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A topic by olinguito created Feb 19, 2018 Views: 303 Replies: 18
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BACKGROUND MAKER is a background maker that you can create backgrounds with. 

unlimited canvas and more.

and i am working right know on making more "blocks" so you can make more!

making more tiles

Looks Good so Far


snow yes snow go to have snow tiles

new tile snowy hill and added rotation to the movment but still have to work on that

Some of the new tiles!

more work om mechanichs

the app has a new update! Download it now:

movment and work on the menue 

And 2 new tiles.

(2 edits)

update 0.3:

2 new tiles.

and a new main menue.

removed the moon tiles

and movement work

tent and a random block

3 new blocks

new update 0.4

MORE tiles and bug fixes work on ui and more

new update 0.5!

working on adding orthograpic and prespective so u can chose

added mouse support!

more work on mouse support