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Suggestions for Next Time Sticky

A topic by Second Dimension Games created Feb 11, 2017 Views: 340 Replies: 5
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Hello Everyone!
I think the jam went pretty well, so I'm going to do it again next January. If anyone has any suggestions or improvements then let me know in here. Some things that I'm open to feedback on are:
  • Jam Rules / Guidelines
  • Jam Length / Timing
  • Ratings Categories
  • Community / Twitter
  • Anything That Could be Better

Some way to get more people involved in the voting would be cool.
Don't know how to achieve that, but seemed like a weak point of the jam.


Probably fair. I rated 51 games I think, but that was mainly due to my hosting and trying to be a good example. Not sure how to get more people involved in that side of things, I'll have think about it

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Hi there.

We found Gameplay/Overall category a little bit confusing. Some entries had weak gameplay but overall were good. There is already an average of all categories in the results, there is no need for "overall" maybe.

Totally agree with Simoens about voting. Adjust raw score by number of votes given maybe? But I don't think it's possible.


I don't think we have any control of those raw score calculations, but I agree about the Overall/Gameplay category. I must admit I didn't realise that was going to add its own overall category. Maybe the first category should be Gameplay/Fun?


Seems like a good idea to me.