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Oops sorry for the late reply~I don't usually check itch that often! I made a Get Started page here within the documentation on initial setup for Morpheus. It uses CMake and I have a python script within the buildtools folder that should generate a template project for you to start with. If you are using a certain C++ IDE that supports CMake like CLion, you should be able to import the project folder into your IDE. 

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Well, this was unexpected.

Is Linux support planned?

The magenta box is a stuck progress bar that you can move with A and D. The Drop down box has a background, it's just that it is white on the white background of the screen.

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Whoops. My bad. I forgot to copy a dependency folder over to the Debug folder. Just go into the externalDLLstoinclude folder and copy the Lib folder to the Debug folder. I'll be pushing an update soon addressing that bug.

EDIT: The update fixing this bug is now UP!

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I'd be fine with adding MinGW(although it might take a while, due to MinGW's unique quirks) support alongside Visual Studio support. I don't want to entirely get rid of VS is because lots of Windows developers use VS, and I want to let them use Jetfuel on Visual Studio.

Will this come to Linux?

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Doxygen generated Documentation is now up at

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I'm working on a game engine called Jetfuel Game Engine for this Jam. It can't really be shown in photos (at least not yet), but It'll be my first time making a game engine. I've been working on this for 6 months and I am finally going to finish it for this Jam. It has a 2d rendering backend built of SDL(and other SDL libraries, SDL_image,...), a control manager, a localization editor, support for Python embedding and extending,  and sound support using SDL_mixer. I'm going to use this Jam to document, debug, and add a project helper tool to it.

It's just a initial concept of a game that focuses both on parkour and 2d platforming.

Nice job! I programmed my game in c++ so it is nice to see someone delving and making a game in a c-based language other than me. Do you have any plans to release the source code? If so, I would love to contribute.

Title says all.

I don't have AI stuff, but I recommend making some sort of design flowchart detailing what the AI should do and when it should do it.

It's usually windows and/or browser application.

I have a little code base with a few core mechanics already before I joined the jam. These mechanics in the code base have nothing to do with a tycoon game other than making it easier to draw game 'scenes'. Can I use it?

Thank the maker! I've been still working on my game, and it's nice to know I'll have 1 more day to get the online multiplayer working.

Nope, just straight up C++ using SFML graphics library. I did a lot of setup yesterday (I spent at least 5 hours creating classes for the player, level, enemy, etc.) but I still need to create a level that scrolls.

I'm coding my game in C++.

Title says all.

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I just started working on the source code for my game yesterday, and it's got a long way to go.

Thankfully, I decided to make my game have minimal graphics because I'm doing this alone and I'm much better than coding in C++ than I am designing character graphics.



Music:0%(I probably am just going to download free music or cook up something in garageband)

Graphics:?% (I create graphics when I need them or I just use shapes)

Then again, I expect my game to only be a concept of something bigger to come.

I'm using this experience to cook up some game idea tonight and work on it this month. The game will have minimal graphics and more emphasis on the coding aspect as that is what I do best.