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[I Need A Team] I would like help for my VN!

A topic by paulthegrub created Dec 24, 2017 Views: 456 Replies: 17
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Ok, I first made a topic saying I need a artist, but now I'm thinking something else. I would like a team so I can make this visual novel I'm thinking of to hopefully be a hit.

I'll need an

  • Artist
  • Programmer
  • And possibly a composer

If you would like to help me through all of this, we could have a whole team and you can talk to me on my gmail- what my gmail name is.) 

If you do join me I'll send you details on my game. I can't pay, so you can get to play my game first if you help me make this game, again, a hit!

Hello bro, I leave a set of questions that I think most of the people considering a proposal like this would ask:

You can't pay but you expect to share revenue of the game when it's done?

What would be your role in the team?

Do you have previous game-making experience?

How old are you?

I'm 12, so I don't have a paypal account, meaning I was going to make the game free. I'm gonna be the writer for the game, so if you join I'll send you details on the story of the game. I sorrta have game-making experince. `\(- -)/`Eh?

I can help you, check your email.

Check your email now.

i can help butttttt i kinda need help to are you a good modeler?

i am a programer can do some simpel modeling

Hey! I'm trying to make a Visual Novel. This means I need like background art instead of models. If you can do art that would help!

srry but iam an programmer but unity or an orher game engine?

Srry, but what?

nothing but do you need a programmer?

I have one, but can you do music or anything else you think will help!

i program noting else.

vn are not that hyped make a story based 2d game insted. tip

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You can compose Hollywood-grade music quite easily and cut on composer costs. See these two videos (watch in order):

If such a musical noob as myself could get started at making a nice theme for my game, so could you. Anyway, good luck on your VN project! I hope it'll be worth my time to play (definitely will check it out once it's out).

Hey thanks for the help, but if you can make music, I would love if you made it for the visual novel! That also means I'll let you play it before it comes out!

Sorry, but I simply don't have time to do this. But with these easy steps you can make your own which would fit your game best. Until I saw these videos music making didn't really click for me all the way through, but after following this simple advice I was able to easily make quality music for my game.

Ok, but still thanks!


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Hey I'm still looking for an artist, if anyone can do that!