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i played and rated your game.

Overall I really like it. The controls take some getting used to (I would like a semi-analog jump) and the hearts spawned at unreachable places sometimes. But there's enough quality here to overlook those things. Kept me playing for about 10 minutes, which is real good for a small game like this.

Good job, you might something lovely!

I have played and rated your game!

I find the aesthetics very original. The painted appearance of the environment certainly works.
Didn't realy get a grip on what I was supposed to do though.

I just kept running, 'painting' away the black structures until I finally met up with the girl, passed her and ran on.
Before I caght up with her I'd passed the final pieces of the background and floor so I was running in the void by then.

I was probably missing something?

I've played and rated your game!

I like the basic idea of throwing your lover as a 'weapon'. It's funny, it's weird, it's awesome. :)
The puzzle design was pretty straight forward but sufficient.

I had some difficulty with the jumps though. Sometimes I didn't seem to be able to do a full jump.
After a few attempts it would work. Don't know what's happening there but it added a layer of frustration to the game.

Overall very lovely!


I played and rated your game!


I played and rated your game!

Hi I played and rated your game!

It's really well done! I love the animation, attention to detail and the puzzle design.
The love-theme is in there, but it's not as prominent as I had hoped.

Overall a very nice entry.
You did a lovely job!

With such an elegant idea at it's core, It's hard to put down. Challenging, but fair.

I feel a bit sad for Sam and Sara.

Beautifull work for 38 hours!

Awesome moody presentation.

A bold move going for a card game. It works quite solid. AI is no pushover either! I enjoyed playing it. My one gripe is that it could do with a bit more presentation.

Presentation is stellar. Sound design contributes greatly to input feedback. Art style is clear, but detailed. Each design element is simple, yet always in the correct place. All these parts come together in a clever, intelligent, well polished and beautifull game.

Beautifully eerie. Oozing with atmosphere!

Great job in storytelling and creating atmosphere!

SIlky smooth with a fresh mechanic. The music sells the experience very well!

A tense experience, leaving me wanting more!

This makes me warm and fuzzy inside

Great game, I like the animations

That spritework is so cute! I like the big deamon ^^

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Kenny, the awesome guy doing anything and everything visual, got us covered!
We've got featured on HardcoreGamer's Screenshot Saturday lineup!

And it's getting better by the minute!

We've been solidifying things on the Design side, and to that end, i've been programming all the foundational things:
Menu's, scene frameworks, parameters of a single gameplay run, etc...
So except for some debug text, you're gonna have to take my word for it :)

We'll keep you posted!

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We were itching to do a new project in a short timescale, so we're joining in as well.
This time there's two of us, programmer and artist.

Our core idea revolves around a lone space fighter defending a big mothership.

This is all we had this morning...

We want to try and focus on the balance between maintaining your mothership's integrity, and fighting off hostiles.
I can't share much further details, since we're not sure about them yet either.

I blocked out the basic ship and camera controls tonight, while my partner is researching art approaches
(It's quite exciting to see what he's got cookin' )

More to come soon!

Thanks for the kind words. This was my first stab at pixel art, so it ate up all my time.

I played What Was Left In The Arena, and I love how you fleshed out the world! Blood & Sand ^^

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Lunar Linch has you Lazer Focussed!
It's hard, and it makes you feel both smart and scared.
The combat puzzles are tightly lined up, requiring memory and mastery.
And quite frankly, the mechanic kind of sells it.

Adequate sprite work, the music is very minimalistic, but helps sell the atmosphere immensely.
All sprites are used in a very thoughtfull way, and each place looks unique.

Thank god for checkpoints, the game intensifies in difficulity in the middle,
Since you stand to loose a lot of progress, it feels correctly tense, which works great to intensify the experience.
The difficulity slopes off near the end, but there's a scenery change and a nice flow to the new enemies.
That gives the game a good sense of pacing.
The variety gives you a great sense of progression.

The second colour palette is a nice touch.

I had some small gripes though:
The health indicator could use more visibility.
and player damage sounds the same as enemy damage,
so I was would miss hits i was taking.

I could discuss the end game, but that would be spoiling it :)
I'm inspired by this. It has an actiony feel, but plays smart!

Here's mine Nightingale: Dying Commander:

Hello everyone

We released Day Care Danger a couple of days ago, but I only now found out about the existence of this board.

Day Care Danger is a small puzzle game about baby Jim trying to reach his stolen music box, the only thing reminding him of home while in day care.

Day Care Danger is the result of an 48 hours Game Jam which we believe has resulted in a finished (but small) game.
We do have plans to continue updating the game, so please let us know what you think about it so we can prioritize what to do next.

Have fun!