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extremely good

I already really like it!!! I am kinda on a indie shooty kick rn so this is like food for my brain!! I love the aesthetic so much

10/10 photorealistic experience of working at a essential job during the first few waves 


aaaa thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it ^^

printing this out and leaving it in the break room. also PRUDENT STEALINGS is so fucking funny great work 


excellent, everything i love about a good rpgmaker game is in here, best JRPG combat i've ever seen

vibrating with disastrous sapphic energy in anticipation for this game 

Thank you so much for playing!!

I wonder what happened to the other lifter? 

holy shit, this is so good. SO SO good. I played it like, 8 times......... thank you


SO GOOD. Amazing art. Amazing writing. Amazing queers. ahhhhhhh

This is so well done!!! the pixel work is so impressive ^^ 

thank you

very excited 4 this

outstanding stuff. really outstanding stuff!!


thank you! (for playing, and for killing god)

That is super strange! I built it on PC and just exported a mac build?? I'll check it out, thanks for letting me know!! ^^ Glad you enjoyed it!!!!

thanks for playing!!!!

Whenever your games pop up in my feed it's always a treat.

Thanks for this one.

hell yes!!! i hope you enjoy it! :)

it was really good except for the part where i had to do math

YAY thank u so much for sharing these!!! :^)


i am the world fucking champion. i dare anyone to try to dethrone me. it is impossible.

also great game. very cute!! :)

extreme mood. hang in there, bud <3

This rules so hard!!!! I love the music so much!!!


this was a super nice read!!! thank u so much for sharing it!

This is sick as hell!! The aesthetic and all the pixel art is so good!

;_; my heart can't handle this

Fucking incredible, thank you!!

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks so much for covering my game ^^

This is so sick!!! I love the little runic artwork for all the spells, too. I'd love to play a game that used a system like this.

I love all of my procedural fish friends so much!!!! <><  

Super beautiful, I really needed to hear this. Thank you.

Hope you're doing well.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy them