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Fantastic! Thank you :)

I'd like to join, but I want to use Unity. I only have the free version and it displays a mandatory splash screen when the game starts. Is it okay if that part isn't in a 64x64 resolution if the actual game is?

Thanks for the report! It's a known bug actually, so no worries, the next demo will resolve these issues.

Currently there are a few known places where this bug can be reproduced. It's because the character won't jump at all when it's not standing on stable ground, so it gets stuck when it falls in a tight gap. It was originally done this way to avoid being able to spam the jump button to climb steep surfaces. I rewrote a large portion of the character controller since, so you shouldn't encounter that bug anymore in the next updates.

Thanks a lot! We do our best :D

This game in particular couldn't be optimized any more without using a completely different engine, I'm afraid. But we might make a spin off for low end systems eventually.

I see. Unfortunately, I'm afraid your computer falls under the minimum requirements of the game. We recommend at least an Intel Core i3 2100 and a GeForce GTX 460, or similar. We'll update the game description soon to include the system requirements.

Thanks for reaching out. Can you post your computer specifications, including os version, cpu and graphics card?

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Hello everyone! My name's David Jalbert, I'm a Unity developer and C# programmer, and I'm currently for hire!

I've been working in the game industry for many years now, starting with Flash games back in 2010, and I've been working with Unity since 2015, which has since become my tool of choice for making games. I can also code in C++, C#, Javascript, AS3, or whatever your game requires.

For the past year, I've been working on Krankenheit, a fast paced classic first person shooter. A demo is available at

My wage is negotiable, just let me know what you need and we can discuss. If you're interested, you can contact me at jalbert.d (at) 

Thank you all!

I'll give the same answer as CD Projekt about Cyberpunk 2077; it'll come out when it's ready :P
Seriously though, I have no idea. We'll launch a Kickstarter campaign soon, if that counts for anything.

Does anyone happen to have numbers we could compare? Having 25% more views on an HTML5 game makes less of an impact than, say, 1,000%.

Then again I might just stick to MonoGame. They're apparently working on an HTML5 compiler thing, although it's going to take a while I reckon. I just like being able to code in C#.

Thanks for the answers!

I guess it makes sense that in-browser games would get better views. My main gripe is that in most cases, you have to choose between a stand alone build and a web build. Unity has both, but the webgl exports are often super slow and buggy. I might look into Godot, though, I've heard good things about it.

Hi guys and gals! I've been working for a couple years on a first person shooter that I'm planning to release on PC and consoles, but I've also been considering making smaller 2d games on the side, like platformers, short action adventures, maybe even a small rpg. I want to do it just for fun and to take my mind off my main project. However, I've been wondering if people would rather play these smaller games in their browser, that is, with HTML5, or on their computer, using a good old stand alone executable? Basically, is there a side that is clearly more popular when it comes to small 2d games?

Thank you so much! It was a blast to watch! Literally :P

Thanks a lot for the review! We're working on a proper save system, so you won't have to do the entire level in one perfect run, and the enemies are going to get a better AI system as well. And our level designer is still learning the ropes, so on his behalf, sorry about the bus :P

Thank you for the review! It's always a pleasure to see people playing and enjoying something on which you worked so hard :D

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(Text below is taken from our devlog, please pardon the copypasta)

After a long time in the making, Krankenheit finally has its first public release!

This was supposed to be an early access release but we decided to make it a free demo instead. We would like to offer some more content and quality for a commercial release but we still wanted to put the game out so we thought that would be the best thing to do right now

So about the game - We want to create a solid classic FPS with gameplay based on player's mobility, rich selection of interesting weapons and handcrafted three dimensional levels.

The demo is an early prototype of the game featuring one non linear level with secrets areas and alternative paths, 4 types of enemies and 5 weapons.

The full game will most likely feature around 10 weapons with alternative attack modes, 30-40 types of enemies (including some bosses), each with several attacks and abilities and multiple death effects and animations. We are also experimenting with destructible environment, creative use of powerups, and also many mutators and game modes that can drastically change the way the game is played.

The main game will consist of three independent episodes. Number of level per each episode is not yet determined, but it will probably be around 5-7. Depends on how efficiently we will be able to playtest them all. We also want to have several standalone levels for different game modes.

We currently have no plans for multiplayer as we want to focus on delivering a solid base game. 

We have plans for a dedicated cheat menu that you can use to experience the game in a whole new way.

Things that are not working perfectly right now - player controls and movement physics, enemy AI, stability and optimisation. We are still working on that. Visuals should get more crisp and detailed in time and the level design more improved and refined with every new level. 

There is a story and narrative behind what's going on in game but it's not the main focus here and the gameplay will never be interrupted for the sake of exposition. there will be a way to understand what's going on but following the story will not be necessary to play and enjoy the game.

Krankenheit community · Created a new topic The guestbook

Have a comment about the game? Want to show us some love? You're in the right place!

Have a feature you'd like to see in future updates? Let us know here!

Krankenheit community · Created a new topic Bug reports

If you encounter any bugs, that's the place to tell us about it!

Hi Romain! Your work is pretty impressive, I like it! I would love to have you on board! Just to make sure we're on the same page, you know this is for a collaboration, right? I can't pay you upfront, since this is primarily for a game jam, but I plan to make a more advanced version after the jam and sell it, so I could offer you some revenue share if you're up to it.

If you're still interested, you can contact me on Discord at "DavidusPrime#2293" or on Skype at "diejayflash".

D'ailleurs, je suis Québécois, alors si tu préfères qu'on parle français, ça va me faire plaisir! ;)

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You can check on VectorBoy's progress and inquire about bugs and future features on the "Fantasy Consoles" Discord channel by following this link;

Currently, all inquiries about VectorBoy should go in the "other-consoles" room.

I'll check it out tonight. Thanks!

Pico-8 is my favorite, but the price is a bit steep. TIC-80 is a nice alternative.

Hi everyone! VectorBoy creator David Jalbert here! I just wanted to say thank you for listing my fantasy console in the jam's description. When I made it, I was sure it wouldn't get any attention, but now I'm considering keeping working on it and improving it, including building a complete UI with a code, sprite, and tune editor. And as always, it will remain completely free :)

Anyway, I wish you a good jam, and have fun, everyone! :D

I'm actually considering seeking external help to improve the console. That's a big maybe, but I'm considering it.

@Jupiter_Hadley Thanks a bunch! :D I saw the video and I guess I should have made things a bit more intuitive, hehe.

@Second Dimension Games: I don't know, depends if I have time for it. Or if someone makes an awesome game, I could include it in the build ;)

@ava : weird, it's instantaneous for me. Are you pressing the Z, X or C buttons? Those are the default buttons 1, 2 and 3. I guess I didn't make it clear enough to be fair ^^;

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Hi all! I decided that I'll be doing a retro first person shooter for the jam. I already have the engine, most of the art, and the story ready, but I need a soundtrack. What I'm looking for is an ambient, dark-ish sountrack like that of Doom and Duke Nukem 3d for example. If you think you can do it, please comment with samples of your previous work and I'll check it out. Thanks a lot!

Here's a quick video I shot to give you an idea of what the game will look like;

Ah geez, sorry about that, but I'll have to pass, a friend of mine just contacted me and we'll work together after all. I'm going to follow you and maybe we can work on something in the future? Thanks :)

Hey there! I'm actually looking for an artist to collaborate with me on Extraneus, a retro first person shooter with pixel art graphics. You can see the post I made about it here;

I'm thinking of changing the theme from sci-fi to steampunk, actually. I think it would make it stand out more. I can't pay you upfront, unfortunately, but I can offer you a share of the profits. I already have someone who would take care of marketing. We would first make a kickstarter campaign to fund the project, and sell it on Steam and when it's finished.

Let me know if you're interested. Thanks! :)

Much appreciated, but looking at your previous work, I don't think your style would fit with the game.

If we make a 3d game, like a first person shooter for example, can we use fog to make the scene fade out (darken or lighten if using black or white fog) as depth increases?

Hey there! I'm working on a retro first person shooter, but I'm not very satisfied with my art. I'll also need music and sound effects. I'm not very rich, and I'm doing this game mostly for fun at this point, but I'm thinking of selling it anyway, for a few bucks at most. We'd split the revenues, if any, 50/50.

You can check out the thread I made about it here;

Let me know if you're interested! Thanks!

UPDATE: Still looking for an artist, don't be shy!

Here are a few demos of the engine in motion, using graphics I made myself (basically if you can do even remotely better, you're welcome aboard!)

I agree! I'll need to do a complete overhaul of the project before I consider having a directory of games created in vectorboy, though. I've put it on hold for now but I'm not abandoning the project either. I just need to take care of some other things first. :)

For one thing, I want to add a game editor, so you can create sprites, sound effects, and code directly from the same interface. I make no promises though!

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Hi guys! I'm currently working on a retro styled first person shooter, similar in gameplay to Doom or Wolfenstein 3D, and I'm looking for an artist to help work on it.

The plot starts with a bounty hunter receiving a message from a cargo space ship asking for help because pirates have hijacked them. You fly there and find the crew acting like zombies, probably mind controlled by the pirates. After fending off the waves of zombie crew members and pirates, you get to the command center where the pirate leader has been waiting for you. After killing him and accessing the computer systems, you find out the pirates have a base on a nearby planet. You decide to take the fight there, and after a long fight with the pirates and alien creatures, you get to the pirate leader's base. After killing him and accessing his computer, you find out they were actually hired by a formerly top scientist from Earth's Forces bio engineering labs who was exiled after it was found he's been doing a series of illegal experiments for years. He's now on another planet, creating an army of robotized aliens to have his revenge by taking over Earth. He's been hiring pirates to rob cargo ships to supply his experiments. So you decide to go there and put an end to his scheme, but it turns out before you could eliminate him, he already sent a first batch of his monster creations to Earth. You then have to go back to Earth to destroy his minions before they cause too much trouble.

The engine is coming along nicely, but I'm still looking for a pixel artist to make some original content for the game. I plan on selling the game once it's done, distributing it on and Steam. You would work with me on equal grounds, meaning I would not boss you around and you'll always have your say on everything relating to the development of the game. Revenues will be shared equally between the members of the team. We'll have me, you, a marketing expert and a music composer, so everyone will receive 25% of the net revenues.

Here is a video of the engine in its current state. This video was shot to demonstrate fireballs and splash damage.

You can also check out my Twitter account, where I post most of my stuff;

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Feel free to PM me or comment if you have any questions.