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Game topics: (Surprise Surprise! Look on the Community tab!)

48 Secret Jam

This is a 48 hour long jam where you create a game that alligns with the 2 topics given on the start of the jam.


  • Submit your game within the date and time listed above.
  • You're allowed to work alone or with a team of maximum 4 people. You can team with strangers right here:
  • All assest must be created within the date and time listed above.
  • You can however use font files that are not created within the date and time listed above.
  • You'll hold all rights for any submission you make.
  • The game must be playable on atleast : Windows or Browser
  • There are no prizes to be won.
  • Have fun


  • Matches Theme
  • Enjoyment
  • Game Mechanics
  • Art
  • Music


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potato, asteroid, space, armageddon
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Buy and sell potatoes across the universe!
Strange guy, in a strange room
A psychedelic 'cute em up' about a time fairy.
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Good ol' fashioned Yoyo Bashing Head Eating Fun
Just play it
Chosen themes : Immune System/Adaptation
Short attempt at a game for the 48 Secret Jam
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