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First of all, I'd switch X and Z. Most games I play have them in reverse for jump and shoot, but maybe that's just me? I don't know. 

I enjoyed this but it was a little too simple. While the game builds up and ramps up with new enemies and patterns, aside from that there isn't much buildup or enough changes to keep it fun and exciting. I'd recommend checking out Super Crate Box and Woah Dave! to see how they created simple one-screen games that keep building momentum and add new ideas and mechanics to keep things fresh and engaging.  

Woah Dave! For example, has the environment shrinking and shifting. Different enemies show up the higher your score, not just after you clear a wave so it only gets harder the better you get. This game could use a lot more juice and effects. 

Still pretty fun though. Allowing us to hop on enemies is a stroke of simple genius and I love it. 

Dude, really enjoyed this although I couldn't finish it cause I suck sadly, haha! 

Really simple and challenging level designs, super-fast restarts made for a really cool hook.  The only thing I didn't like was that checkpoints were a bit too hard to reach sometimes, and the difficulty curve could have been a bit smoother. I like how you build up the mechanics and challenges though. Just ramp things up a bit though.

I think one cool idea would be if the dead bodies could actually act as obstacles and kind of help out if you die too much at roughly the same spot. Could be a cool way to give people who get stuck a bit of a helping hand but not too much. Also, add a bit more juice to the deaths! More silly blood splatter and sceenshake! More sound effects layered! Make it more stupid!

Overall, really fun!

Hey there, this is a really cool concept, an incredibly unique and creative take on the theme. Unfortunately, it's not quite clear enough how someone is supposed to play. 

You mention that we need a balloon and timer, which are the components. But then instead of explaining how to play,  you proceed to sort of describe the gameplay experience sort of like a story, but again I didn't feel that was enough to fully understand how to play this at home. 

Would really appreciate it if you could add a clearer "How to play" section. 

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Thank you for letting me know! Now I can practice until you announce yours :p

Really love the art and music! What a charming and endearing concept as well, with adorable animations to boot!

It takes too long to get meaningful upgrades as they're too expensive and a coffee only gets me $10 per order. So at the start I need to grab, carry and repeat the same order at least 5 times. And if I get the door mat first , I have to do the same order about 10-15 times again. 

Once I get the fridge, I have to make the same coffee order, I have to do roughly 30 more coffee orders until I get another meaningful upgrade. Even more time if too many people order the $5 water as well. 

So it feels like it's taking forever to buy things in the shop, get more variety and progress in the game. Progress for such a mechanically simple game should feel faster in my opinion. 

About the shop, since most of the game is played on the keyboard having the shop ONLY navigable with a mouse feels a bit awkward. Also, the first upgrade  you see when you first get the shop is the door mat, which doesn't do anything as far as I can tell. I don't think it should be the first thing players see in the shop, cause then most (including myself) will naturally buy it first, and it'll take longer to reach their first meaningful upgrade. 

Also, bringing up the water  again. Why should I bother to serve that? I honestly never served any water at some point since it was a waste of time and there is no consequence to not helping customers. Nothing happens if I get the wrong order even. Why serve the $5 customers when I can only focus on the $10, $15 and above :p

I think it would be cool if the text bubble of the order starts out with layer of green on top of the art, and as time goes by, it diminishes, then turns yellow and finally turns red. And if enough time goes by, they use a spell to turn you into a frog or something. (It IS a magical cafe after all :P)

It probably wouldn't be too detrimental, since the game is going for a more relaxed tone. 

If you get multiple greens in a row though, you get some tips and a multiplier, so more money if you do really well though!

I think it would be really cool if customers interacted with each other more and the player could maybe even interact with them. Would make the cafe feel more alive and building relationships with the customers is something that I think would fit the feeling of a magical cafe the game is going for. 

A few last notes are to have the player move slightly faster and diagonally, so I don't feel so dang slow. Also, to have some "waiter's tray" upgrades so I can carry more than one order at a time later as there are more varieties on the menu and I don't have to keep walking back and forth. 

Oh, and sometimes customers just seem to get stuck at the door for some reason? I don't know why :P

Sorry for the long review, but I only did it because I found this game really charming and wanted to give feedback so it gets even better! I just hope you find it helpful at least.  XD

I hope you work on it more and expand it! :D

I really like the main mechanic of this game, really wish it wasn't so short! Really love the music as well. And the use of colours to subtly hints things at the player. Love the way enemies split in half too. Very satisfying. 

My main issue while playing was that even after using the axe throwing/receiving/teleportation mechanic, my brain would still sometimes get confused which button does what, and would often call it back even when I know I should be teleporting. 

Sometimes, I'd even kind of forget I threw it (like when it goes off screen). Would be nice of there was some visual cue on my character when I don't have it.

Maybe if there was a bit of a delay before it started coming back or before you teleport. The protagonist would flash green if he's about to teleport, and put his hand out and flash blue when he's trying to call the axe back. Or maybe he puts out different hands depending on the action, and each hand has a different colour, and has some looking "X" and "Y" tattoo on hand that the player could see. 

I don't if those ideas would necessarily work, just something to help the player not forget these things. 

I think some enemies like the bat need to make a sound and have some noticeable animation before they attack. The bat in the second room comes at you way too fast without much warning. Also not sure why I can jump on the grunts (maybe monks?) to kill them and not bats. 

There's also room to give more cues that the door was open when I press the button in the second room. Like a cloud of smoke and a more noticeable and unique chime (kinda like in Zelda when you complete a room)

Would be cool if the blood splattered on the tiles instead of freezing mid-air. Speaking of tiles, the "breakable wall" tiles should look a bit more noticeably different to me. 

Overall, really enjoyed. Would love to see more of this game!


I like the idea of this, and a it's a really cool concept. Love how the X-Ray gives you a preview of what's inside but you can't really tell what's actually in unless you inspect it. 

The thing is,  there are no consequences to checking the bag. So at some point I didn't even check the X-rays anymore. Would be nice if there was a line of people that would get frustrated if I don't finish inspecting in time, so I don't always have the luxury of opening the bag.

I've seen quite a few games of this style recently (curse of playing so many jam games maybe :P) so it would be cool if this focused more on being a TSA agent in general, and not just the bags. Maybe control an actual character as well, instead of the first person view with a few buttons. 

Anyway, pretty good job, especially for the first time! Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

This is mostly a pac-man clone with a small twist, with some decent music. 

The art is far too barebone for such a mechanically simple game an the music when you die is a little grating. 

I think the enemy AI needs a lot of work. For the most part, I just go up and down endlessly delivering packages without much effort or though. Even as more enemies get added, I don't actually have to think about how to use the maze to avoid them because they just follow me in the same pattern. 

If you replay the original Pack-Man and pay attention, you'll notice each ghost has their own pattern and AI they abide with, forcing you to be clever and careful as you go around the maze, collection pallets. 

I think the controls are too float-y as well. Also, you need to give the player more feedback about what's happening. When I grab a package, I want to SEE it. When I use a power-up, I wanna see some effects and some change in music. 

Overall, a decent effort but needs a lot more polish :)

Fun little game, and I like the wacky idea. Though I'm not sure how my crazy ex-girlfriend is chasing me all the way to a freaking pirate ship XD

I think the level design could use a lot more polish. Direct players where they should go. Even in the first level, I felt I wasn't sure where I should be going and kept jumping around all the time. 

Levels are a little too large. Maybe add a mini-map or a zoom out button to better see where I am and where I should be going. Should help to figure out where the exit is each time as well. Difficulty spikes a little too hard as well. Went from kinda easy at the start, to spikes, canons and moving platforms real fast! XD

I really like that each level has it's own music, but the music loop is a little too short so it gets a little grating. 

Overall a good job! Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

This is a pretty funny game. I love the concept of being fired and stealing everything in the office. I love that you packed the office with so much cool, wacky, and fun stuff. Not just things you'd find in office. Fitting music as well.

What this is missing is some characters that fill the office and some challenges. Maybe a security guard to avoid, or a camera to shut down. A drunk boss that has a really expensive bottle that you can only get if you talk him out of quitting.  Right now, I just see something and take it with no real challenge or consequences. 

I love that you gotta pack and organise the stuff you actually wanna keep in a suitcase. Nice touch. But since there's only one level right now, the suitcase seems a little small. 

Would really love it if you keep working on this and make more levels!

Overall a great job (pun intended). Hope to see you in more game jams! :D 

I quite like this, it was short and sweet. A little too short, but I love the world building, dialogue and art. Really wish there was more than just three people/interactions! I'd love to be able to explore the cult space a lot more. 

And why is Terrif a purple sheep floating next to me?! I WANT TO KNOW SO MUCH! 

I think for the dialogue, you need each character to have their own colour. And the main character's name is always on the left when they're talking, and other characters on the right. That way, you always know who's saying what. 

Would be nice if the characters animated a bit when speaking a bit. 

I couldn't spend much time with the game as I wanted but it seems the items you pack at the start don't change the dialogue or ending much? If not, that would be a shame. You trade and that's it. 

I'm not sure why, but I played it twice and I had two best friends called Erika twice? Even though they had different sprites? I'm sure what happened there. 

Overall, really cool ideas and great job creating  a world I want to know more about! Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

I think this is a really cool, really interesting idea! really nice music and art style as well. 

I just wish there was more to do. I get you're going for something minimalist, and I don't mind that, but there isn't enough to keep me engaged. 

I wish I could interact more with the other dogs (I think? Correct me if I''m wrong :P). Being able to jump with them, howl, sniff them. I wish they'd react more to when I move or perform some action next to them. Also would like that's clearer as why they sometimes follow me, and when. Right now, it just feels random which ones do, and which ones don't and I don't feel I can do much to change that. Give me more feedback as a player. 

Would be cool if the environment didn't feel so empty. I think you can some more stuff while still keeping it minimal. Like one tree, or flower that you see as you go along. You can howl at them, move around them, tiny interactions happen but not much. 

Overall, a really creative take on the theme. Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

This a  really cool take on the theme. There's a big learning curve, but once you get over it, it's pretty fun!

I think it would better if there was a mock round, (mock trial if you will :P) or super easy round against some really terrible liar to ease you into the game and mechanics. 

Also, I appreciate the way you split the tutorial into multiple screens, but each screen is a little too crowded with text. It's okay to have more if they're more concise and straight to the point. ( I understand it's a jam though, so maybe didn't have time)

I also wish there was better art for the cards to make things clearer. Would be cool if there was more backstory and more dialogue after you play each card as well. Adds more flavor. No "Objection!" card as far as I can tell as well, which, as an Ace Attorney fan, is a missed opportunity. 

Would be really cool if there a multiplayer option as well!

Overall, really fun game! Hope to see you in more game jams!

I really enjoyed this! Really fun and simple puzzle game, and the sound design is excellent as well. Reminds me of one of the mini-games from No More Heroes 2, and that's a good thing!

I think it would be pretty cool if there music as well. 

Also, the UI is a little confusing. I can't seem push the "pass" button. And I'm not sure what the three green dots are or why they encroach on the game screen. 

Overall a pretty cool little game! Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

I really enjoyed this. I like how the game progresses, level wise. Every level (for the most part) build off of what was established the last time and adds more layers. And the dialogue as you go along is fun and engaging.  

I think some levels would benefit if you had less zombies. Like, i feel a few would work just the same if you had 3 or 4 instead of 20. Having so many on screen can be a little difficult to keep track of as a player, so make it hard for me to predict what was gonna happen and how to solve a puzzle. 

Shame that out of everything you can pack, only weapons do anything. Could have done more with that idea! Tables and chairs could have maybe been used to climb certain areas. Vases to cover up stuff perhaps. Sisters as a human shield :p

Also, I think the tiles with spiked shouldn't always be on tiles that look normal. The levels are short enough where it never really gets frustrating, but I still get a little peeved when it happens and I can't ever really know unless I walk over it. Maybe that's just me though :p

Overall a fun game though! Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

I really like the art and music! Quite like the concept of grabbing crazy babies as well. 

I think the gameplay is overly simple though. babies move towards the door, I grab them and that's it. It's the same gameplay loop without much strategy for me as a player. 

I think it would have been if each baby had different patterns and needs, kinda similar to how each pac-man ghost is different. So now I can maybe predict where each would want to go and act accordingly, instead of always just running to the door

Would be nice if the level was bigger and the babies would interact with more stuff. Right now, anyone can walk into and over anything unless it's a wall. but it would be more fun if you're not just chasing the babies, but stopping them (and yourself) from making a mess. 

Babies could knock things down, get paint on themselves, cakes, try to grab cookies. etc... Just be huge nuisance. You almost WANT the little rascals to just leave :p

Anyway, still enjoyed it overall! Great work!

Hope to see you in more game jams!

I really love the slapstick comedy nature of this game. I feel like I'm playing a game with the motion capture of a 90s Jim Carrey. Lovely music fits the music perfectly. 

Now, I know this is a game jam (trust me, I KNOW), but I think this really would have benefited if the level was a little longer. After you figure out the best path, barely takes a minute, and I don't have much reason to go back. The Dash function is a little too risky most the time. I mostly held it for a teeny bit then

I think the pacing/flow of the level could be better. Maybe model it a bit closer to something like old school Sonic. Obstacles to go through, then a moment of speed, obstacle, moment of speed, obstacle, break (like the check in desk), obstacle, speed, big obstacle (the big row of people is fantastic!), end. Does that make sense I hope it does. 

The moments where you get to just let loose and run fast could be those walking treadmills at airports that could have the same function as the loop-de-loops in Sonic. 

I think later you could add more levels as well, with different themes depending on where he's travelling and go crazy. Tropical island, where a guy is stranded and trying to catch a boat. Hell, as a late demon. Alien late for an invasion on Earth. I don't know, could be fun. 

Last level would be a wedding. You play as the bride, and when you slip or drop something, she loses flowers from her bouquet. 

Anyway, great job! Hope to see you in future game jams! :D

This was quite the relaxing and enjoyable experience. Been playing a lot of the game jam games lately, so this elegant, calming and simple game was a terrific little treat.

The fact you managed to make two well polished modes in a game jam is quite commendable as well!

I'm not sure if there's not much add here except maybe more levels and fun unlockables, like skins, filters, extra music and maybe some competitive multiplayer if possible. (see who finishes faster, better scores etc.)

I think you should add a feature where I can right click pieces to them off if I make a mistake or a reset button. I know you can drag them off and put them back, but the feature to do that faster would be appreciated. 

Overall a great job! Hope to see you in more game jams!

You can update it now if you want/have time. Just keep the original am submission up :)

Dang this game is pretty cleverly designed. You focused on one idea and really designed everything around it. The level feels really different depending on how many candies you take. Love the Portal reference too (even  if it is a decade old :P)

I really like the art style and music as well!

I think my main issue is that at some point, aside from score, there isn't much incentive to keep collecting candies. I think maybe if after 5 or maybe 10, you could get bigger bullets too, that would be pretty neat. So, yeah you're big target, but you pack a punch as well.  Pun intended. 

I wish you could expand this game into a big overwolrd will multiple dungeons/levels. So NPCs and the like react to you differently depending on how much stuff you pack. 

You could go in dungeons, and the more candies you get, the more you can sell in towns later and get upgrades, but the bigger you are, the harder the dungeons get as well. 

I think enemies should be a little easier to deal with as well, with slightly bigger bullets. Was difficult to keep track of them because they were so tiny (though I get why you wanted them to small)

With some more polish and levels this could really be an amazing game. 

 Great work! Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

I'm loving the concept and animations, but I'm finding this too difficult. The difficulty spikes waaaay too hard. 

I think you need to ease players into certain ideas as well, get them used to them at the controls before you ask them to do everything in one go. Like the concept of stopping one dog to make a jump in level 2, once I figure it out, I was devastated that I had to ALSO jump up to get the key.

I can't even get past level 3, which feels a little embarrassing, haha. 

Jumping and running feel a little too loose too, there's no friction, things just GO and FAST! XD

Anyway, it still enjoyed it despite how hard it is. Great job!

Hope to see you in future game jams! :D

This game has the best game over screen of this game jam. Possibly any game ever. Love how each level has different music that plays. 

The polish and work you put into the music and sound effects really shows. (which makes sense for a game about music!)

Right now my only gripe is that the gameplay is a tad too simple. You just play the guitar a bit, run, then play, run and play. Maybe there were some specific spots you play where there's an amplifier, you can knock back cops, but for a little time. Play near a group of groupies, they help fill your meter faster. Do a variety of places, get a style bonus, ala Devil May Cry, or Tony Hawk. 

Would be cool if each level was a specific location, rather than the same city. So you start at a church, then a school, then a small concert, then the whole city. 

Overall, it was pretty fun! 

Hope to see you in more game jams :D (unless the pigs get ya first :P)

A simple little puzzle plat former, starring a cute little forklift.

It's quite nice, especially for your first game. Difficulty scales nicely. 

Make the "w" button jump as well and things can disappear if I push them to the far right if I'm not playing in full screen. Also, you can push the boxes a little too hard, I feel. For a puzzle platformer like this, you want players to feel they can very precisely control things, so keep physics to a minimum if you can. 

Maybe add a button to throw the boxes though, so you can move things around a bit faster.

Overall a cool little game. Hope to see you in more games jams! :D

I love the use of music and polish in this game! It's really fun, and I really like the way the difficulty scales up. 

The best way I can see this game improving is if it was rhythm based. Sort like a rhythm heaven type thing. So the people bop their heads with the music, and you not only have to give the right package but do it to the rhythm of the music. 

Overall, a pretty fun, simple and short game. Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

Cool little concept, I like the text to speech that narrates everything.

I couldn't play much because honestly the first person camera position made it difficult and disorienting for me to turn around and figure out how move around. It doesn't help my orientation that the environment is all just black with endless red road that looks the same. So my brain has no focal point to easily figure out where I'm going. 

It also took me awhile to figure out if I was moving or not. Not just because the truck is slow (which is a given) but also because, again, everything looks the same, so I can't easily tell if I'm moving forward or not. 

Couldn't get past level 2, sorry :(

I think either way, add a lot more details and physical items in the rooms. So even if someone gets disoriented like poor old, stupid me, they can just move around and have fun wrecking shit up.

With a lot more polish this could be a really fun game! Keep updating it!

Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

Pretty cool game! Very unique take on the theme. 

I think you add more visual and audio feedback when something happens. Like when a person dies, get a pop up and the sound of something dying. When I'm in a town and pay money, like a "cashing" sound, to know I paid cash. 

Have the people from my pack a bit more noticeable as well, they're a little too tiny and don't have much detail, I kinda wasn't sure if they were still there sometimes. 

Also, show me the odds of some of the options I pick. I'd feel better to know someone died if there was a 10% chance of success. 

If you can, try to polish up the UI and make it a bit more thematic as well. 

Overall a pretty enjoyable game, I liked it! Nice job!

Hope to see you in more game jams!

Really cool game! Really creative take on the theme. I like the music a lot too. Fits perfectly!

I love the idea of an unwanted merchant that guards hate but people like. Wish you could add more backstory and dialogue in the game if possible. Could be fun to see why they're unwanted. 

Also, having all the tutorial text squeezed into one screen is difficult to read, split them into 3-4 screens you cycle through quickly at the start. It's easier to digest the info. 

The game play is solid, just wish there could be a fun way to refill my supply.

Also some more ways to deal with the guards. Somehow be able to distract them by paying some peasant to cause a ruckus, or have another merchant pop up. I feel like a bit more variety would really go a long way into making something special.

I kinda like the art, even though it's super simple. It's cute and efficient.

Great job! Hope to see you in more game jams! 

This is such a great idea, but right now it doesn't quite nail it. 

Monsters don't fight back.  There isn't any strategy, you just stuff as much stuff and win, eventually the items scale and I replace with better stuff. But then the game moves so dang fast I can barely look at anything.  All the tiles on the backpack look the same, so it took me a minute to figure where things stay and where they get discarded. 

I think this idea has so much potential if you give it more time though. I kinda imagine it as something split up into two screens, one is  like a 2d, side scrolling adventure game, and the other is the backpack like you had. The adventurer is the quiet type that never speaks, and the bag actually does all the talking and makes all the decisions, kinda like the hat from Zelda's Minish Cap. That's more of a subjective thing though.

On a more objective note, i think there needs to be breaks between fights, even if it's just a market. Can't be fighting all the time. Also more variety with monsters and weapons, some items are more effective against some than others. Than way, you don't fall into the trap where there's always just a clear better item based on stats, and you just maximize attack scaling and ignore everything else. I don't think that would be too interesting. 

Great idea, just needs better execution! I really hope to see an updated version of this some day! 

Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

Great concept! I feel this could be AMAZING if it was co-op experience like Overcooked. This could really become insanely addictive as you co-ordinate with a friend or stranger to pack as many items in time. 

Currently, it feels a bit too stressful, with the short, tense music and the way the conveyor belt never stops churning out new stuff. The rate it spawns should be slower. 

Also, show me my score in game! I wanna know how well (or bad :P) I'm doing! 

Cool, super cute pixel art as well. Great job!

Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

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Hey there! Really love the concepts and ideas behind this game! Creative use of the theme! I really like the puzzles and level design. Kinda reminds of Nintendo's Box Boy a bit. Love the little cut scene at the beginning to set the game up.

I think it might be better to change the colour palette of the protagonist though, feels like he blends into the background a bit. Make the background and foreground a bit more distinct as well. In one of the levels, (i think 3 or 4) it was a little difficult to spot one of the tiny boxes, because the background a lot of cardboard boxes as well. 

I think some packages should be used more like the TV and fire. Would love to see more levels play around with them more. 

Also, try to add a "pull" button. Got my boxes stuck in a corner too many times. Felt frustrating to get stuck so damn easily when I was just trying to figure things out. 

Overall, really cool game though! Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

Really fun and playful concept! I quite enjoyed trying to get the cute little demon to heaven. 

My biggest gripe is that there seems to be an issue giving the devil his coffee (seems to be the only thing he asks for as well). I grab the coffee and go to him, but nothing seems to happen. Maybe i'm doing something wrong or something isn't clear. I don't know. 

I also think, for such a relatively simple game, it's a little on the short side. Would love to see more of the demon's journey. What happens after he leaves the house? Maybe he tries to get on a train, but conductor refuses to leave unless you pack it with people. Then you get an elevator, but you can't use it, because it's packed with people, so you have to empty it. 

I guess what I'm saying is, this demon is too cute for his journey to end so soon! XD

Anyway, wonderful job and hope to see you in future game jams! :D

The art and idea behind this are really simple, and fantastic.  It's a shame it feels a little rushed. 

It's missing a lot of the features that make point and click games so memorable and unique. There's not much of a story aside from the short sentences at the start. There are no characters to interact or have a dialogue with. No puzzles to solve. 

I just go into a house, click some stuff and eventually the birds pop out. I don't even need to be in a house even, cause there's a bug that lets me click them even if I'm outside.  Speaking of bugs, is there a missing bird? I played twice, and could never find the 8th one.

I think this would be a lot more interesting if there was some dialogue before most of the birds join the leader.  Like, they could want something from you, or you have to convince them via dialogue branches. Like, one would only join if you got him a telescope to see the stars for example. Another would only go if got a microwave dinner, cause that's what they always saw "people" eat on TV, when they saw sitcoms. 

It would be cool if the birds felt and looked a bit more unique as well. You could do it in simple ways, like the leader (main character) wears a red scarf, the idiot has crooked teeth, the fancy one wears a top hat, etc...

Overall, I still think it was pretty cool! Glad I played it! Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

Fantastic game! Great idea, executed really well! I've played this multiple times, and enjoyed it every time!

I feel like shuffling is too expensive though, so it's almost never worth it. The score being kept is that of Islands, not points. There aren't any big, game changing pieces as far as I can tell, and I can't predict what I can get. The math doesn't add up either. I waste 50$ so I can maybe squeeze another $20 at best? Unless i have no other choice, there's no point. 

Maybe if it's cheaper, or if filling a certain percentage of the space got me a multiplier or some bonus cash, then it's a different story. 

I think it would be cool if you could unlock different level themes as well. So get at least 20 Islands in the forrest levels, you unlock lava. 20 in Lava, unlock cities and so on. Could keep players coming back for more. 

Finally, I think it would be pretty cool if there were some rare pieces that could be placed where you normally wouldn't. Like some tree house pieces that can be placed in forrests, or some bridge pieces that can go over rivers and lakes. 

Overall, this is honestly one of the most pleasant games of the jam. I loved it! Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

First of all, the art is superb! I really like the music (lavender town vibes) and story as well, both sad and incredibly sweet. 

It's nicely polished game, just needs some more varieties of enemies mainly, I think. It would be nice if there were more levels as well.

It would be cool if each baby cat was more unique as well, in both look and what they offer. So like, one cat maybe fat and eats fish immediately if you give to them, but they give extra ammo if you give them bullets. Something along those lines. 

Hunger doesn't seem to do much, as far as I can tell. 

I also think it's a little confusing that you grab stuff with with the mouse cursor, and not the ghost mama herself. Because the mouse cursor is used to aim the gun, so my brain didn't think it could also grab stuff. Maybe if you had a custom, in-game cursor, like a paw, that wouldn't be an issue. 

Maybe that's just me though. I don't know. 

Overall, really enjoyed it! Love the level of polish you put in, even adding in a tutorial at the start. Which is rare in a game jam!

Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

Okay, the concept of this game is just hysterical. Grabbing people and throwing them home where they belong goddamn it!

It's weirdly satisfying to throw people, even if the character moves a little too fast. But I think there's a lot of room to improve there. For one, I think it would be more interesting if you had to throw people in specific houses/places depending on their colour. Red goes in red, blue in blue etc... Also, give more feedback to t he player when they do well or bad. 

If I miss, make the body's splat in a pool of tomato juice for example. If I put them in the house, an arcade-y and colourful "Ndab wla!" text pops up. Maybe have a combo/multiplier system as well to reward people. 

It could be fun to grab two people, instead of just one. One in each mouse click (left or right). But it might be a bit too much as well, I don't know. 

Getting more toilet paper doesn't seem to do much? Maybe you could buy upgrades with it after a while. There could be a break after every 30 seconds perhaps as the game ramps up. 

Anyway, fun game, brought me a good laugh. I enjoyed playing it with the nice, high energy music. Great job! Hope to see you in more game jams!

Played this game twice, and absolutely adore the concept, humour and story. Feels inspired by Earthboud, which gets you a lot of points in my book ;P

The first time, I got a bit bored because all I could do was fight things. There wasn't much else to break the monotony like npcs or dialogue or something. 

And fights got tedious, especially since all I could was three actions, and it wasn't always clear why some hits didn't do as much damage or damage than the game said they would. I'm fine with missing, but why did the headbutt seem to do 10 dmg when it says it's supposed to do 15?

I think it would be fun as you defeat/pack more items, you kinda build an inventory, so the next time you fight something, you can use something you defeated as a weapon. And certain weapons are really strong or weak depending what you use them against. So like a broom could be really strong against a dusty book, or couch, but weak against an alarm clock.  That way, I gotta think about which order I beat up my household items in. 

Second time there seemed to be a glitch where I couldn't target the bed? I'm not sure why, maybe it's commentary on how I need to wake up earlier in the day. But how would YOU know that??

Anyway, really creative and fun idea, just needed more polish to make it truly stellar! Hope to see you in more game jams!

Hey, I helped organise this jam. I'm not sure what's up, but the jam is over and voting period is done, so just add the animations if you guys just didn't have the time to do it :D

(just make sure to keep the original jam submission file though.)

The use of the grandma and the slipper is just... God tier. The slipper feels SO great to throw around. 

The game gets a little repetitive a bit too fast though. It would be nice if you faced different bosses than just the professor, or didn't have o just get 1 package and go back. Spice things up as the game progresses.

I think it would be more interesting and fun if the map was smaller, but more unique and dense. And make it more easy to navigate than relying solely on an arrow. Make landmarks,  like a statue that I can remember. Build roads, and signs that help me know where to go or where I am. Specific plants, animals and npcs that only show up in certain areas, like a blind man that only show up the same bench.  I think this could make it fun and engaging to simply navigate the space around you. 

Might be fun to scatter some power-ups or slipper upgrades around the map as you play. 

And about npcs and enemies, it could be fun if they said some lines of dialogue as they chase you and try to grab you.  Stuff like: "Is that you, teta??", "Can you make me some koussa?", "Braaaaiiin... Wait, I'm not a zombie". Something along those lines. (pun intended)

Also, the music should get faster and more intense when the professor shows up. 

Overall, I actually had a lot of fun slapping fools as a grandma though. Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

Really fun concept that seems like it got rushed, which would be such a shame cause this could have been REALLY fun! 

Some more gameplay feedback, like when you're doing something right or wrong. A small tutorial at the start. Some levels, so you can progressively scale the difficulty and add more varieties of bunnies and animals and maybe some more mechanics. Like maybe a dialogue option where you ask them where  they last were, and if they were in a  big social gathering like a party, NDAB BIL BEIT!

Speaking of dialogue, I think it would be fun if the bunnies said fun things as you inspected them and when you throw them out. Like they yell they're innocent, their eyes are only red because they smoke weed etc... Stuff like that.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Would enjoy it more if it had more polish. Really hope to see you in more game jams though! :D

I love the demented direction you went with this. It's really fun!

I think with some polish, this could really be fantastic! It doesn't make sense to me that you can only grab stuff from one direction and can't turn around. 

Also, the big lava can make a little difficult to see things sometimes, at least for me. 

It should be made clearer that if things get too high, you lose, also, that you need to push things to the side bar on the left to clear. Took me too long to figure that out. The arrow was barely noticeable because of the colour, and the game is so hectic, you don't have time to look at arrows XD

Still, it's fun. Maybe add a score and combo system to encourage spicy plays and replayability.

Great job! Hope to see you in more game jams :D