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Yay, I'm glad to hear that the pen issues got resolved!! And that photograph is gorgeous, you're a great photographer. c:

This sounds like it'll be really cute. I'm looking forward to this one. :D

If you're looking for name suggestions that don't end with "a" - how about an "e" sound? Riley or Jennie or Mallory or something else could be cute. c:

It was near the end, where Clara tells Simon and Adrian why she's so angry and then everyone's sad. 

Honestly, I enjoyed this so much. The original [redacted] Life was great - it used clever programming to move the story along, and the story itself was intriguing, but it missed out on the more emotional side that it could have gotten into. This is exactly what the original game was missing, I think, to make it go from a great game to a nearly perfect one. I think this is the part where I say "headcanon accepted." c:

you just had to do it

you had to make me cry over a game I played like a year ago

Thank you, JustKay! Unfortunately, I likely won't be able to really start working on it again until this summer, but I'm glad to have some support. c:

Thanks for featuring my game, Jupiter! Your narration was perfect. ^_^ I'm glad you liked it.

Oh, wow, thanks h2n0! An expansion on this could be cool but I'm not sure exactly what I'd do for one. Someone suggested a "prequel" or sorts featuring Young Sam and all of the monsters, but I've also got a lot of other things I want to do besides just these two characters.

So, I guess my answer would be that an expansion is unlikely but not impossible. Sorry if that's disappointing!

Very cool idea, but unfortunately my camera didn't seem to be good enough to pick up my movements. I couldn't get past the first part, where it wanted me to open my mouth to continue.

I tried to download this for my Mac but it doesn't appear to be working. :c

Nice game. The sound effects were nice, although some music would've been cool. The spider-looking things were legitimately scary, especially when I wasn't expecting them. I wish the controls had been listed in the game somewhere - I had to figure them out by hitting all of the buttons. It was simple once I'd figured it out, of course, but a quick screen detailing the controls would have made things a little easier.

Solid game. I'm not particularly good at shooters so I didn't have much to compare it to, but I did enjoy myself for the time I managed to say alive. The music was really freakin' good. As soon as it started I was hype to play the game. Only problem was that putting the game in fullscreen broke the music, so I had to refresh the page and play in the smaller window.

I didn't make it past the first level, but I liked what I saw. c:

Yeah, I know kinetic novels aren't really everyone's thing. I actually didn't like them either when I first got into visual novels, but I finally gave one a chance because it shifted from VN to KN format halfway through development (and I had been following it for a bit). Thanks for playing it anyway! c:

What a cool little game! ^_^ I like all of the hand-drawn graphics. I think the little bit of lag between dragging the mouse and the helicopter following was great - it was perfectly balanced so that the game wasn't too easy, but wasn't too hard, either. The music was good, although it sounded like it might have skipped a couple times.

I managed to get a high score of 100!

Overall, nice work!

Like coffeeCamel said, it was very laggy. The graphics look really frickin' nice, though, and I'm sure it'd be awesome if it was running smoothly.

The music doesn't loop, so after about a minute in the game, it goes silent.

I'll admit that I'm not the greatest at platformers, but I couldn't get past the jump after the second slime. There's so little space to land without dying there, and jumping on top of the slime didn't seem to help without a running start, but I couldn't manage that without dying.

It doesn't help that the character's jumps are very floaty. 'Floaty' isn't generally what you want with platformers. It just makes the game frustrating and difficult to control.

I like Chicken Little! I think it's hilarious. But there are a lot of people who don't like it, especially compared to other Disney movies. It doesn't have an original soundtrack like most other animated Disney films (which I don't think is a bad thing, but some people don't like pop music, I guess). And even though I love it, I can admit that the whole bit where the dad just suddenly supports his son in everything after one heartfelt moment is a little bit of a stretch.

But yeah, Fish Out Of Water was such a funny character. ^_^

Man... this was really flippin' good. I had read the portion of the script that you posted back during Finally Finish Something Jam, so I sort of skimmed the first portion of it, but then I took it slower for both endings... and fuck, man. I just cried. It was beautiful.

Yeah, it's far shorter than I had wanted it to be, but the game jam was ending and I wanted to release something, at least. Yup, it is GxG! I like to think that they end up being pretty cute. :D

Thanks for the suggestion on the background! I'm not familiar with Photosketch, but I know that filtered photographs are seen pretty often for VNs, so that might be the easiest thing for me to figure out.

Thank you for playing and commenting, Mammon! ^_^

Created a new topic Good luck, everyone!

Just as the title says. c: I hope we can all finish our projects as planned!

Thank you for the comment! ^_^ Moving the text box to the middle is a great idea, but I'm not sure how to program it. I might come back to this game and do that if I ever get any better at programming. I didn't use a main character because I didn't feel like either Dylan or Sam should be "more important," so I tried to make them equally important by dividing the dialogue between the two of them. I left out any sort of narration for a similar reason; usually, I would include actions and inner thoughts, but for this particular story I didn't think that they would fit since I wouldn't have used them much anyway. I will definitely be including such things in my future projects, though. c: Thank you again! It means a lot that you took the time to play my game.

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Awesome, thank you!

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Yes, that's what I meant. c:

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I know that the rules state that all work has to be done within the time frame of the jam, but would I be able to use CC art assets even though the ones I have in mind were created beforehand?