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Hey man, any way you can fix the text issue? 

I have no idea what's happening when trying to play it. Also, any way you can upload a downloadable version?

Yes it was, announcement as to why has been unfortunately delayed.
Like you said, more time for your games though!

Sure! You may interpret the theme any way you see fit.


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Hello everyone, we hope you're as excited about this Game Jam as we are!

For some new comers, this forum is for anyone looking on some tips and help on how to get started making your first game. 

1- Keep it simple. Massive games take massive amounts of time and resources. Both things you probably don't have in abundance now. Focus on doing things one at a time. If you're making a platformer for example, focus on making on level first. If you're making a first person game, one room and so forth.

2- Work with what you know. If you know how to work with a specific engine or programming language, work with that. While part of a Game Jam experience is learning, don't force yourself to do too many things you can't do. 

3- Start on pen and paper. Whether you're making a videogame or not, start by brainstorming and planning what you want to do on a pen and paper. This will help clarify your goals and ideas and also figure out what you need to do to finish your game. 

4- Don't be afraid to ask questions. It's fine if you don't know something, it's okay! We all lack some skills and knowledge, don't feel afraid someone who may know or look stuff up online. 

5- Don't be afraid to change and adapt. Things almost never go according to plan in life and the same is true with regards to Game Jams as well. You will get stuck sometimes, things won't go the way you expect them to, some ideas might work better in theory than in practice. But that's okay, some of the best games exist because people were willing to shift focus and adapt. 

6- Test your game. Test your game before anyone else. If you don't find it fun or interesting, why would anyone else? But don't just test it yourself, have your teammates and friends try it as well. They might notice things you won't. 

The most important tip of all: Enjoy the process. Don't stress yourself out, take care of yourself.

If anyone has any other helpful tips they'd like to mention, add it here!

Thank you so much! :D

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Yeah, we tried to have a print and play version but didn't have enough time. It was too late to make a video as well :(

Thank you, we're working on it! Hope to have it launched by the time the next Game Zanga happens :p

Thank you! It is :D

Never had the time to make a print a play version for people to play though :(

Hi there, Is it okay if I start from scratch rather than finish something I already started? I was working on something but looking at it now I think it would be best if I re-did it from the start.