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omg cute!! almost cried tbh (happy tears) this felt like a hug <3

This was so cute!! I managed to get the true end after some experimenting. Great job. ^_^

Oh hey!! This would be totally awesome if you could! What's the best way to contact you for more details about this?

This game was SO funny. The humor was perfect, and despite Gry being an objectively awful person, I was endeared enough to him that I always found myself rooting for him to win. I got all 4 endings and I really enjoyed finding all of the dialogue and items!

This was a really fun story, and I enjoyed the voice acting. I would love to see more projects from you in the future. (:

This was a really cute story! Jastiline is so pretty. I just wish it hadn't ended quite so abruptly - I would've liked to see their routine together after Halloween.

I've had this game on my to-play list literally since it came out 4 years ago and I finally, FINALLY got around to playing it as I started to get through my backlog this year. I really enjoyed the game's humor and fourth-wall breaking (Narrator was SO funny). I liked all of the routes but honestly I think the secret route was my favorite. Thanks for a great game and I look forward to continuing to play your awesome games! (:

Lowkey just did this because I was bored and I saw "genderqueer," but actually this really did make me reflect on names and what I want from them to the point that I feel brave enough to try a new one for the first time, which I've thought about doing but haven't actually done before. Thank you.

This game has been on my "to play" list since it came out and I could have sworn I put it there two years ago at most but apparently it was first released four years ago? Wild. I'm actually glad that I waited so long to play it though, because I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and Lane's difficulties with eating actually resonated really heavily with me. I don't have the same moral issues, of course, but simultaneously not wanting to think about eating and thinking all the time about where and when I'm getting my next meal, about the absolute ordeal that it can be to prepare a meal, and having no choice in the matter of the diet that I need in order to survive and stay healthy - I felt all of that with Lane and it really made me connect with him as a character.

I also really enjoyed both Thomas and Parker's routes. I liked all of the character relationships and the dialogue felt super natural. Parker's dialogue especially might legitimately be the best and most realistic "we've known each other for forever" dialogue I've ever seen in anything ever.

Really great job on this, I hope I get the chance to check out your other games soon (hopefully sooner than four years from now).

I got these errors when I tried to add Ren'Edit to my game:

I'm sorry, but errors were detected in your script. Please correct the
errors listed below, and try again.

File "game/renedit/renedit/renedit_screens.rpy", line 8: u'caret' is not a keyword argument or valid child for the input statement.
    input id "input" color "#90a6ad" outlines [(absolute(2),renedit_blue,0,0)] caret Transform("renedit/pen.png",xzoom=-1,ypos=-0.2) 

File "game/renedit/renedit/renedit_screens.rpy", line 49: u'tooltip' is not a keyword argument or valid child for the imagebutton statement.
    tooltip _("Add a note on the current line.") 

Ren'Py Version: Ren'Py

I wrote a longer comment on LemmaSoft but to sum it up: Beautiful story, beautiful writing, I did cry. Struggling to get the fourth ending and I really want to experience the full story. Highly recommended to anyone who might be reading this comment.

This was a beautiful story. Thank you for writing it.

The voice acting was great, and I thought the world was really cool. I wish there would have been more opportunities to connect with the characters, though - there was just enough interaction to make me really like some of them, but most of the story's resolution had to do with the plot rather than the characters. Really nice job overall though (: and like Ecaeris said I would be interested in more games taking place in this universe with these characters.

This was a really cool game! I liked being able to walk around and talk to everyone to solve the mystery.

This was really cute. I liked both Zethe and Quinn so I got all of the endings (although it made me feel bad to choose and leave the other one all alone T_T).

WHOOPS i'm back because as a teacher-in-training Lumina's ending made me really emo and I wrote crappy poetry about it, it's not like. good but hey something that you made inspired someone else to make art about it so like legitimately good job, I haven't written a poem in like a good month at least and it's not an easy thing to unlock.

I really enjoyed this! I usually don't like partial voice acting (I prefer full or none at all) but you guys did a really good job with this one, so I left it on. The moment where the games gets serious with Sadiya really hooked me fast, I was super invested at that point. I felt like the puzzle right after wasn't very well explained in the game, and it took me so long to complete that it took me out of the narrative a bit. Still, I thought the idea behind it was good, and the ending got me right in the feels. I chose Sadiya. <3 I think it would have been even more effective if I literally couldn't reload and make another choice after that, but at the same time, I was glad I could see everyone else's ending too. Overall, really good job on this. Will be looking out for more stuff from you in the future. (:

Is there a Windows version? The Linux version doesn't work for me and the other one can't even be opened by my computer.

This was a fun game, I liked the urban fantasy world. I think I managed to get all of the endings. Ilya was probably my favorite love interest. (: And I loved the cats!

I got ending 1/5 first lmao, I figured out the location to go to but I couldn't quite find what I needed to find there! But I got all of the endings eventually and I really enjoyed them. :) I used the walkthrough for ending 3/5 but I was able to get all of the others on my own.

This was a fun game! I thought the concept was really interesting. Eileen was great, I loved how supportive she was. And the riddles were fun to solve!

This game was amazing! I've always loved epistolary stories for the way that they change how the story is told, and you told it so well! The envelopes were so beautiful, from both of them, but especially from Devere. The voices were great, too - in all honesty, I may have fallen in love with him a little bit. Or a lot a bit.

THANK YOU..... this is seriously so nice I always cringe a bit looking back at this because it's old and my writing has improved, but I had originally planned to implement translations! I have a Spanish and a French translation actually ready but I haven't gotten around to putting them in yet. This comment makes me want to commit to that ^_^

I really enjoyed this VN! The art is beautiful, and I like the world you created. I'm planning on playing your other game once I play all of the NaNo releases I'm interested in, and I'd love to see more from you in the future. (:

You were not kidding about the angst lmao. Nice job (:

This was such a cute game! I really want an actual Tomato Club pin now lmao. I really enjoyed how Lum went through the process of learning about vampires, their needs, and their culture - it reminded me a lot of educating people about LGBT lifestyles (especially that bit about it "not being something you can catch"). 

This was an interesting ride. I liked the art style - it took some getting used to at first, but it was really pretty, and I liked how it reflected the characters.

This was a neat game! It's an interesting take on the concept of soulmates. The second main menu screen was really cute. ^_^

This was a really fun adventure! I liked the ending especially - it reminded me that, even if I get sidetracked, I'm still getting things done. Thanks for making this game. (:

This was a really cool game, I liked it a lot. The characters felt very real, like people I've met before even, with distinct typing styles and experiences that I could understand even in that short amount of time. The only (minor) criticism is that there was one part near the end where two lines that I think were supposed to be Matt's were said by Ren. I think the lines were something  like "I'm sure" and then "So you're okay?" Otherwise, really nice, polished game. I was able to connect with the character really quickly and that's basically the main thing I look for in a VN.

This was a cool game! I like the shades of blue, it really makes this VN's art stand out. I love Faith!

Cool concept. This was an interesting experience. I like the art at the end with the pink sky and the rain, it was very soothing and I hid the text so that I could just watch it for a bit. Congrats on finishing and releasing your first game! (:

This was such a cute game!

Hi there! Her FAQ on her tumblr says that cosplays are encouraged!

Oh lmao don't worry about it taking a while, some of the games on my own to-play list have literally been there for 4 years :') life is busy!

eyes emoji at your current project!

I found it odd that, in a society filled with women, romantic relationships between two women would be rare and unheard of. That very much seemed to be a case of our mindset being pushed onto a society with a totally different viewpoint, and I think that this aspect could have been completely done away with, and the conflict instead arising from the fact that the relationships in question were cross-colonial.

Otherwise, it was a cute story and I did enjoy it quite a bit. I've always liked ants, I would spend a lot of time watching them as a kid and I always tried to save them instead of squishing them when I found them in my house, haha. Last CG was super cute, I took a screenshot of it to use as my desktop background.

Great job on this! Cute and fun. c: