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Rate chain

A topic by simoose created Feb 01, 2017 Views: 242 Replies: 5
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In order to get the ratings going I would like to suggest a 'rate chain' game I've seen in other jams.

Each person in the chain plays and rates the game submitted by the person above.
In this way we make sure everybody gets a change to get his/her game played and rated.

Each post includes :

  • The game that has been rated + link
  • Some feedback on the game (optional)
  • A link to your own submission or game page

As there are no previous messages in this thread, I chose a game at random.

I played and rated : Asteroids

Feedback :

The game does everything an Asteroids clone needs to do.
I'm a bit dissapointed that it doesn't differ in any way though.

I'm all for the challenge of cloning an excisting game, but personally I would have liked a little bit of personal input.

Overall well made and as good a clone as it can get.
Congratulations on finally finishing something

My game : Sam and Sara


Played and rated Sam and Sara.
Gameplay, mechanics and idea are awesome. Difficult but very enjoyable.
I felt really sorry for Sam and Sara :(

My game: Sir Runalot


Thanks for the compliment! I'm glad you liked it.

I played and rated your game as well.
It looks and sounds really good, the aesthetics are superb.
The simple yet elegant way you communicate the controls was great as well.

I'm afraid I'm not good at the game though. I liked to play it and gave it about 10 tries but the chainsaws keep getting the best of me. Will revisit once I've rated more of the entries.

Found a minor bug as well : if you keep spamming the 'x' key on the main menu the delay keeps restarting. I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong untill I stopped pressing x and the game finally started.

Good job on finally finishing something!

Submitted (1 edit)

Played and rated Sir Runalot:

Design very cool, and reaaaally dificult! if you don't care to die a looooot of times its a good entretiment :D.

Good job man, a good game! :)

also rated Sam and Sara:

I love the idea of the game, but my head was near explotion while trying to combine all the movements! jajaja

also the character control was good, I like the way it is implemented!

very cool and good job :)

My game is: Save the princess Aylathea


Hi Jorge

Thanks for the compliment, it's really nice to hear.

I've played and rated your game as well.
As a student project made in two weeks, and as a first ever Unity project I really like how far you've got.
My favorite part was the swinging obstacle. It reminded me of games of an earlier era like tomb raider.

I did have some technical issues. The framerate for instance was very bad, especially at the swinging obstacle bit.
This resulted in my death at that point twice.

I can't really comment on the graphics or sound as those are clearly dev art which is fine in a student project like yours.

One thing I would like to address though is the strafing speed of the player. This is very slow compared to the forward and backward movement and felt very slugish to me.

It also confused me that CTRL fired my gun as I expected a duck (or nothing) and I missed a sprint on shift. But those are minor things of course.

All in all a nice entry for where you are at in your career and congratulations on finally finishing something!


Hello! Thank you for your comments!

The game runs perfect in my computer but I'm sure that it has performance problems! Due to the requirements of the game trigers, rays and other useful elemnts where forbiden, so most of the mechanics had to be made calculating distances in every single frame, which is crazy for the performance but necessary in the special case! I am surprise that swing obstacle is so performance killer, I do not why and I'll investigate it just to know what is happening!

Thank you very much for your time and I cant wait to start with the next one! :D.