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Email sent :)

No way, it looks great for a first one! Haven't played much of the genre, that's why I was curious about the ages. Anyway, good luck!

Thanks for the thorough reply! I'm using the same or similar method for pickups in my game (using the predetermined set) without thinking too much about it (I'm focusing in other aspects of the game), but that design choice piqued my interest. Maybe it could work in a game with a different goal. Anyway, I love to think about metaphors for mechanics, so it's food for thought.

Top-down + a dinosaur reminds me a little of Jurassic Park on the NES :) God, I'm old!

Cool! Nice Seinfeld joke there! That also seems to indicate that the characters are adults, am I right?

This is great! And you work so fast! Will the player be allowed to place the pickup in the final version?

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Awesome!! I'll definitely need help with music (and sfx maybe?)! I'll write to you just in case you're interested in adding one more to the queue :)

Thanks! Good luck to you too!

Extra points for the emphatic acronym! It could even be FFS FFS (or FFS^2) :-P

Trying to finish my first game. After many tutorials and frameworks, I am finally building something that seems fun to do and feasible. I gave a lot of tought to the concept already, and have some basic mechanics already implemented (kinda like a tutorial level). I learned a lot since I started it last month, but I know if I don't keep on it and finish it, most of it will go to trash and I'll be really dissapointed. I want to at least have a playable prototype at the end of the month.