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Jam Details & FAQs Sticky

A topic by Second Dimension Games created Nov 10, 2016 Views: 525 Replies: 24
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Host (Edited 6 times)

Hello all, this is #FFSjam and everyone is welcome! The rules are explained on the main jam page, but here a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If your question isn't covered then please ask below.

Why did you decide to host this jam?
We find game jams are one of the only things that gets us motivated to actually finish something, and we had a few protoypes and half-started games that had been hanging around for years. We wanted to submit them to a game jam, but we don't like breaking the rules - most jams require you to come up with something new based on a theme, so submitting our existing ideas never seemed right. After a few years of looking round for a jam like this, in the end we gave up and decided to just start it oursevles

When is the deadline for the jam?
23:59 GMT on the 31st January. There should be a countdown clock on the main jam page. This was originally Midnight on the 31st, but I realised that I'm an idiot and can't tell the time, so I have corrected it.

Is it OK if my game is mostly finished?
Yes that's absolutely fine, one of the purposes of this jam is to help get you over the line on a long running project

Does that mean I can't start a new game for the jam?
Not at all, the other purpose of this jam is to help you finish a game if you've never managed it. It's no problem if you want to start a new project or redo an old one from scratch

Can I just finish an Alpha or prototype?
Yes, the final product can be whatever you want it to be. If you find it helpful to use the jam to create a prototype then that still counts as finishing something!

Does my project have to be a game?
No, you can submit anything you want, such as a tool, screensaver or interactive art piece.

Can I continue working on my game after the deadline?
Yes absolutely, feel free to use this jam as a starting point for something even better

Can I used royalty free or creative commons assets?
Yes you can, as long as you have the right to use something then that's fine. Just be sure to credit the original creator if they have requested it. There are a lot of Google results for free assets, but some good places to start might be FreeSound.org and OpenGameArt.org

Do I own all rights to my game or project?
Yes completely. Neither itch.io nor any game jam host has any rights to your project, you are 100% the owner and always will be. This is confirmed in itch.io's Creator FAQ Here.

Will there be a ratings phase?
Yes. Although the idea of one particular game 'winning' the jam doesn't really make sense, we thought it would be good if you could get feedback on your projects. This is good for both very long running projects and new game devs who complete their first game. There will be ratings for Overall/Gameplay, Graphics/Design, Mood/Atmosphere, Idea/Innovation and Music/Sounds

The jam seems very relaxed, are there any rules?
This is a mostly an 'anything goes' jam. One thing that is not really in the spirit of the jam is to submit a 100% completed game that didn't need any extra work, but even then you may have finished the game very recently, so we're taking a very relaxed attitude to things.

Are there any plans to repeat this jam in the future?
Yes, if this jam is a success then we will continue to host it every January as long as people are still interested!

How do I share my progress?
There is a sticky thread HERE where you can share your screenshots and progress. You could join the Discord chat, which is discussed HERE. You can also use the hashtag #FFSjam to share updates on Twitter. Follow the @FFSjam Twitter account, which will be retweeting updates throughout the jam.

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interesting jam :) outside that we will publish a game of the horded unfinished projects we have... what is to gain from this ? between the obvious fun and stress?


I think that a lot of people just need a bit of motivation to get things finished, so it's not that there's anything particularly to gain. It's just designed to help with motivation, or to give people a reason to get something finished that they have struggled with. I personally find it hard to get motivated to finish things unless I have a goal to aim at. If you can get all you projects finished outside of game jams then that's great!

Is it alright to start working on your game before January, or do you have to wait to dust it off until the first?

Host (Edited 1 time)

Hi, it's fine if you want to work on it beforehand (chances are a lot of people will be submitting things they've already worked on).

It's mainly a jam to help with motivation, so rules are pretty relaxed :)

Rad! Can't wait to see what everyone is working on :)!!

Thanks for some motivation, I have been attempting to make games for like 3 years but have never finished a single one.


No worries, January is your time! When I first started it took me years to get something finished as well, once you've done the first one it gets easier



Hello everyone! I have been working on my game for over 2.5 months now and i was ready to give up untill i found this game jam! My only question is :

If I only get a working alpha version of the game does it still count as finished and can I part-take?

Thats beause Im probably not going to finish it in time (call it alpha or beta it simply wont be the end result :P)


Hi, that's no problem at all. If the jam can help you get something finished then it's a success, even if it's just a prototype. All are welcome!

thanks, that's great! Truly a unique concept for a game jam. Im very excited to see what the rest have in store :)


Hi all, as quite a few people have joined I created a separate Twitter account for the jam, that way I can share any posts about games etc. So follow @FFSjam for updates

Are there any plans to repeat this jam in following years/months?


Hi, yes if it's successful I'd like to do it every January

Hi there, Is it okay if I start from scratch rather than finish something I already started? I was working on something but looking at it now I think it would be best if I re-did it from the start.


Hi, that's absolutely fine if you want to restart. The jam is to help with motivation to finish a project or idea, so it's not a requirement that you already started your game

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Thank you for the FFS JAM concept, because before I saw it, I had three game drafts that were not going anywhere. I now have 70 ~ 80% of my game ready thanks to the JAM.

Sorry for bad English, not my native language (Although I understand well)


Hi everyone, I edited my original post and turned this into a stickied FAQ, but feel free to keep asking questions if you have them

Hi. Can you submit a game which you were working on for a long time, but you just finished before the start of the jam?


I guess if you finished it recently and you're looking to get feedback then that would be fine. Or if it was something that look you a long time to get done that would probably be in the spirit of things too

Question: This is my first finished game so cut me some slack, but after I have submitted a project how do you assign that project a thumbnail? By default it is a white star and that is not good.

Host (Edited 1 time)

Hi, when you go to edit the game here on itch there should be a sort of blank white picture box at the very top right of the page. If you hover over it then there should be a button to upload cover image (or replace cover image)


Like this...

many thank


I have a question for you guys - I just noticed that 2 entries have disappeared, did anyone remove their game? It's fine of course, just interested in why