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Game feels super great to play

Not bad. Would love to see some updates

guess it's armored arachnid wednesday!

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I think that the current Juice Galaxy's proc gen open world and emphasis on exploration may lend itself nicely to some rudimentary sandbox/basebuilding mechanics. It would be really cool to carve out a piece of it to call home. Maybe I could even make a storage room to display all the wacky shit I find, or a garage for the juice car. 

Some really simple mechanics may have a huge impact on gameplay variety. Imagine if you had to complete a side-quest to rent a house (or even one of the new structures) and then you get to do whatever you want with that plot of land. What are your thoughts about that?

get out of the box

I'm super happy to see that you're still working on this project! Keep it up :)

very good

Sylvie wasn't feeling well today so she went on an adventure to meet different kittens.

When I talk to Cap't Fisheye, I can't leave, it just re-opens the store interface.


I think this is a really solid game. The controls feel great, the music is good, the art is good. I just wish the game was larger, I can barely see what's going on! This isn't a problem with the download version, but I don't like downloads lol. The only issue with the download is that the exit button didn't exit the game, it just made the game unresponsive

I touched the crafting table and then my character started walking to the right and the game became unresponsive

boxes stacked :)

good idea but not challenging. there are no stakes to the gameplay

Pick any programming language! Once you learn one you'll be able to pick up the others really really fast. If you need help picking a game engine, the general rule of thumb is:

Unreal for graphically intensive 3D

Unity for general 3D

GameMaker for 2D

and check out GoDot too!

Miniworlds is a 2.5D platforming game set in an unexplored universe teeming with life and adventure. Play as a young adventurer searching for their purpose in life. The game features a vastly interconnected world map which allows the player to choose their own path through the universe and chart their own journey through the game.

Link to game:

no game, weird marketing ploy

all good bro. excited to see your next project

This game is decent but I have some critiques.

The controls for the game are conveyed pretty poorly in the tutorial. Forcing the player to use left click to shoot the gun and having gun direction tied to WASD rather than mouse direction is an odd design choice. The player already is forced to use the mouse so you might as well allow the player to do something with it instead of forcing the player to both move with WASD and also aim the gun at the same time.

The ghost mechanic is interesting but I think it's not designed correctly. There are several areas in the game where you are encouraged to use the ghost because the path is just extremely dangerous and you can't get through without the ghost. This makes me just sit there and wait for the ghost to come back.


no game


finish the game

sector 1

This is a neat game concept I would like to see an update or a full release

this is a game of time

the creature


pretty cool

i built a base

huge if pc


how play


testing the waters