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about this jam:

In this jam you will get 2 topics on the start of the jam, and then 2 days to create a game with those topics.

the topics will be randomly chosen from the community tab (go submit some yourself!). at the end of the jam

all the games will be rated on the criteria mentioned below. a discord group will be announced on start as well.

If you want to join as a team but don't have people to join with you can use the crowdforge link below to easily hook-up with people that also want to join the 48 Secret Jam. Don't be scared to ask anything at the community tab, I'll react fairly quick.

Game topics: 

1. Green Slime       - by   Heart of Earth

2. Fog                           -by   Sarrixx

3. Anniversary

- Don't forget to use all 3 the topics in your game!

- good luck!


  • Submit your game within the date and time listed above.
  • You have to use both the topics announced
  • You're allowed to work alone or with a team of maximum 4 people. You can team with strangers on the crowdforge page down below.
  • All assets must be created within the date and time listed above. (including music!)
  • You can however use font files and Game engines that are not created within the date and time listed above.
  • You'll hold all rights for any submission you make.
  • The game must be playable on atleast : Windows or Web
  • Honor is the only thing to be won.


  • Matches Themes
  • Enjoyment
  • Game Mechanics
  • Art
  • Music
  • Creativity


  • Zabuza Slime Party  -  by  Pugcorn

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