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Tried my luck with a random word generator.

cool and good "eck"

Good luck guessing what this game's theme is. Also yes this is a showcase of its couch co-op multiplayer capabilities.

I am going to keep this brief but as I was reading your jam description I noticed you set an over all theme, or what seemed to be one, revolving around " utilize the RNG of the theme to make the wackiest, coolest, most bodacious game you've ever played (or just something fun)! The goals of the Krass N.G. Jam are to help get the ball rolling on a game idea that you've had (or never knew you had) or a chance for you to start and finish a game for that little extra push of excitement for your own game!.." I interpreted this as "your theme is basically make something that uses an RNG seed but is super wacky and weird". Another thing was the stated rule of "Any premade assets are allowed, get creative!" gave me the idea that the theme wouldn't be super specific.

Because of this I decided upon a game with a concept that I really like. My QUESTION is this: how specific will the themes be that they might COMPLETELY disrupt my vision if it doesn't fit the already given information I have stated?

Also yes I am aware that the game jam hasn't started yet so this might technically be cheating but I don't think it is because this jam seems pretty chill ._.

I enjoyed this game thoroughly, keep up the good work!

"If a man does not have the sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can be lost in the sauce."

Here is the sprite for my boss character. Enjoy.

Here is a link which contains a download, if you're into the :/.

Click me senpai. >3<. Just kidding click this to instantly die. (Just in case you didn't realize, this is the link.)

Good luck!

Greetings once again humans.

As it gets closer to the submission deadline (only a month and a half away ), I would like to see how everyone is progressing. Personally I would like to disclose as little information as possible, even though I have a 4 month old version of my game on my profile. I have destroyed many bugs and am fixing to attempt to code my first boss. I will soon be done with what I will call a "beta" version of this game as I plan on doing a lot more with it and at the pace I am going it might take another 6 or 7 months to complete. However, that doesn't mean my game is super bad and trashy. If you want to see a really bad game play the first version of it on my page (Windows OS only, sorry :C). I recently fixed enough bugs where I almost had fun playing it (yay :D).

I guess they wanted good games to come out of it. I think that it was actually lowered a few months.


Good chat.

I imagine the creation of this post means we could have, or can begin creating a game before the start of the jam.

That was pretty hecking great.

This game is great. The collisions were a little janky and I would really appreciate a "high score" type system. Other than that it is gold.

This game is actually very good.

Super difficult, but amazing game!

When exporting the game, change the file type to "single run time executable" so you immediately start the game and you don't have to install it every time you want to play it.

Game should be a bit more difficult (maybe health only slightly regenerates at the end of a wave)

This game was amazing. I have nothing bad to say about it other than I was really expecting a boss.

I use game maker aswell, and it literally just won't start. I might have downloaded it wrong because the zip did not contain a game maker executable.

My game still needs more waves, enemies, and a shop system. In my defense it wasn't meant for this jam and the jam I was making it for was supposed to go on till November but canceled. :P

Feel free to release your game ideas and how you have been coming along, or just ask questions if you are stuck with a problem!

Game won't run, any suggestions?

I was going to use physics for my game, but I didn't realize how different the coding was and the fact that I could just spend more time making collisions instead of messing with physics, so I switched the movement code for the second time out of 5 times. :P

There isn't much gameplay, but it is a good game for betting on. My score was 91, anyone wanna try and beat that? >:3

Score 91, anyone think they can beat? >:3

If it is any consolation I redid my code about 4 or 5 times trying to get a good collision system.

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Here is basically what I got done today. I also made a menu but I didn't want to make a gif of it since it is mostly place-holder sprites.

I don't use Discord and never have, but would totally join one to chat with some of you guys ;D.

I just got here so my game might not be polished but should have some decent gameplay. Basically the game jam I was going to enter it in got canceled so I went searching for others. I will be posting imgur snapshots of it if you don't mind ;D.

The movement was surprisingly solid, however, the collisions were a bit buggy and I feel you could have made more assets instead of stretch the sprites to create a bigger obstacle. Good effort though!

That was pretty cool, and surprisingly challenging.

Basically 2 days ago I entered a game jam and today it got taken down, so I am migrating over here :D.

I just made this for a prime place to talk about random things involving your game, teams, ideas, assets and whatever you can type into words :D.


I really liked that game :DD

Hey cool! Say, what program did you use to make this?

Before I state my thoughts about this game I would like to mention that this is my first GJ and will rate/comment (idk how this works :P) honestly hoping everyone else does the same.

I thought that this game was pretty hilarious in it seeming impossible to win (it probably is now that I think about it) and the fact that this actually happened made it much more charming. Keep up the work bud!

I very much so enjoyed the duration of this game. Although short, I had a blast hacking down loads of skeletons and destroying dark-magic wielding tree things from the void. I hope more of this game comes out, as I will be needing to continue my 0 death run ;D!