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Update 2/11/2017: took about 2 hours added:

+added an option for easy or hard modes.

Diffrent amount of fish spawn for each mode. Fixed infinite fish spawn bug. Fixed shark not despawning. Fixed graphical error of music button. changed the goal fish to follow player in easy or old method of same direction as player for hard. Few other optimizations.

Alright. Ill post here and on the post my updates.

Love Jam community · Created a new topic Updating Game

if updating my game on itch changes the version. Does that automaticly change the game that was submitted? I know theres a few days left, i was just curious to know so i dont screw up the ratings for the jam.

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48 hours is up. took me between 6 and 8 hours completly from scratch. i tried recording it but my recording software wasnt working. ugh.