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I think that as long as you don't use the original assets/models, you CAN actually profit from fangames, doujins, etc. 

the version 1.2 is multilanguage, on Opções (Options) you can change the language to english.

The assets (sprites, backgrounds, CG's) are not mine. They work more like a placeholder until I get to commission something.

Gonna be honest. The game have potential, but the writing needs some work, the things happen too quickly, and the transition between scenes isn't smooth. 

Gonna say, this game caught me unaware, because it's surprisingly engaging. 

While I can't help with Patreon, at least I can wish for good luck and success on your next updates.

Divine Justice

I was playing, kinks and all, and then I got one of the endings and I was like... What the F happened here?

It was a funny twist, but... I don't know if I really liked the twist for reasons.

It's a fun game, don't get me wrong.

Do it have new content compared to previous versions? Because one of the screenshots (the double-sided dildo) shows something I haven't seen in a version, which I played a lot.

Questions aside, The Wind's Disciple is possibly one of the best "corruption"-themed Visual Novels, because it's not about an asshole who corrupts a girl, but she experiments until she really likes sex.

Thanks for making my v4 useless (also known as "I didn't finish all the V4 content"), so, I'm happily downloading V5

Honestly, this game have the quality of a commercial title, and it's free, so it's reason enough to play.

While some parts are kinda predictable (maybe I'm used to these kinda curve balls that I can predict), It doesn't fall on the same mold of some Free VN's who use the same corruption/trainer schtick.

Overall, a great novel.

@Jupiter Hadley

I'm gonna make another build (probably was some compiling mistake)

The Concept is wonderful. Unfortunally, I don't have the camera to play. But still amazing.

In my specific case, I just like to tell stories (and I'm really bad at any other kind of language)

As I told (at the game's description), Farewell Labyrinth came to serve as an epilogue to a future Visual Novel that I have in my mind.

This novel will be called "O Labirinto do Corpo" (The Labyrinth of Body in portuguese), and it is about the story of a young photographer who ends up with a girl who had just been raped (no, there will be no scenes of that) and how he ends up being essential part in the emotional and physical recovery of the girl.

The idea behind this novel came from a doujin that is very cruel. A girl is abused by several guys, I do not remember the context behind, it's been a while. But that shook me so I thought ... "What if someone helped the girl?" And *poof*, the idea cames.

When will Visual Novel be made? I Dunno.

I'm working on a short kinetic novel. I scrapped 2 other mini projects, but this was the chosen one.

And kinda works as epilogue for a future VN that I'm planning

Yes, it's ok. I submit 2 VN's for the Jam

I'm now working on a second VN, it's a short novel that I worked 3 years ago and recently decided to redo.

If my virtual waifus (aka Nekopara girls) let me finish this, I will upload until sunday.

Finally send the submission, so I can hit this song for my work

Make some changes in textbox (and font, because I FUCKING LOVE Klavika Bold)

And correct some portuguese typos I made (I also postponed the English version to March because of my second VN, so I have less time to translate the game to english)

Almost Finished!

I'm only waiting for the CG Artist finish his work and make some revision in text. But the basic writing and coding and stuff like music are 100% Ready

They're around 17 ~ 18 years old. TBH (And I'm not being humble), it's just a silly novel with a rushed story (nothing special, since it's my first VN)

I'm working on a simple Visual Novel, just to getting used to renpy.

Is in Portuguese, which is my native language. I will work on an English version, but not for Jam.

Also the last screenshot is kinda outdated, since I changed the scenery.

Downloaded. I'm gonna check tomorrow in my break time from work

Yeah, I know, it's just the first day.

But a lot of people (myself included) have been working on their projects for a long time.

I just wanted to know how close to the end you are.

In my case. I estimate that it lacks around 20, 25%.

Script: 83% (approximate)

Music: 100% (God bless those who make their music available for free)

Graphics: 80 ~ 90% (Illustrator currently works at CGs)

At first, the game will be released only in Portuguese, with an English version to be made later.

Just keep it simple and the Idea will come. And good luck

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Thank you for the FFS JAM concept, because before I saw it, I had three game drafts that were not going anywhere. I now have 70 ~ 80% of my game ready thanks to the JAM.

Sorry for bad English, not my native language (Although I understand well)

I'm gonna finish my second visual novel. The first was a train wreck (something I make to learn how to use the renpy), and the second one is looking good (at least to me).

Looks good. I'm gonna try when the game launch on Steam.