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I'm sorry but that's impossible. has locked everything. At least you get to submit to 7 other jams 馃槅 


All the possible topics for this jam were submitted to the discord and then voted on by a lot of people.

the 2 winning topics are actually 2 challenges, which leaves everyone free to make any kind of game they would like, as long as you follow the challenges.

the 2 challenges are:

1. Limited color palette

2. Pixel art only

Good luck everyone!

Voting results:

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If you want to help choose the topics for this jam check out the discord server, over there you can submit topics which will later be voted on by the public. the most voted topics will be used in the jam.


Period for sending in new topics is over, be sure to vote on the submitted topics!

you can

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I suggest joining the discord channel and submitting it there as a possible topic. it will be used in the next jam voting poll :)

Join our discord server to share your progress with others!

The topics for this 48 secret jam will be:

1. Pirates

2. Islands

I wish everyone good luck!

-!- be sure to use both topics -!-

join our discord:

-35 minutes early, but I really have to go :P

Very creative!

yeah thats fine!


the topics of this 48 secret  jam will be:

1. Island

2. Life cycles

good luck!

(dont forget to use both topics!)

join our discord:

yes, you may use any software.

Assets from the game engine are allowed too.

Assets from like the asset store are not.

Hope this helped :)

Know a topic you would like to be used? Put it in the comments down below and i will add them to the list. 2 themes will be randomly chosen from the list on the start of the jam. Don't hesitate to post multiple words!

Congrats to Pugcorn, for winning with the game "Zabuza Slime Party"!

And ofcourse there will be a next 48 Secret Jam, Ready up for the next year of 48 Secret Jam's!

here is the august one, I hope to see everyone there!


don't hesitate to join our discord group!

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First off I want to thank everyone for one great year of 48 Secret Jam.

now, the topics you'll need to use in your game are :

1. Green Slime       - by   Heart of Earth

2. Fog                           -by   Sarrixx

and a third extra topic as well!

3. Anniversary

Don't forget to use ALL 3 topics in your game!

I wish everyone the best of luck this jam!

don't forget to join the discord!

A password is required to view this page?

next month, the 20th to 22nd of july is the one year anniversary of the 48 Secret Jam!

And I would love it if you would be there!

Don't forget to rate all the games when the jam ends!

and I wish all the submitters best of luck during the rating process :P

Here is the one year anniversary jam:

feel free to join!

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Here are the themes that dropped out of the random machine today:

1 Dying    - by BackflipGames

2. Time        - by NightZard Productions

I wish everyone the best of luck with these themes, and don't forget to use both of them in your game!

don't forget to take a look at the discord as well : :)

Do you know some themes that would be fun to create a game about? 

Be sure to post them here!

Know a theme you would like to be used? Put it in the comments down below and i will add them to the list. 2 themes will be randomly chosen from the list on the start of the jam.

Wow, even more difficult then Dark Souls. I don't know if it's supposed to be like that but the game was SUPER fast. still very fun tho, even though I couldn't get past the first guy XD

for everyone that would like to do this again:

hope to see you there!

you have to make music yourself. Or else it would be kind of unfair to the people that did create it themselves. Sound effects that are hard to create may be taken from the internet.

feel free to join :)


Lets get right into this,

The 2 topics of this 48 Secret Jam are:

1. Selling     -by Vertiginousltu

2. Colors     -by Madamin Z

Good luck an have fun!


yep :)

feel free to join the next upcoming 48 Secret Jam:

On the game page I think you misspelled 48 :P

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wow, you used all 10 words? You know you didn't have to do that right? Extra points to you for doing that :P

feel free to join us!

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and I now what you're waiting for now.. the topics ofcourse!

but it wouldn't be fun if we changed the rules a bit from time to time right?

so lets do something experimental!

instead of giving just 2 topics, I made the random machine spit out 10 topics from the list! all you have to do now is choose 2 topics from the list and work them into your game! when you are submitting the game to the jam make sure you state what topics were used! Have Fun!

the list:

- Adaptation                         -- by Martian's Parlor Entertainment

 - Immune System              -- by Delta Key 

- Potato                                   -- by Delta Key 

- Asteroid                               -- by fwopkins 

- Cannibalistic                     -- by fwopkins 

- Tomorrow                           -- by fwopkins 

- Ancient Knowledge       -- by fwopkins

 - Deja vu                                  -- by fwopkins 

- Unconventional Weapons     -- by Patdude Studios

- Tower                                    -- by antoniomarco

it turned out the random machine really loved fwopkins :P

Good luck!


I have the same timezone (I live in the Netherlands)

But for all the others, if you're not sure at what time it starts you could easily calculate it with your current time and the time till start given by the jam page.

did you like this jam? 

well, if you did I have a fun surprise for you!  the next two 48 Secret Jams are already planned!

if you would like participate again, click on one of the links below!

1. April :

2. May :

Hope to see you there!

Know a theme you would like to be used? Put it in the comments down below and i will add them to the list. 2 themes will be randomly chosen from the list on the start of the jam.

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Hello everyone!

Let's get straight to the point, the 2 topics of this 48 Secret jam are:

1. Alone

2. Time Travel

I hope everyone can think of a good game with these 2 topics and i wish you lots of fun this jam!

You can also join our discord if you like!

yup, thats allowed! As long as its playable on windows its ok!