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This game has been on my "to play" list since it came out and I could have sworn I put it there two years ago at most but apparently it was first released four years ago? Wild. I'm actually glad that I waited so long to play it though, because I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and Lane's difficulties with eating actually resonated really heavily with me. I don't have the same moral issues, of course, but simultaneously not wanting to think about eating and thinking all the time about where and when I'm getting my next meal, about the absolute ordeal that it can be to prepare a meal, and having no choice in the matter of the diet that I need in order to survive and stay healthy - I felt all of that with Lane and it really made me connect with him as a character.

I also really enjoyed both Thomas and Parker's routes. I liked all of the character relationships and the dialogue felt super natural. Parker's dialogue especially might legitimately be the best and most realistic "we've known each other for forever" dialogue I've ever seen in anything ever.

Really great job on this, I hope I get the chance to check out your other games soon (hopefully sooner than four years from now).