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A lovely place to share your work Sticky

A topic by SimoensS created Feb 01, 2017 Views: 166 Replies: 6
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Hello all

First of all, thanks for joining the jam!
I can't believe 21 people decided to join us over the weekend so far.

I made this thread to share your progress during the jam.
Of course you are free to create specific threads for your game if you wish to discuss it in depth or want to ask questions about what you're making.
But if you want to share a quick screen shot or a silly bug, this is the place you are looking for!

If anyone wants to use Twitter to share progress, please use the #loveJam hash tag as it will make sure we will see and retweet you message.

Anyway, as for now, I wish you all at least one more good night's sleep before the madness starts!

I'm working on a short kinetic novel. I scrapped 2 other mini projects, but this was the chosen one.

And kinda works as epilogue for a future VN that I'm planning


Nice. It's cool that you link your projects narratively.
Good luck on this one!


Some concept art thanks to our brilliant artists.

Meanwhile this is what I'm doing...

... yeah


Our project will be a series of short narrative scenes depecting important moments in the relationship of Maxim and Evi.

This is the first one nearing completion. It's a bit abstract without the context, but we will provide that through dialogs.

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48 hours is up. took me between 6 and 8 hours completly from scratch. i tried recording it but my recording software wasnt working. ugh.


Thanks for joining! I hope you had fun and see you in a future jam!