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Love the music !! x_x Very nice game, interactions with the yoyo stick is very fun !

LOOOL just wtf

I enjoyed it because it's hard ! Haha Nice game !

Thank you !

Awesome !

Thanks <3

Bravo ! 

Love the end, a deepest story is behind the "simple" mechanic of rolling ! I loved it !

+1 for the 10 matched words, GG !

We were 2 web developers, with one have little knowledges in making video games (Started some games but never finished). One person who worked on fun personal projects on Blender, and one Web designer/ergonom. And two of them is guitarist ^^

So all sounds was self-maded. And yes, some environment sounds can be disturbing (Maybe annoying, we wanted the player feels becoming crazier with the time. The bells start from 1 for level 1 to 12 hits of midnight for level 12).

We imagined a more deepest story behind this game but we hadn't the time for unfortunaly. Maybe we'll try to finish it later !

Thanks ! =)

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The Strange Guy

Strange guy, in a strange room. Discover it by yourself !

Game made during the 48 Secret Game Jam
The topics we choosed from a list of 10 topics was :

  • Adaptation
  • Déjà Vu ("Already seen", not the Déjà Vu's game)

Here the link to play

Do not hesitate to add critics, you're welcome ! (Very first production)

The Strange Guy

Thank you very much for your comment. It make us very happy ! It was our very first creation.


  • DEJA VU (Already seen, and not the Deja Vu game)

The Jam already started :p





Jan Ken Pon


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Hello ,

I have this question too. Where I can see the timezone from the host ?

My team's timezone is GMT+1 (France)

Thanks a lot ! My team is composed of people I know IRL. It must be registered anyway with the link you posted ?

Hello :)

Me and some friends want to create a team for this game jam. It's our first game jam and 1st game development experience.

It seems that you have some broken link in your game jam's description. :(

I think we'll know the game jam's theme just before the game jam start. On discord ? (when your links will be up again ? ^^)

Thank you very much !