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Very cool. Nice work :)

No worries

We won't be joining though as this weekend will be our first jam in a long time and we want to make most of it. The jam just doesn't fit in a way that we can make something in a healthy way and still use our time effectively. Have fun though!


We are interested in joining the jam, but the submission window is too narrow for us. 
We're in a different timezone which means we will only be able to start working 6 hours after the jam has started. 

Normally we jam from fri 6PM till sun 6PM (local time and if the submission window allows it), but as things are now, we would have to submit on sunday noon, taking away another 6 hours of potential dev time. 

This leaves us with only 36 hours to create our game, which frankly isn't enough. 
Would you consider expanding the window to a 72 hour window, asking participants to limit themselves to 48 hours.

We've experimented with these kind of constraints in the past with good results. 

If not, good luck to all participants and have fun!

I played and rated your game!

The controls and pacing of the story mode felt very good.
You take enough time to introduce ducking obstacles for instance, instead of just throwing everything at the layer at one.

I also liked the little story intro, it's just so perfectly silly.

The game felt fair, I only died when I messed up. I never had to blame the game. To me that's one of the most important things in this kind of game.

Good job on finally finishing something!

I played and rated your game!

Overall good work, it seems to do the job.
I'm on an azerty layout and the ; didn't respond though. That was a minor issue since I'm the weird one here :)

Good job on finally finishing something!

I played and rated your game!

It works real well and seems like the start to a cool game.
Could use some more levels and I missed sound/music.

Good job on finally finishing something!

I played and rated your game.

I really love the graphics and the overall theme of the game.

Very well done

Congratulations on finally finishing something!

I like the feel of the movement and action (although I miss a little kickback on the shot :)) but I haven't been able to play with a second player yet.

The 'splat' effect on the walls is very cool and the overall aesthetics are really appealing.

I also like the fact that you made this with your own girlfriend in mind, making this all the more a true Love Jam entry.

We just played your game!

It was a great way to start our day seeing the first submission to the jam!

I really liked the fish behaviour of the 'enemy' fish. Maybe there are a tad too many of them for my taste but its cool none the less.

Just when I was about to give up I saw my first potential lover! She got away though :( making me have to search for her (or another) again. I got one of them home. It was a nice and emotional experience.

Thanks for joining!
You made a lovely game.

I played and rated your game.

I'm afraid I have to repeat what others said before me.
The controls are way too floaty.

Are you using physics? I would recommend taking control over the physics of your player by writing your own player controller if you don't need physics interaction (like in dedicated physics games)

Good attempt and congratulations on finally finishing something.

I played and rated your game!

The game is well made and the art is cute.
Didn't really feel the music and sound FX though.

Good job on finally finishing something.

I played and rated your game.

First everything I like :

  • The first couple of levels are a good way to learn the mechanics
  • I like the fact that you allow me to reset high scores :) I should do that as well in my game
  • The visual style is very nice, I love the 'rubbery' feel of the balls (that sounds so wrong)
I find the game very difficult though. Only managed to beat 5 levels, and that includes the tutorial levels.
As this was originally a way to learn about AI programming, I guess that's fine. But if this was a game aimed at real customers I'd find it a bit too unforgiving.
Congratulations on finally finishing something!

I've played and rated your game. We've been talking a bit during the jam about the game and at this point I've got a pretty good grip on the different systems involved. I still feel that it's too easy to get stuck without any money (as ShuddaHaddaLottaFun mentions as well) and I would like a more active role in the battles.

The art style is very cool however and I like the basic premise of the game.

Good job on finally finishing something!

I played and rated your game!

What can I say?

You had me at the turtles reference in the high score list!

The game is really well made and polished. I liked all of the different enemy types and ammo types.
Especially the ammo makes it real fun to go on.

Feels like a full fledged game, only had time to play for 10 minutes now but could see myself play a couple of hours.

I would like the difficulty to ramp a bit quicker though. I can imagine the first couple of minutes becoming boring for someone who wants to do run after run trying to beat the high score. In the end I had to run into the enemies to die because I needed to go to work. :)

All in all a very nice game and good job on finally finishing it!

I've played and rated your game! I like the idea of working with kid drawings and I really did appreciate the eyes following the player as well. There isn't much game to be played or rated though, so that's about everything I can say about it. The jump felt way too floaty, but I guess that's by choice.

Good job on finally finishing something!

I played and rated your game. You can find my feedback in this thread

Good job on finally finishing something!

I played and rated your game! I've posted feedback earlier. Good job on finally finishing something!

Very cool narrative piece. I really liked the atmosphere you set up. Leaves me wanting more. Nice job!

Due to some personal changes I won't be able to finish up this project.

Would it be interesting to submit my current progress any way (it's not really a game right now, it just runs a single pre-set simulation)?


Would you be 'building' your offices or are you planning on keeping most of the game in data-sheets like football manager games?

Thank you!

Thanks for the input!

I've started working on a festival tycoon.

Here's an example of a 10 seconds (or so) festival.

Duders go watch shows, go for a drink or go to the toilet when they need to.

I've had the same issue with the Love Jam a couple of weeks ago.
After mailing itch support they fixed it within a few hours.

Some way to get more people involved in the voting would be cool.
Don't know how to achieve that, but seemed like a weak point of the jam.


I decided to enter this jam as I've been thinking about taking on the sim genre for quite some time now.
I've made several different types of games, but never dabbled in this field.

Are there any good resources out there?
I'm especially interested in AI information or flocking behaviours that might be useful for this type of game.

In any case.
Best of luck to all of you.

As far as I know you can safely update your game.
In the spirit of the jam it would be nice to mention what has changed.
If it's just a small bugfix or if you've worked further on the game for another 8 hours.

I am very unfamiliar with Visual Novels. It's only by getting involved in the game jam scene that I started noticing the genre.
This is the second jam I've seen your work and I was wondering what it is about the genre that attracts you to it specifically.

Thanks for joining! I hope you had fun and see you in a future jam!

Our project will be a series of short narrative scenes depecting important moments in the relationship of Maxim and Evi.

This is the first one nearing completion. It's a bit abstract without the context, but we will provide that through dialogs.

Nice. It's cool that you link your projects narratively.
Good luck on this one!

Some concept art thanks to our brilliant artists.

Meanwhile this is what I'm doing...

... yeah

This ... is ... awesome!

Hi Jorge

Thanks for the compliment, it's really nice to hear.

I've played and rated your game as well.
As a student project made in two weeks, and as a first ever Unity project I really like how far you've got.
My favorite part was the swinging obstacle. It reminded me of games of an earlier era like tomb raider.

I did have some technical issues. The framerate for instance was very bad, especially at the swinging obstacle bit.
This resulted in my death at that point twice.

I can't really comment on the graphics or sound as those are clearly dev art which is fine in a student project like yours.

One thing I would like to address though is the strafing speed of the player. This is very slow compared to the forward and backward movement and felt very slugish to me.

It also confused me that CTRL fired my gun as I expected a duck (or nothing) and I missed a sprint on shift. But those are minor things of course.

All in all a nice entry for where you are at in your career and congratulations on finally finishing something!

Thanks for the compliment! I'm glad you liked it.

I played and rated your game as well.
It looks and sounds really good, the aesthetics are superb.
The simple yet elegant way you communicate the controls was great as well.

I'm afraid I'm not good at the game though. I liked to play it and gave it about 10 tries but the chainsaws keep getting the best of me. Will revisit once I've rated more of the entries.

Found a minor bug as well : if you keep spamming the 'x' key on the main menu the delay keeps restarting. I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong untill I stopped pressing x and the game finally started.

Good job on finally finishing something!

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Hello all

First of all, thanks for joining the jam!
I can't believe 21 people decided to join us over the weekend so far.

I made this thread to share your progress during the jam.
Of course you are free to create specific threads for your game if you wish to discuss it in depth or want to ask questions about what you're making.
But if you want to share a quick screen shot or a silly bug, this is the place you are looking for!

If anyone wants to use Twitter to share progress, please use the #loveJam hash tag as it will make sure we will see and retweet you message.

Anyway, as for now, I wish you all at least one more good night's sleep before the madness starts!


In order to get the ratings going I would like to suggest a 'rate chain' game I've seen in other jams.

Each person in the chain plays and rates the game submitted by the person above.
In this way we make sure everybody gets a change to get his/her game played and rated.

Each post includes :

  • The game that has been rated + link
  • Some feedback on the game (optional)
  • A link to your own submission or game page

As there are no previous messages in this thread, I chose a game at random.

I played and rated : Asteroids

Feedback :

The game does everything an Asteroids clone needs to do.
I'm a bit dissapointed that it doesn't differ in any way though.

I'm all for the challenge of cloning an excisting game, but personally I would have liked a little bit of personal input.

Overall well made and as good a clone as it can get.
Congratulations on finally finishing something

My game : Sam and Sara

Still lot's to do on our space shooter project, but it's becoming quite fun.

Had a bit of fun with the main menu as well

Added 4 new levels to Sam and Sara.

Hi all

The FFSJam is coming to and end.
It has been a very cool experience and I would like to thank Second Dimension Games for setting this up.

Not only have I been pushed to finish my own solo project, I've been invited to collab on another game that will be submitted soon.

We (the Mientje team) have also been inspired to start a jam of our own : The Love Jam
This jam is next weekend and you can find all of the info here : .

So if any of you can't get enough of GameDev and are looking for a new challenge, you know what to do next weekend.

Thanks a lot for the positive and helpful attitude in this jam community.
It has been a pleasure finally finishing something alongside you all.