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Been working on finishing up the launcher page's productivity tools. While they're not core bits of the program, they're really giving the front page a purpose and are actually turning out more useful than I expected, thanks to a couple last-minute additions. Github integration is getting harder though.

Below is progress on the Contacts page (a built-in address book that automatically adds contact info for people participating in your projects), plus a show of the About button actually pulling live information.

Still need to connect the sorting features, update the profile headers, and handle the notes sections (which are beasts of their own, since I'd like to give the notes a (simple) HTML editor for formatted text). After that: connecting to the schedule page & starting on the first tools (probably the Form Creator, since that'll be the basis behind the file structure I need for those buttons on the Home page). Almost onto the fun stuff.

My Trello board / current to-do lists are also here, since we seem to be sharing them in other threads c:

Side note: Thanks, Gif. I could've found that broken code when I wasn't taking a break. //time to go make stuff load properly hahaugh.

May go into further detail about what this actually is? (Right now I kinda see it as a cool little social media type thing for indies :p)

Whoops, forgot that this discussion was in a different thread, so I didn't explain much.

Just to tl;dr, it's a program that keeps track of your creative projects' progress and details, generating certain assets while you outline and design. It also supports collaborative universes for sustainable fiction development, i.e. where a whole new world isn't built for every project.

It's mostly inspired by the fact that I'm into a lot of different types of work, but I just don't have the time to do them all from scratch for multiple projects. Most creative dev work (at least on the indie end) is really inefficient time-wise for a decent production. This is meant to combat some of that c:

I'll only be getting the bare bones done for this jam, though. It's something I'll be adding features to as they're needed.