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do u want me to record some gameplay for feedback purposes?

boutta play this >:)


looks interesting

Granny 1.0 remake


meta is to only craft the axe and then spam unequip/equip on every resource in the game to instantly break it

pretty cool game, some feedback:

Having to wait for the redraw button to 'cool down' before I can click it again punishes quick play because I don't want to wait for it to cool down, especially if I have a few subsequent moves planned.

Inside the research tree -> you can zoom out so far that the value becomes negative, flipping the view, etc.

I want to play them

pretty good lol


good game


go taska go!

now your plate is empty just in time for a supreme Halloween ehhh? :smiling_imp:

sick lol and hyped

extremely good how did you make this??

bad joke

very good

protoworld is just real life

that sure is extreme

pretty fun! I did have my experience ruined because I got tapped by ONE GUY and it instakilled me ;-;

yep, I can't understand this at all

consider including a screenshot of the gameplay


I also hope that this timeline comes to pass

There's a massive glitch where if you hold X without moving as soon as you spawn your character shoots a glitched bullet pattern that makes you indestructible. I put on an autoclicker that spammed X and went to use the bathroom. My score was 2051 when I came back

that certainly is a 3D FPS

ohhh shiiiiiiitttt the homies gettin' down!

Sounds like a neat game, but restricting it to require at least 4 players AND two players need to be using a mobile device create a massive barrier to entry problem - most people will never be able to play this game with those restrictions! I recommend finding some way to squeeze in a single-player or local multiplayer option as well just so the game has some content that may appeal to all players

this certainly is a game of all time

the creature

I like this idea! Some obvious suggestions:

- there needs to be some actual sound effects and feedback instead of the voice over (although it's kind of humorous).

- I have no idea what my end goal is which makes it hard for me to want to continue the game. I also can't really tell where I'm going or what I'm meant to do, it feels very random.

game looks fine but it's mobile only

now we're gaming

My final score was 35

.apk only!

if only the duck were real