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Where do you go to delete the ancount..

Hello Everyone, We are going to change our ways of building games. I promise to release games and not removing it because im feared wont do well. I promise I'll change my ways, Thank you for talking.


There a chat about recommend a game, why not a recommend music for music creators. If you guys at  guys don't mind.

I have views on two different projects, one them look like purplish color other one, looks like normal red color. Did got update or got something in my laptop

Sir, I was not finished wit Static Falling, That why wasn't have any link to it Sir, I ill remove the summery.

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This is a simple like "Super Mario Bros" no save, see how far can make it. Here's the first game shot.

This is run on game, built for simple and fun. Playing on, Build on was me, forget to change back to this account release this game. Sorry misunderstand. here's the game now

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The Following game been working on, have been with My little guy Static, Its have been while for him. But I have been working on a game with him. I don't know if I am ready finished the game. if you guys want this game to come out. please say in comment thanks.

The Following Screen Shot will be Main Meau of the Game, Cover, and Right Here. This is the following Simple and Fun game, there going be 7 Level and 3 serect Level.

Blender yes

somebody using blender yeah

The Game called is Worst Game ever made, here's the only soundtrack.

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The game jam stared for My World released demo okay thanks