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thank you! (for playing, and for killing god)

That is super strange! I built it on PC and just exported a mac build?? I'll check it out, thanks for letting me know!! ^^ Glad you enjoyed it!!!!

thanks for playing!!!!

Whenever your games pop up in my feed it's always a treat.

Thanks for this one.

hell yes!!! i hope you enjoy it! :)

it was really good except for the part where i had to do math

YAY thank u so much for sharing these!!! :^)


i am the world fucking champion. i dare anyone to try to dethrone me. it is impossible.

also great game. very cute!! :)

extreme mood. hang in there, bud <3

This rules so hard!!!! I love the music so much!!!


this was a super nice read!!! thank u so much for sharing it!

This is sick as hell!! The aesthetic and all the pixel art is so good!

;_; my heart can't handle this

Fucking incredible, thank you!!

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks so much for covering my game ^^

This is so sick!!! I love the little runic artwork for all the spells, too. I'd love to play a game that used a system like this.

I love all of my procedural fish friends so much!!!! <><  

Super beautiful, I really needed to hear this. Thank you.

Hope you're doing well.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy them

Thanks for playing!!! :) laundry ghost appreciates ur assistance 

Thank you so much for playing!!

reminded me of all the sun showers i had when i grew up in the desert. what a sweet little sketch! I also love the palette you chose, the colors are super relaxing. 

it's so short and so perfect! thank u for sharing this moment !!

small energy


as u wish, oracle

Thank You

this is so cool!!! radical interviews like this is why i love itch

also excellent work, HWbM devs!!!! 



I love the mechanics-as-message here!!! A dating sim where the other person just legitimately doesn't wanna date you is really subversive and neat!! Also: structured work schedules are so difficult, especially when you're working for yourself//have no one to hold you accountable. If you develop any neat tricks to keep yourself focused, I'd love to hear about it in your devlog :^)

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!!!!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!!! I hope u continue to make excellent things in the future!

This is legitimately one the greatest bitsy games I've ever played, wow. (also I think I did everything except vape with the ghost, rip)

This is an extremely cool game, I love how you implemented time-travel puzzles in bitsy!!! super well done!!

This is super articulate and well written!!! I have never really thought about how pervasive hit points are in video games but you make a ton of great points!

These are all really great and insightful, I really appreciate that you have to download them one by one, it makes each one feel like it's own special experience. As someone with ADHD the pomodoro manifesto was super helpful and the ending of the ROADS MANIFESTO is metal as heck 10/10 thank you for making these 

"- if a skeleton has long since forgotten why they fight, raised as they were by a long-dead tyrant, defending a long-since worthless treasure, that's good as hell"

extremely good manifesto, now I have a bunch of ideas on how to incorporate skeletons into gamez. thank u skeleton master