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The Topics! Sticky

A topic by Haploid7 created Apr 20, 2018 Views: 264
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and I now what you're waiting for now.. the topics ofcourse!

but it wouldn't be fun if we changed the rules a bit from time to time right?

so lets do something experimental!

instead of giving just 2 topics, I made the random machine spit out 10 topics from the list! all you have to do now is choose 2 topics from the list and work them into your game! when you are submitting the game to the jam make sure you state what topics were used! Have Fun!

the list:

- Adaptation                         -- by Martian's Parlor Entertainment

 - Immune System              -- by Delta Key 

- Potato                                   -- by Delta Key 

- Asteroid                               -- by fwopkins 

- Cannibalistic                     -- by fwopkins 

- Tomorrow                           -- by fwopkins 

- Ancient Knowledge       -- by fwopkins

 - Deja vu                                  -- by fwopkins 

- Unconventional Weapons     -- by Patdude Studios

- Tower                                    -- by antoniomarco

it turned out the random machine really loved fwopkins :P

Good luck!