit small stars, or are very distant, and will therefore be frozen wastelands. Other worlds may be too close to a star, and too hot to land on, or covered with vaporous clouds of poison gas.

However, when conditions are right, life may form. There are several life-bearing substances in the Star Explorers universe. If these substances occur at the right distance from a star (not too hot, not too cold) they will remain in a liquid state. You may encounter oceans of methane, lakes of ammonia, seas of sulphuric acid and more along with that most sought after of liquids: water.

Alien life comes in many shapes and sizes. From gaseous clouds of space dust, to animal like creatures; from floating tentacled horrors to intelligent bipedal almost-humans, the game will keep you guessing on how to react and interact with it's various beings.

Star Explorers has a bit of a learning curve, so make sure you read or reference the manual while playing. A complex navigation system and star chart allow you too keep track of places you've been. It is customizable, allowing you to change the names of stars and planet, and to take detailed notes on what you found, and what you may need to explore later.

Safety is your primary concern when exploring unknown planets. For this, your space suit is your best friend. You begin the game with a basic suit, allowing exploration of worlds within a moderate temperature range (200 – 400 degrees Kelvin) but you can upgrade your suit, or find more versatile suits along the way. Other enhancements will help limit the damage caused by ammonia, radiation, acids and other hazards.

Caves play a big role in the gameplay, you could call it an interstellar dungeon-crawler. Find fuel crystals and other goodies in the game's many caves and other indoor areas. Perhaps you'll happen across the loot of space pirates, or uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization ... each player's experience will be different.

Oxygen is also a major factor in your chances for survival. Your suit comes with a standard oxygen tank, but this can run out fairly quickly, especially when exploring underground. Make sure to find or purchase refill tanks when you are able to. There is also a crafting system that allows you to create items on the move, but you'll need to find the right blueprints and materials first.

Weapons are available, you start with a standard issue laser pistol. However, you can find or purchase better arms along the way. Rocket launchers are particularly useful for removing obstructions in caves.

Many people told me not to make this game, they did not believe I could do it. A procedurally generated galaxy exploration action-rpg is certainly a lot for a solo developer to take on. When No Man's Sky was announced, it seemed my dreams of re-inventing the genre were crushed. However, I had already put in about a year's worth of work, and many of the game's key mechanics were already figured out, so I thought I would stick with it. I wrote about the experience, for anyone who's interested. Anyway, for better or worse, five years later, here it is!

NOTE: I have received some great critical feedback about the game's User Interface, which can get a bit clunky. I do have plans for at least one more major update before I consider Star Explorers finished. As it is, as long as you read the manual, and in-game tutorial, you should be able to figure things out.

I look forward to it!

I'm having a similar issue.  Is there some extra step one must take to get the gif to show a default still image?  Mine is showing up as blank also.

I love it. It reminds me of a 2.5D pixel-graphic version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. With a story and more to explore, I would love to play this. 

I was mobbed by wolves right away the first few attempts. It's got good controls for keyboard and mouse (please keep this option) and it's easy to learn what to do.

I also tried it with my Logitech Gamepad F310 controller, and it worked perfectly. I am not a fan of controllers in general though, so I think I would prefer mouse and keyboard.

I can see it being fun with coop too...