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I really liked that game :DD

Hey cool! Say, what program did you use to make this?

Before I state my thoughts about this game I would like to mention that this is my first GJ and will rate/comment (idk how this works :P) honestly hoping everyone else does the same.

I thought that this game was pretty hilarious in it seeming impossible to win (it probably is now that I think about it) and the fact that this actually happened made it much more charming. Keep up the work bud!

I very much so enjoyed the duration of this game. Although short, I had a blast hacking down loads of skeletons and destroying dark-magic wielding tree things from the void. I hope more of this game comes out, as I will be needing to continue my 0 death run ;D!

many thank

Question: This is my first finished game so cut me some slack, but after I have submitted a project how do you assign that project a thumbnail? By default it is a white star and that is not good.

I love pixel art and that is just beautiful! Keep it up!

This game honestly looks really fun.

I would love to play this but it would probably over heat my old laptop :P

May go into further detail about what this actually is? (Right now I kinda see it as a cool little social media type thing for indies :p)

This is a quick snapshot I did of my game Red vs. Blue. There isn't much yet but it is in a playable state as it is.

Maybe for a game jam one day somebody would make a video editor with the main focus of making trailers.

I was also going to suggest OBS, however I am also struggling to find a good free video editing software

If you have already finished your game and want to do more (or want to in general), than I have a mini challenge for you. All you have to do is make a generic trailer for the game you created. If you do and you upload it to youtube please tell me because I love trailers for games and stuff :P


Thanks for some motivation, I have been attempting to make games for like 3 years but have never finished a single one.

Since the Jam started like 5 minutes ago and I am super eager to get started, what is the theme?

Theme: Creepy atmosphere, The classic "Just Saying your going to die a lot" theme, parody games, and my personal favorite; do what ever you want but more points are rewarded to creativity theme.

Created a new topic Submission Date Extended

I am extending the sbmission end date by maybe a week or so

okay, thank you for the information.

Thank you. Actually a couple of minutes ago I figured out that my game maker engine has a tiled based system that I have no idea how to use. I might use this program now :D.

I am slightly confused on how software like this works. Is this compatible with all game making programs, or is it just a plugin to some other program?

The antagonist looks a lot like that of Hyper Light Drifter's.

Thank you for the help, I figured out the problem and can continue with the game. Turns out I had to change a while statement to an if statement, and I found that out by chance so there is no telling what would have happened if I didn't comment out the code sooner.

Posted in first game jam

This is my second Game Jam, My first game jam I missed the submission by an hour so if I don't miss this submission it will be my first finished game jam.

I found out that it has to do with the player spawning. So I will go from there.

Created a new topic Game Maker Studio help

I hope I am not the only one here using Game Maker Studio to make games. Long story short after about 4 or 5 hours messing with arrays in GMS I suddenly can't run my game at all. The farthest it has gotten is displaying the splash screen and that is about it. Does anyone know about anything that could help me? I have already tried looking up solutions and have had 0 luck.

I am actually really good at geometry dash :P.

Does it have to be a solid color or as long as the shape is primitive?

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Pretty nice, also my submission was also made in game maker studio.

I see it as making the main sprites "primitive", but leaving particles like explosions to whatever sprite you want them to be.

Sorry for the inactivity :P. So much school work.

Created a new topic Missed submission and other.

Well great I missed submission by an hour. Looks like I am not the only one. Anyway, looks like games this Jam were interesting and I would like to ask for tips on time management. I am sure more than 4 of us are students somewhere.