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added mouse support!

to the moon 2 will have a quest based story. gameplay based on to the moon

Created a new topic FEEDBACK

post feedback here

working on adding orthograpic and prespective so u can chose

Created a new topic how much would you pay?

how much would you pay for this tool?

Created a new topic Bugs

post bugs here!

new update 0.5!


Try: https://olinguito.itch.io/hard and try to beat 23 ;)


and i like the vide!

its a prototype so thats why its not that hard

MORE tiles and bug fixes work on ui and more

u can use this simpel tool i made for making backgrounds: https://olinguito.itch.io/background-makerr

new update 0.4



like why cant you find it any1 where


Created a new topic its not public?

is the jam public?

can you make a jam where u use my latest tool to make game worlds for games? tool: https://olinguito.itch.io/background-makerr

mabey if someone made a jam tgat uses this to make game worlds with an engine?

love it but the controlles are hard and it need a menue. and multiplayer would be fun

3 new blocks

tent and a random block

why wont it load its just the dialog menue?

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update 0.3:

2 new tiles.

and a new main menue.

removed the moon tiles

and movement work

movment and work on the menue 

And 2 new tiles.

the app has a new update! Download it now:

more work om mechanichs

Some of the new tiles!

new tile snowy hill and added rotation to the movment but still have to work on that

snow yes snow go to have snow tiles


making more tiles

With this background maker you can make what you whant almost. With a unlimited canvas and zoom in and out function why not pixel art or a nice big field with some forest?

there is an unlimited amount off creativity in this background maker.

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BACKGROUND MAKER is a background maker that you can create backgrounds with. 

unlimited canvas and more.

and i am working right know on making more "blocks" so you can make more!

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finally fixed the bug so now you can claim and downalod. claim the game above

yeah i know i dont know why tho i contacted the support that was a waste of time tho. But i think its some thing to do with the reward

now you can test the game. BUT! you can only get the game for a limited time/quanity.

in the other upload u couldent claim or download. Now i hope you can.