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I dunno if I'll manage anything but here goes?

A topic by FibS created Jan 01, 2017 Views: 234 Replies: 7
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I joined in like the last fifteen minutes of the join period. I'm kind of struggling with severe depression and basically unable to do much of anything. We'll see if I can stop myself from overreaching a project long enough to finish something simple


Just keep it simple and the Idea will come. And good luck


Hey FibS, I know depression can make it tough to do anything at all, hopefully you have some good days and can get something finished. Keep us updated and good luck

Good luck! Feel free to reach out if you need help or motivation or just someone to talk to. It seems like theres a good community here

  • Bad news: I wouldn't call this a simple task at all LOL
  • Good news: Considering I just started using Java today I think my learning is going pretty well! I'm sure I can have a working engine on time but I can't guarantee full graphics and I'm pretty sure sound is right out

Have you seen this thread?


Maybe loganhart can help you out with music.

I can make the sound & music - in fact, I have to for reasons that will be clear later in development. It's playing it in Java, to my standards, that will be the issue.

I too suffer from chronic depression as well as crippling anxiety and I'm currently going unmedicated because I lost my health insurance a few months ago. It's a real bummer, just sitting down at my computer and staring blankly at the screen in the attempts of mustering up some shred of motivation only to find myself inevitably falling over convinced I'm setting myself up for failure. So I can relate. But it's inspiring to know I'm not the only one and that alone is comforting. I saw your post the day you made it, and after reading it and previously hesitating to join the jam I went ahead and pushed that dang button. I wasn't about to let you kids have all the fun, despite my intensifying lack of self confidence. So for that, thank you! If you ever need someone to talk to, about anything, feel free to hit me up! And if you have Facebook you're more than welcome to add me! Just shoot me a PM. And good luck on your game, regardless! We can do this peanut butter and jam, my dude.