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A topic by simoose created Mar 19, 2018 Views: 143 Replies: 4
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We are interested in joining the jam, but the submission window is too narrow for us. 
We're in a different timezone which means we will only be able to start working 6 hours after the jam has started. 

Normally we jam from fri 6PM till sun 6PM (local time and if the submission window allows it), but as things are now, we would have to submit on sunday noon, taking away another 6 hours of potential dev time. 

This leaves us with only 36 hours to create our game, which frankly isn't enough. 
Would you consider expanding the window to a 72 hour window, asking participants to limit themselves to 48 hours.

We've experimented with these kind of constraints in the past with good results. 

If not, good luck to all participants and have fun!


at my local time the jam starts at 12:00 which means I will start with the jam after about 10 hours after it has started (10 hours sleep). Everyone has a total of 48 hours to jam. It can't be that your country skips time :P. But seriously, what i mean is everyone has 48 hours to work with, and everyone has to sleep for 2 days. And ofcourse do other stuff. So we're all left with very less time then 48 hours. But in the end it always turns out great, just perfectly fine. (Not quite always tho :P). I can imagine that it's in a very anoying time range for you. But I really can not change it to 72 hours. Everyone will then just use 72 hours and then I could just as well change the name of the jam to 72 Secret jam. No I cannot do that. My advice to you is just keep it small, and plan ahead. Dont start making Gta VI when you only have 48 hours. I hope you will participate anyways. To atleast try it :). Good luck!

No worries

We won't be joining though as this weekend will be our first jam in a long time and we want to make most of it. The jam just doesn't fit in a way that we can make something in a healthy way and still use our time effectively. Have fun though!

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Hello ,

I have this question too. Where I can see the timezone from the host ?

My team's timezone is GMT+1 (France)



I have the same timezone (I live in the Netherlands)

But for all the others, if you're not sure at what time it starts you could easily calculate it with your current time and the time till start given by the jam page.