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Dariusz "Darkhog" G. Jagielski

A member registered Jan 23, 2014


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Posted in Tool making?

Really cool and seems to work well. Could you make it so the compression and decompression routines could take and return ordinary Lua arrays/tables instead of saving stuff to the sprite data?

Posted in Tool making?

Hehehe... To do that I'd need someone to port this Pico-8 code to TIC and make it work on ordinary LUA tables: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs...

Posted in Tool making?

I see. However I prefer to get it into the code instead of having to utilize sprites for that. If we could copy output from the console, it'd be quite easy - just trace() it and then copy-paste.

Created a new topic Tool making?

Let's say I got a compression function that outputs a lua table that contains compressed data. How do I get it from my tool to game's code so I can remove original data and just use compressed one to save cart space?

i.e. I have for example following function

function compress(uncompressed_table)
--do some compression stuff
return compressed_table

How do I get compressed_table out of that tool and into my program?

Posted in Tutorial?

I'd like a proper tutorial as well, one that tackles stuff specific to TIC or stuff that is so far removed from Pico-8 analogues that previous P8 experience doesn't apply. 

Created a new topic Keyboard input?

Since Tic is fantasy computer and not fantasy console like Pico, could we have keyboard input as an option? Would be useful for more advanced games such as sims or RPGs - things that can't reasonably be controlled with two buttons and d-pad or mouse only. Also it would be swell if you could in input tag declare more than one input method if the don't conflict using plus sign (e. g. if you want your game to use both joystick and mouse, enter joy+mouse or mouse+joy. Obviously if keyboard support is added, it would conflict with joystick due to arrows and z/x being part of the keyboard so kb+joy wouldn' t be possible (in keeping with fantasy hardware thing, you could explain that keyboard connects to the same port joystick does and as such the two can't be used together). 

Just a guess, but did you set executing permissions (chmod +x)?

Liked it very much, but it's definitely too short IMO. How about full title about missions taken by Brandeis?

Why don't you accept pay what you want money?

Well, it's your choice, your game. Do as you wish. Though Lua bindings for Unity are easy to integrate, if you'd ask me.

How hard would it be to add a puzzle editor? Then you could engage players into thinking puzzles for you and you could assemble next chapters out of best community puzzles.

Great game, I wish there were more levels tho. Hopefully in the future as from the looks of it, it shouldn't be hard to make new ones once you have an idea for them.

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I've already said everything I was intending to in the thread's title, why are you making me type more, itch.io? Ow, my fingers, ow ow...

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Currently I'm using TileStudio for that, but since it's quite old, it doesn't go well with my 1080p resolution. Any other apps that are free (not "demo" kind of free like that PyxelEdit or whatever it is called, but actually free) and have facilities to easily pixel out tiles, with things like e.g. looping preview or ability to test out tileset in rudimentary map editor. Basically TileStudio but better.

//edit: Nvm, found my pick. Pixothello.